Chapter 8 The woman in red, A'Zhu!

"snort!...No one can be offended by you, Jiang Yulang, I have destroyed you today. If you seek revenge in the future, feel free to come to me. Remember, my name is Chu Ming!!"

Chu Ming looked at Jiang Yulang with cold eyes and his voice was domineering.

The reason why he didn't kill Jiang Yulang was that in his opinion, killing Jiang Yulang would undoubtedly dirty his hands. Killing him would far from destroying him. Killing and killing one's heart!

Being unable to practice martial arts and being reduced to waste is the greatest pain for Jiang Yulang.

And when Chu Ming told his name, he was naturally not afraid of Jiang Yulang's revenge.

Even if Jiang Biehe did this again , Chu Ming was not afraid at all.

If the father and son were really blind, Chu Ming would not mind killing the Jiang family father and son!

As Chu Ming finished speaking, he led the horse and left directly.

Many people at the scene looked at Chu Ming Ming's disappearing figures all looked stunned.

Many people started talking, wondering who this Chu Ming was.

To be able to easily defeat and cripple an innate master with just one move at such a young age is enough to illustrate the strength of this person. He has already reached Xiantian, and is even above Xiantian!!

As for Chu Ming, he doesn't care about everyone's comments.

At this moment, he is holding the horse and continuing to walk slowly in Gusu City.

It seems that he is not because of Jiang Yulang's episode. It affected his mood.

Not long after he left, Chu Ming noticed that someone had been following him.

When he turned around, he found that it was the woman in red from before. So Chu Ming stopped and couldn't help but curiously asked:"This Girl, what's the matter with you?

The woman in red shook her head and explained:"Master, please don't misunderstand me!" You offended Jiang Yulang because of me. Jiang Yulang's father is the Jiangnan hero Jiang Biehe. He is quite famous in the Jiangnan area and has great strength. The young master should leave Gusu City as soon as possible."

Hearing what the woman in red said, Chu Ming still didn't understand. He couldn't help but smile and said:"Girl, thank you for your kindness! It doesn’t matter if Jiang Biehe doesn’t come, if he does come, I won’t be afraid! You girl, you still don’t know Gao’s name?! Hearing this

, the woman in red said slowly:"Master, you can call me A'Zhu!""

"It turns out to be Miss A'Zhu, I'm Chu Ming!"

Chu Ming cupped his hands and cupped his fists.

Looking at the woman in red in front of him, his heart was spinning. He didn't expect that this woman turned out to be A'Zhu!!

She was born to Duan Zhengchun and Ruan Xingzhu in Dali!

This is the peerless beauty in the Tianlong world, and she is also Qiao Feng's My dearest love!!

But now, A'Zhu in this world has not met Qiao Feng.

Looking at A'Zhu in front of him, Chu Ming's thoughts surged, it would be good to cut off Qiao Feng's beard!!

Of course, this is just Chu Ming It's just an idea!

At this moment, she doesn't know her life experience.

But Chu Ming has no intention of telling A'Zhu!

After all, when Chu Ming said this, regardless of whether the other party believed it or not, even he would not be able to avoid unnecessary trouble.!!

This is not worth the gain and is totally unnecessary

"Mr. Chu, Mr. Chu... Judging from the look of you, you must have just arrived in Gusu City. This matter all started because of A'Zhu. If Mr. Chu doesn't mind it, my manor happens to be nearby. Mr. Chu might as well stay with me for the time being. Live in the manor."

A'Zhu opened his mouth, inviting Chu Ming

"Chu, thank you Miss A'Zhu for your kindness. I won't disturb Miss A'Zhu anymore. Chu is used to being free."

Chu Ming cupped his hands and clasped his fists, then shook his head.

"In this case, A'Zhu no longer forced Mr. Chu.

Seeing this, A'Zhu didn't know what to say. He paused and then reminded:"Mr. Chu, you still have to be careful when going down to Jiang Bie He. After all, he is quite powerful in the Jiangnan area!"!"

"Thank you Miss A'Zhu for reminding me."

Chu Ming nodded and bowed his hands.

A'Zhu said quickly:"Young Master Chu, you're welcome! This whole thing happened because of me, so naturally I can’t sit idly by and do nothing."


And at the same time.

The other side.

In the Jiang family's mansion, in the hall at this time.

The atmosphere was extremely dull and solemn!

A middle-aged man who looked elegant and gentle looked at Jiang Yulang who was being carried on a stretcher. At this moment, his expression could no longer be tense.

A powerful force of true energy burst out, directly smashing the surrounding tables and chairs to pieces!!

This middle-aged man was naturally none other than Jiang Biehe!!

He, Jiang Biehe, whose original name was Jiang Qin, was originally just Jiang Feng's school boy. In the end, he betrayed his master Jiang Feng and revealed his information to the twelve zodiac signs.

Since then, he changed his name to Jiang Biehe, imitated Jiang Feng, and won the reputation of Jiangnan Hero in the Jiangnan area!!

Jiang Yulang was his only son, and he had always loved Jiang Yulang very much.

Jiang Yulang has a high level of cultivation in martial arts. At a young age, he is already an innate master!

In Jiang Biehe's opinion, future achievements will not be lower than his.

Now that Jiang Yulang has been reduced to a useless person, how can he not make Jiang Biehe angry?

"Dad, you must avenge your child."

Jiang Yulang said to Jiang Biehe

"Lang'er, don't worry! Dad will definitely avenge you. If you dare to hurt my son, Jiang Biehe, you must be prepared to pay the price."

Jiang Biehe said in a deep voice, with crazy murderous intent surging in his eyes.

"Dad, that man’s name is Chu Ming, and he said, Dad, who is Jiangnan Hero? Crushing dad to death is as easy as squeezing an ant to death."

Seeing this, Jiang Yulang quickly added fuel to the fire and said.

Seeing Jiang Biehe's expression, his face became happy, and a hint of sinisterness immediately flashed in his eyes!!

"Chu Ming, don’t blame me! It would be unworthy of a gentleman not to avenge this!!"

Jiang Yulang said quietly in his heart.

Thinking that he was deposed and reduced to a useless person, he couldn't help but feel vicious in his heart.

He, Jiang Yulang, has never been a kind person.

"good! good! Very good... I would like to see what kind of tone this person has to say such arrogant words."

Hearing this, Jiang Biehe's face immediately became even angrier.

A terrifying and powerful force of true energy burst out, immediately blasting the bluestone floor of the hall into pieces.…!


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