"Now that you're here, you don't have to hide your head and show your tail, why not show up!"

Chu Ming's expression was indifferent, and a cold light burst out in his eyes.

Before, he had noticed the auras of two strong men hidden in the sky not far away.

Although the two auras were well hidden, Chu Ming still The induction is very clear.

However, Chu Ming wants to see when these two powerful men will take action!

Now there are a lot of martial arts heroes around, and powerful men from all forces have been killed by Chu Ming, but the two of them have been reluctant to show up..

This can’t help but make Chu Ming curious, who are these two people!

From the moment Chu Ming entered the Great Sui Dynasty, his whereabouts were exposed, which attracted many people to follow him.

After killing one wave, another wave came!

"Ha ha! He is indeed the most talented young man in the world who has been rumored recently."

"But after today, I'm afraid I will die here!"

As the voice fell, a terrifying ripple suddenly appeared in the sky, and then a man holding an iron umbrella in his hand was seen walking slowly.

And under the iron umbrella, it was a handsome face. Extraordinary face!!

This is not over yet, and then a bright sword suddenly flashes and cuts through the void. The next moment, a middle-aged man wearing a black hat slowly appears with sword energy lingering around his body.

"snort! You two are finally willing to come out. I thought you would just hide like cowards!!"

Chu Ming looked at the two people in front of him with cold eyes and an indifferent expression.

"Who are you 580?"

At this time, Xiao Longnu was also attracted by the movement in front of her and looked at the two people in the sky.

She clearly felt that the auras of these two people were far above her!


"Don't be afraid that you will find out, we are people in the dark river, hand over the secret of longevity!"

The middle-aged man in a bamboo hat looked at Chu Ming, Huang Xuemei, and Xiao Longnu with cold eyes.

"You are indeed an underground river!"

Hearing this, Chu Ming's expression was indifferent, and a shocking cold light flashed in his eyes.

When these two people appeared, Chu Ming probably had a preliminary understanding of their identities.

It's just that he was not sure!

But now , the middle-aged man in a bamboo hat said about the dark river... It was just as he guessed!

However, what Chu Ming was curious about was how these two people knew that the secret of longevity was in my hands!!

Then, Chu Ming looked amused. Looking at the two of them, an extremely cold light burst out in his eyes, and he said coldly:"If Chu guessed correctly, you two are Su Muyu, the umbrella-wielding ghost in the dark river, and Xie Qidao, the head of the Xie family."

Su Muyu couldn't help but look surprised when she heard Chu Ming accurately reveal their identities.

"interesting! I didn’t expect that you kid would know my identity, so I can’t keep you here today!"

"I have long heard that your sword skills, Chu Ming's, are amazing. Let's see which one is better, your sword skills or my Xie Qida's sword skills!"

Xie Qidao's eyes darkened, and the terrifying sword energy in his body burst out, strangling the void in front of him.


Immediately afterwards, a terrifying and killing sword light shot out.

The powerful aura of the late Grand Master came from A sudden explosion occurred in the body.

The sword light was dazzling!

It rose in the wind and instantly turned into a terrifying sword light hundreds of meters away!

Above the sword light, the sword energy and the sword intention were wrapped and condensed.

This sword was sharp and fierce.

Take action. It is the killing move.

This is also Xie Qida, a killing blow.

Xie Qida lives up to his name.

Generally speaking, the opponent will be killed within seven swords.

From then on, Xie Qida became famous in the world.

Therefore, he has enough confidence in his sword.

It's just a pity... If an ordinary warrior faced this sword, he would definitely fall.

It's a pity that Xie Qida's opponent is Chu Ming!!

"It’s just a small sword, but you dare to speak so brazenly that you can kill me!"

At this moment, Chu Ming stood in the void with his hands behind his back, looking at Xie Qida with cold eyes, and the sword light he slashed out.


The sky-destroying hand reached out.

The next moment.

A huge and terrifying, carrying The giant hand seal with terrible coercion came from the sky, covering everything.

With the appearance of this giant hand, the void began to tremble violently for a while.


In an instant, Xie Qidao's sword light flashed in Chu Ming In front of the Tian Mie Shou, it was like paper, and it was crushed directly!

"This, this...impossible!"

Xie Qidao's pupils suddenly shrunk, and his face was horrified.

His expression was extremely horrifying. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

His sword strike was even a powerful one from the same realm when faced with such an extreme killing blow. It can't be dealt with easily (bafj).

Not to mention, it can be crushed easily!

"Haha...impossible! There are too many impossible things in the world. In the face of absolute strength, everything is nothing!!"

Seeing this, Chu Ming couldn't help but sneered.

The power of the Heaven-Destroying Hand did not diminish, and with unparalleled killing power, he went directly towards Xie Qidao to kill[]

"This, this...how is it possible?"

Su Muyu, the umbrella-wielding ghost on the side, was also horrified and trembling when he saw this scene.

The strength of Xie Qidao and Xie Family Swordsmanship are unparalleled.

He is also a person in the dark river, but he knows it very well.

Now he is easily defeated Chu Ming crushed it, how could this not shock him!!

"Xie Qidao, I'm here to help you, this is not an easy job."

Su Muyu's figure flashed, and the iron umbrella in his hand turned into eighteen flying blades, forming a killing sword formation and blasting towards Chu Ming.


"Just right! You all come together, you people in the underground river are nothing more than ants in the eyes of Chu, and this place today is the place where you will be buried!!"

Seeing this, Chu Ming looked indifferent and stood in the void, not paying attention to the two of them at all.

As he finished speaking, Chu Ming turned his right hand over, and the tiger sword appeared in his hand.

He looked at Su Muyu's killing sword formation.

Buzz!... with a swing of the knife.

The sky and the earth were suddenly turbulent and changing.

The originally clear sky was covered with dark clouds at this moment. Large black clouds gathered above the head, and purple thunder and lightning flashed through it.

And the power of purple thunder suddenly fell towards Chu On top of Ming's sword.

In an instant, a terrifyingly sharp, unparalleled killing blow, hundreds of meters of purple sword light slashed towards Su Muyu.

"This knife... is too terrifying!"

As a sword cultivator, Xie Qidao's pupils were shocked and his heart trembled when he saw Chu Ming's sword.

Chu Ming's sword has condensed the power of natural thunder and lightning!

Even if he is faced with the killing blow of this sword, he will never survive. Maybe.

But right now, he has no intention to care about Su Muyu.

Facing Chu Ming's giant hand that destroys the sky, Xie Qidao doesn't dare to relax at all



Chu Ming shouted coldly.

His voice was not loud.

At this moment, it resounded like thunder in the sky.

Su Muyu's eyes were complicated and he looked at the scene in front of him in disbelief.


The killing blow that was originally coming towards Chu Ming Under the terrifying power of the sword light, the sword formation immediately collapsed with a bang.

It was immediately disbanded! It turned into a piece of broken weapons.

In the void, the purple sword light shone brightly, directly towards Su Muyu.

Look. Su Muyu was still frightened when the killing sword formation was broken.

But now was not the time for him to be distracted. Faced with Chu Ming's terrifying killing sword that was like a divine thunder coming into the world, he immediately activated all the true power in his body.

Then In front of him, he saw a bright sword light condensing out.

It transformed into a green sword light hundreds of meters long!


The sword body trembled, making the sound of thousands of raindrops.

This move was made by Su Mu Yu’s trick



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