Time passed slowly.

Another half month has passed!

And within half a month.

The two pieces of news quickly spread like wildfire, spreading throughout the Sui Dynasty and several other great dynasties!

First, Yu Wenhuaji, the leader of the four great clans of the Sui Dynasty, the Yuwen clan, died!

This news shocked the Sui Dynasty.

Yuwen valve is one of the four great valves in Sui Dynasty.

Yu Wenhuaji was a powerful man in the middle stage of the Grand Master, but he died in Yangzhou City!

Even the accompanying black armor cavalry were all wiped out, and the death was so tragic that it made people shudder.

For a time, many people in Sui Dynasty wondered who did it.

However, many people were overjoyed when they heard the news.

In the Sui Dynasty, the Yuwen Clan could be said to cover the sky with one hand, with huge power and the strongest strength among the four great clans. Naturally, they were happy that the other three great clans as well as those who had been suppressed by Yuwen and others in the Sui Dynasty power.

But compared to this news. Another piece of news instantly attracted the attention of all forces in the Sui Jianghu and the dynasty!

That was the peerless young man who defeated the top ten grand masters, Jin Lun Dharma King, in Xiangyang City that day, and at the same time defeated the powerful magician Pang Ban, who was at the peak of the grand masters. Chu Ming suddenly appeared in the Sui Jianghu!

This immediately shocked the Sui Jianghu and even the Jianghu of several other great dynasties.

Especially in Sui Jianghu!

The two sects of the Demon Sect, the Six Paths, were the most famous sects in the Sui Dynasty. They caused quite a stir among the sects such as Cihang Jingzhai and Jingnian Chanyuan!!

After all, Chu Ming has no rules at all when it comes to doing things for others, it all depends on his heart!

He is decisive in killing and has great strength!

Moreover, it was reported that Chu Ming was not the only one to set foot in the Sui Dynasty.

Beside him were two stunning beauties!!

The strength of the two women is not low. Although they have not been seen taking action, many people in the world speculated that they are not low!!

The strength of these two people who can follow a peerless young man like Chu Ming is so low...!

It can be said that... all the forces in the Sui Dynasty changed suddenly, and undercurrents surged!

And all this is because of Chu Ming!

Meanwhile, the Demon Gate!

Within the Yingui Sect

"Unexpectedly, the peerless young man who defeated the magician Pang Ban that day would actually set foot in the Jianghu of Sui Dynasty. Now it becomes interesting!!"

"Chu Ming, this man's style is somewhat similar to that of my Demon Sect. If he can win over my Yin Gui Sect, the strength of the Yin Gui Sect in the Sui Dynasty and even in the world of China will definitely increase."

The speaker is a graceful and slender middle-aged woman with a high bun, a pair of beautiful eyebrows slanting into her temples, and eyes as black as paint. She is very energetic!

This woman can make any man swoon over her eyes. She is infatuated with love.

Combined with her delicate and white skin, which is like a flawless white jade carving, who can not feel amazing.

This person is none other than the Yin Queen Zhu Yuyan!!

She was originally practicing in seclusion, but just a few days ago Out of seclusion.

At this moment,

Zhu Yuyan looked at the news and couldn't help but reveal a hint of meaning in her eyes.

Chu Ming's name had been heard before the seclusion.

It can be said that since the battle in Xiangyang City, Chu Ming His name has spread throughout China's Jianghu!

Many Jianghu forces were shocked and horrified!

At the age of sixteen or seventeen, he powerfully defeated the great master of Tantric Buddhism, Jinlun Dharma King. It’s not like there are no people who have beheaded.

But someone like Chu Ming, who has crossed a great realm and powerfully reversed beheaded, is the first person in history!!

In addition to beheading Jinlun Dharma King, he also defeated the magician Pang Ban.

How could such a terrifying record not attract the attention of the Yin Queen Zhu Yuyan.

Apart from anything else... Zhu Yuyan, who is also a member of the Demon Sect, is very clear about the strength of Magician Pangban. Even if she faced Magician Pangban, she would still be able to win. Definitely no match for Pang Ban!! (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

The heart-planting magic technique alone is enough to give her a headache!

"yes! Queen Yin is right. If she can win over this son, the Yin Gui sect will reach a higher level in the world of Sui Dynasty and Shenzhou. Naturally, there is no need to be afraid of those so-called famous and decent sects!!"

"It's just that Chu Ming is probably not someone who can be easily won over."

A group of people from the Demon Sect discussed


"I didn’t expect that such a peerless young man would emerge from the world of China. This boy’s talent is really unparalleled in the world. I’m afraid even Ling Donglai back then was just like this. If he can really enter my magic sect, I can teach him purple blood. Dafa!"

The speaker is a man with a majestic figure, blood like mercury, unparalleled eyes, and blood surrounding his hands!

This man is a skilled worker with bloody hands!

Since his defeat in the battle with Ling Donglai, He has been practicing in seclusion for more than ten years, concentrating on practicing the supreme mental method of the Demon Sect, the Purple Blood Dharma, just so that he can defeat Ling Donglai when he sets foot in the martial arts world of the Central Plains again.

"It seems that senior brother is very interested in this person named Chu Ming!"

Xueshou Ligong nodded:"Yes! Who wouldn't like such a peerless young man? If he can develop his talents, even if he really breaks into the void and leaves, everything will be worth it!"

"correct! Wanwan, where are you now?"

Zhu Yuyan glanced at it and couldn't help asking

"After returning to the underworld, the saint is currently in Yangzhou City!"

"oh! I sent a message to Wanwan. If I meet Chu Ming, I must make a good friend with him. I also want to see if the peerless genius boy who is rumored by the world is really as terrifying as the rumors!"

Yin Queen Zhu Yuyan's beautiful eyes were awe-inspiring. Speaking of which, she may not have set foot in the world for a long time!

"It seems that it is time for the Yin Queen to return to the world and let those famous and decent sects see the power of the Yin Gui sect!"

Zhu Yuyan said sternly


And at the same time. 493 Thousands of miles away on an official road, a carriage was moving slowly and slowly!

Inside the carriage.

There are three people, one boy and two girls!

These three people are none other than Chu Ming, Huang Xuemei, and Xiao Longnu!

As for Chu Ming, who is the party involved.

I didn’t know that news about him had spread in Sui Jianghu at this moment, but even if he knew, Chu Ming didn’t take it seriously!! at this time.

In the carriage, the melodious music of the piano lingered, and the beautiful sounds filled the air.

Chu Ming enjoyed it very much and was immersed in the music played by Huang Xuemei.

The same goes for Xiao Longnu, lying in Chu Ming's arms, listening to the music of the piano

"Young Master, I didn’t expect that there are so many blind people."

Huang Xuemei spoke slowly, a cold light flashed in her beautiful eyes.

"Xuemei is nothing more than a bunch of fish, just kill her!"

Chu Ming looked calm and opened his eyes, looking calm and relaxed.

In the past half month, with the appearance of Chu Ming, he immediately attracted the attention of many Jianghu forces in the Sui Dynasty. At first, Chu Ming was not interested in this group of people. The little miscellaneous fish didn't care, but they didn't expect that there were more and more of them. I didn't know how many there were along the way.

I didn't expect that this group of miscellaneous fish were not afraid of death, and came up crazily to kill people! Give Chu Ming some luck!

Hearing this, Huang Xuemei's face changed Suddenly, a cold light burst out from the eyes.

The song ended!

As the figure flashed, the sounds of killing were heard everywhere!........

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