Chapter 87 Meng Chixing, Sihan Fei’s ultimate killing spree! Shocking golden light!


"Lingnan Song Clan..."

Chu Ming's eyes were deep in thought, and there was a glimmer of light in his eyes. Heavenly

Sword Song Que! This person is the most famous Grand Master in the world of China!

In his early years, he was also a peerless genius.

He is a rare prodigy in the martial arts world of the Central Plains for a hundred years. He is extremely talented in martial arts!

When he was young, he defeated the famous Ba Dao Yueshan in China and became famous in one battle...

And since then, the name of Song Que's Heavenly Sword has resounded throughout the land of China. Defeat!

This shows how terrifying Song Que is!

Chu Ming had already acquired the eight sword techniques of Heavenly Sword before, and it can be said that he has reached the stage of transformation in the Eight Heavenly Sword techniques!

This time he sets foot in the Lingnan land, he really wants to learn from Song Que, the Heavenly Sword. The missing Eight Heavenly Sword Jue!!

Time flies by in the blink of an eye, and three days have passed before you know it.

At the same time, within the Meng Yuan Dynasty,


"I really underestimated Chu Ming. Even so many powerful men from the Underwater Killer Organization did not kill Chu Ming."

Sihanfei's eyes were gloomy, and he couldn't believe the news.

This time, in order to kill Chu Ming, he spent a lot of money and dispatched the Underwater Killer Organization...

But he didn't expect that it would end up like this!

The killers sent out by Anhe were all killed by Chu Ming without exception.

There were many masters and great masters among them!

"Chu Ming, you really shocked me. You have such terrifying strength at such a young age, so I can't let you go. It seems I have to kill you myself."

Sihanfei pondered, and an extremely terrifying cold light burst out from his pupils.

At this moment, a figure slowly emerged from the palace.

The person was tall, even taller than Sihanfei. With half a head, the aura is as calm as a mountain and as vast as the sea!

The complexion is fair, and at first glance it looks like a statue of a god carved from crystal, surpassing the beauty of all living beings in the world.

A pair of eyes are as blue as a deep lake, like They are two gems wrapped in the dark night. When they are not decorated, they seem to be completely lifeless. When they flash, they shine brighter than the brightest stars in the sky.

The nose is high and the corners of the lips are sharp, showing extraordinary perseverance and determination..

This person is naturally none other than the Demon Sect Meng Chixing, who is also one of the three great foundations of Meng Yuan!

Before Meng Chixing went to the Ming Dynasty, it was for the sake of the Demon Master Pang Ban.

Now I know his My beloved disciple, Pang Ban, died at the hands of a young man named Chu Ming.

Even Fang Yeyu and Zhao Min, who were members of the Mengyuan royal family, were also beheaded.

When Sihanfei saw the person coming, he couldn't help but say :"Brother Meng, I didn’t expect you to come too!"

"Brother Si, I heard that you sent out the Dark River Killers to surround and kill Chu Ming. I wonder what the result will be?"Meng Chixing asked.

Sihan Fei said:"Brother Meng, Chu Ming is so powerful. Unexpectedly, Anhe sent out many top killers. Without exception, they all died and were killed by Chu Ming."


Meng Chixing's expression was indifferent.

He was not too shocked, as if everything was within his expectation.

After all, this person could kill his apprentice, the magician Pang Ban at the peak of the Grand Master, An He at such an age. The killer organization can’t do anything to him!!

"This boy's strength is already terrifying, but if he wants to behead him, I'm afraid the average grandmaster won't be able to defeat him in the slightest. If Brother Meng and I take action, we will definitely be able to kill Chu Ming."

After pondering for a moment, Sihanfei spoke.

Meng Chixing's eyes darkened and he said:"That's alright! I also want to see how strong this guy is."

Meng Chixing is naturally very interested in the young man who can kill Pang Ban.

He also wants to find out!

"That's good! With the two of us taking action, I believe we can definitely kill Chu Ming."

Sihan Fei Shen said.

A flash of extreme killing power burst out from his dark and deep eyes.


At this time, the other side.

The moon and stars are sparse. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

The bright moonlight shines down and falls to the earth, instantly covering the entire earth with a layer of silver!!

In a cave.

Chu Ming naturally didn't know what Meng Chixing and Sihanfei were planning at this moment.

If he knew it, he would probably laugh out loud.

These two old guys are so shameless! [ ]

Meng Chixing and Si Hanfei are both peerless strong men who are famous in the world of China.

No matter which one of them they are, they are the ones who look down upon countless powerful people in China, and their cultivation level is even more impressive.

Both of them set foot in the land of gods on land!!

But even if Chu Ming now faces Si Hanfei and Meng Chixing, he is confident to fight them!

Now that Huang Xuemei has set foot in the realm of land gods, and in his own words, he possesses many peerless martial arts, all of which have reached perfection and above, and many have broken through to the realm of transformation!!

If he used all his strength, Chu Ming would be confident to kill Si Hanfei and Meng Chixing, two peerless warriors.

Of course, the premise is that the two of them actively seek death!

At this moment, Chu Ming sat cross-legged and began to use the cultivation method.

As Chu Ming operated his cultivation method, streaks of gray-white air flowed around his body.

The air flow circulates in a circular motion.

Like endless life, majestic and majestic!!

It kept pouring into every part of Chu Ming's body. Transformed into streams of innate true energy, nourishing every meridians, bones, flesh and blood of the body...

After this period of time, Chu Ming clearly felt that he was on the verge of a breakthrough! boom!...

Powerful auras of coercion suddenly erupted from Chu Ming's body, turning into a giant pillar that shot straight into the sky.

In the night sky at this moment, a golden light pillar was seen rising into the sky, spanning the void.

Lines of terrifying aura suddenly burst out from the golden light pillars, quickly sweeping in all directions.

The surrounding giant peaks, rocks, and vegetation were directly transformed into nothingness under the impact of this powerful aura!

".This, this (Li Li Zhao) terrifying aura pressure! Will Brother Chu be okay?"

At this time, Xiao Longnu's beautiful eyes were filled with worry.

"Don't worry, Young Master is strong. This is the powerful aura caused by Young Master's breakthrough."

Huang Xuemei comforted Xiao Longnu.

Then her beautiful eyes looked at the golden light pillar rising into the sky. There were constant terrifying and shocking auras on it.

Seeing this, Huang Xuemei and Xiao Longnu quickly flashed and retreated into the distance. place!

But the beautiful eyes of the two people were always looking at the light that soared into the sky.

And just when Chu Ming made a breakthrough.

Under the moonlight, there were two graceful figures flashing through the mountains and forests.

"Damn Cihang Jingzhai is really chasing after him!"

"That is?"

Wanwan's beautiful eyes fluttered, and she couldn't help but wonder about the golden light rising into the sky.

"Got it!"

Wanwan's eyes immediately darkened, and her figure flashed



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