And just as Chu Ming and others were on their way, Lingnan was thousands of miles away!

Song clan, in the sharpening hall.

I saw a middle-aged man holding a Narcissus Sword, with a majestic figure, as tall as a pine, and a calm face, with a stern look in his eyes. Then, as his body turned, bright and terrifying sword lights flashed, changing in endless ways!

The power of each sword swing was much stronger than the previous one, one sword overshadowed the other.

And this middle-aged man is none other than Song Que, the leader of the Song clan!!

Looking at the terrifying knife marks on the wall in front of him, as the light of the knife dissipated, Song Que's eyes fell on a huge stone wall.

If a careful person comes here, he will definitely notice that there are hundreds of names engraved on the stone wall that resound throughout the world of China!!

Wudang Zhang Sanfeng, seeking defeat alone!

Magician Pang Ban, the waves are turning over the clouds!

The magic sword Ding Peng, Xiao Li's flying sword Li Xunhuan!"530" Sword Demon Fu Hongxue! Ximen Chuixue! Mu Taoist!

Song Que's eyes fell on this powerful man who was famous throughout the world of China. There was a sense of awe in his eyes.

There were hundreds of statues carved on the stone wall.

"Chu Ming!"

"No matter where you learned the Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques from, if there is a chance, I, Song Que, would really like to learn from you and see which one is more powerful, your Eight Heavenly Sword Jutsus or Song Que's!!"

Song Que's eyes fell on an open space on the stone wall, and then he waved the narcissus knife in his hand and carved Chu Ming's name on the whetstone.

And those who can enter the whetstone are all extremely powerful. Song There is a shortage of people who want to challenge.

As for Chu Ming.....

It is even more so that the peerless genius has been rumored in the world of China recently. However, at the age of 16 or 17, he was able to counterattack and kill the Golden Wheel Dharma King in the Grand Master realm. In the end, he even fought against the magician Pang Ban who was at the peak of the Grand Master level. What is even more shocking is that......Chu Ming directly knocked Pang Ban back hundreds of meters and killed the Tao Heart Demon with one strike!!

Such terrifying achievements were achieved by both sword cultivators, not to mention that the sword techniques used by Chu Ming were very similar to the Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques. Song Que had never met Chu Ming and did not know whether the martial arts he used was his Heavenly Sword. The Eight Judgments are just rumors in the world. Chu Ming's sword skills are very similar to his Eight Judgments of the Heavenly Sword. They have the same effect but the same approach!!

This made Song Que even more curious and concerned about Chu Ming. As for Chu Ming's achievements in the arena, all of them had reached Song Que's ears.

However, during this period, a major event in the world made Song Que curious and shocked!!

That was a few months ago, when the magician Pang Ban and Fu Yu Jian Lang Fan Yun met for a battle on August 15th. When the moon was full, they blocked the river. Originally, this battle was reported, and countless heroes and powerful sects from all sides were involved. They all went to Daming Dongting Lake, just to witness the duel between the two most powerful warriors among the land gods.

But finally.......The outcome of this battle shocked and horrified countless heroes.

The magician Pang Ban was directly killed by a mysterious man and fell into the windy gorge hundreds of miles away from Dongting Lake. As soon as this news came out, it shocked countless martial arts heroes.

When Song Que heard the news, he was extremely shocked and stunned!!

How powerful the magician Pang Ban is. Song Que had a battle with this person back then. In that battle, he did not defeat Pang Ban, but lost to Pang Ban!

In Song Que's view, Pang Ban, who was the pinnacle of the Grand Master, would surely reach the land of immortals after the battle with Rain-falling Jianlang Fanyun, but he finally fell in Yingfeng Gorge, which made Song Que feel sad. certainly......What's more, I'm still curious, who is the mysterious man rumored to be who killed the magician Pang Ban?

Although several months have passed, many people in the world have never stopped speculating about the mysterious man!!

"Ha ha.....I didn't expect that there would be so many strong men and geniuses in China's arena now. It seems that I, Song Que, have been living in the Song Clan in Lingnan for too long, and I am a bit ignorant."Song Que smiled heartily and looked at the stone wall in front of him with stern eyes.

Since he took over the Song clan, he has been staying in Lingnan and has never set foot in the world. After all, there are many forces in Lingnan that he doesn't want to see. He, Song Que, is the only one in the family!!

"After the forces in the southwest are completely pacified, I will definitely hold the sword again and set foot in the world. By then, the name of Song Que, the Heavenly Sword, will once again be heard in the world of China."Song Que said solemnly.

He already had the idea of setting foot in the world again.

Song Que glanced at Chu Ming's name on the stone wall, then put the Narcissus Knife away and slowly left the Knife Grinding Hall. (It's so cool to watch. For novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

And just when Song Que came out, a young man who was somewhat similar to him, with a handsome temperament, sword-shaped eyebrows and starry eyes, and a modest image of a young man was standing outside the knife-sharpening hall.

This young man Naturally, it was none other than Song Que’s son, Song Shidao!!

"Shidao, what can you do?"

"Dad, there are rumors that Chu Ming has entered the Sui Dynasty!"

Song Shidao spoke.0[]

"This is true!"

"real! The spies just came with news"


"I didn’t expect that this person would actually come to the territory of the Sui Dynasty. It’s just that this person appeared in the Sui Dynasty. I don’t know how many powerful people there are. I’m afraid they can’t sleep and are afraid of him!!"

Song Que's eyes pondered.

After all, Chu Ming's strength is too terrifying, his killings are overwhelming, and he is decisive in killing!

This time he appears in the Sui Jianghu, in Song Que's opinion, he will definitely stir up the situation in the Sui Jianghu.

"got windy! In the Sui Jianghu, there may have been turmoil and undercurrents surging in the dark!"

Song Que raised his head, looked at the sky at this moment, and couldn't help but said solemnly

"Dad, one more thing?"

"There are rumors in the world that the Secret of Immortality has come out, and countless forces in the world have taken action. Among them, there are rumors that some big families have sent many strong men to compete for the Secret of Immortality. The leader of the Yuwen Clan, Yu Wenhuaji, even personally led the Xuanjia Iron Cavalry towards Yangzhou. Go towards the city"


When Song Que heard Yu Wenhua's words, his eyes suddenly burst out with wisps of coldness.

The Yuwen Clan and the Song Clan were both among the four great clans of the Sui Dynasty, but in terms of strength, the Yuwen Clan was above the Song Clan, and Yu Wenhuaji's cultivation level was no lower than that of Song Que, and his strength was not bad.

Yu Wenhuaji led the Xuanjia Iron Cavalry to Yangzhou City. In Song Que's opinion, the purpose might not be that simple, and it was at the juncture of the advent of the Secret of Immortality.

"It must also be for the secret of longevity!"Song 5.6 Que thought.

Song Que was not interested in the Secret of Immortality at all.

However, when Chu Ming suddenly appeared in Sui Dynasty, he was very interested. Then he said to his teacher with a serious tone:

"Shidao, if you travel in the world and meet Chu Ming in the future, you must make friends with him. This person is not simple. Your future martial arts achievements will definitely be above mine, and it is not impossible to achieve the realm of heaven and man!"

Hearing this, Song Shidao nodded. He looked horrified. His martial arts achievements were not higher than those of his father, and he was in the realm of immortality.

What a terrifying realm this is!

Anyway, it is definitely not something that Song Shidao can achieve, even if he is a great master. The realm is beyond his reach, let alone above the Grand Master......

If other people said this, Song Shidao would not believe it, but his own father, Song Que, had said so, so he couldn't help but not believe it!!

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