Zheng! Zheng! Zheng!

In mid-air, Huang Xuemei's beautiful eyes were cold, revealing the ultimate murderous intent. As her fingers plucked the strings, a series of terrifying piano sounds suddenly erupted from the Tianmo Qin, turning into a series of terrifying... Killing Qi Jin!!

"I don’t know whether to live or die. My young master is kind and has let you off before. I didn’t expect that you are still following me. Since you are seeking death, I will bury you with the music of the piano!!"

As she spoke, Huang Xuemei's eyes were cold, her expression indifferent, and a flash of extreme coldness suddenly burst out in her pupils.

The next moment...

Many strong men in the martial arts hidden in the official jungle were directly transformed into a ball of blood mist under the killing power of the demon's piano sound, and their screams resounded throughout the sky.

"Quick, run away!"

"This woman is so terrifying, the energy and blood in her body are directly suppressed by the sound of the piano"

"not good! It's over now, the sound is too terrifying!!"

"hateful! If I had known I wouldn't follow Chu Ming, I wouldn't be willing to do it"

"killed! We will wait until we join forces to kill this woman. Otherwise, I am afraid that we will not have a chance to survive under the offensive of killing Qinyin."


For a time, many heroes from the world, and masters sent by sects from all sides were under the attack of Huang Xuemei's Tianmo Qinyin. They screamed incessantly. The bodies of the masters exploded, and the sky was filled with blood mist. In an instant, the air was filled with a rich smell of blood. gas

"Not reconciled.....How ridiculous!"

Hearing the loud shouts of all the heroes in the world, Chu Ming, who was sitting in the carriage, slightly curled his lips, revealing a hint of meaning,"There are many injustices in the world, so what if you don't accept it? You are nothing more than an ant. I shouldn't, I shouldn't, if you offend me, Chu Ming, you deserve to die!!"

Chu Ming's expression was indifferent, and there was no trace of emotion.

Chu Ming would not let go of the people in front of him who were seeking death.

Kill as many as they come!

Chu Ming had killed many people who were following him before. He thought he could Killing chickens to scare monkeys and warn other powerful parties, but the result was unexpected......One after another, they just didn't care about life and death, they were crazy about killing him!!

"Xuemei, leave no one alive, kill them all!"

In the carriage, Chu Ming spoke calmly and gave Huang Xuemei instructions.

"yes! Young Master!"

Huang Xuemei nodded.

Then, a pair of beautiful eyes burst out with murderous intent. She plucked the Heavenly Demon Qin in her hand, and suddenly the sounds of the piano were more powerful and terrifying than before, turning into endless murderous intent like solid substance.

With the killing The intention was solidified, and the sounds of the killing piano condensed into a terrifying and terrifying net in the void like a dragnet, killing all the heroes of the rivers and lakes, and the powerful ones from all sides one by one, and blood spattered in the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!


For a time, the sound of violent explosions echoed throughout the world. now.

Huang Xuemei stood in the void with an indifferent expression, her eyes coldly falling on the heroes of the world in front of her.

Many heroes and powerful people from all walks of life wanted to get close to Huang Xuemei, but they were killed one by one by Huang Xuemei's killing Qin Yin Shuo.

Countless heroes in the world looked at Huang Xuemei at this moment, as if looking at a peerless killing god, their hearts trembled and they shuddered!

At this moment, all the heroes and powerful men sent by various forces had only one idea, and that was to escape quickly. If they were too slow, they might perish here.

After all, many of them have already reached the master level, and they don't want to perish just like that!!

For a moment, fear, fear, shock, and a variety of emotions were intertwined here.

"Chu Ming, how dare you kill me! Do you know the forces behind me? If I die this time, the forces behind me will definitely pursue you endlessly!"At this moment, a voice shouted.

When Chu Ming heard this person's words, he couldn't help but become interested. His figure flashed and appeared next to Huang Xuemei. He looked at the person who had just spoken with a cold look, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. Play with flavor:

"hehe......ridiculous! You are threatening me and do not know whether to live or die. I, Chu Ming, am not afraid of the forces behind you. They pursue me relentlessly. I am afraid you will never see me again in this life!"

After saying this, Chu Ming paused, put his hands behind his back, and said with a stern look:"Chu, no matter what the power behind you is, if you dare to provoke me, Chu Ming, you must be prepared to pay the price and be destroyed!

However, today’s one must die! Don’t worry, soon the forces behind you, Mr. Chu, will send them down one by one, so that you can reunite in hell!!"

As he spoke, a terrifying and killing sword flashed out. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

"Chu Ming, you dare! dark…!"

The man holding a long knife trembled unconsciously when he heard the words, and he hadn't finished speaking yet.

But the next moment, a chill suddenly came over him.

His whole body was cut into two halves with a single slash, and he was too dead to die!

".The clown!"[]

Chu Ming sneered

"Young Master, there is actually no need for you to take action, just leave this matter to me.

Huang Xuemei spoke.

Chu Ming smiled and said:"It doesn't matter!" My hands are itchy for a moment!"

And at this moment, a sharp sword light came from the sky towards Chu Ming.

"snort! I'm looking for death, but I didn't expect someone to come here to die!"

Chu Ming snorted coldly. His pupils suddenly tightened, and he looked at the sword light that was slashing towards him.

There was no hesitation!

The next moment, a majestic and killing liger roar blasted out from his mouth.

It was the liger. Broken gold chant!!

Roar! Welcome...

The sound of a lion's roar suddenly erupted (Wang Nuozhao), like a tiger roaring in the forest, a lion roaring on the earth, and powerful ripples suddenly arose in the void, directly shattering the sword light.


Under the golden roar of the liger and the tiger, a figure was directly blown away thousands of meters away, and a mouthful of blood spurted out. The internal organs of the body were shattered under the bombardment of the golden roar of the lion and tiger, and there was no breath of life at all.

"Haha, it’s just an ant hiding its head and tail!"

Chu Ming stood in the void with his hands behind his back and his cold eyes. He looked at the corpses of the heroes below with a cold expression.

"sad! What a bunch of fish that don’t know how to live or die!"

The next moment, Chu Ming looked at the sky with piercing eyes, and said calmly:"Since you are here, there is no need to hide it, why not show up!"

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