"This is?"

Fu Junma's beautiful eyes were curious and she looked at the pill in Chu Ming's hand.

"Take it!"

Chu Ming's eyes were cold and he spoke calmly to Fu Junma. Chu Ming didn't talk too much. Then, with a little more force in his fingers, he put the elixir directly into Fu Junma's mouth.

"hateful! What on earth did you feed me?"

Fu Junma said loudly.

But the next moment, she suddenly felt a majestic surge of medicinal power. His originally injured meridians were recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the innate true energy in his body was also recovering, and he felt like a spring breeze in an instant. Feel

"This elixir is the Gu Yuan elixir, which can help you restore damaged meridians. Now try using the method of circulation!"Chu Ming spoke slowly.

Fu Junma nodded, then sat cross-legged, adjusting and refining the power of Guyuan Dan according to the movement of the eight extraordinary meridians of the body.

After half a stick of incense, Fu Junma opened her eyes, Her face was horrified.

Unexpectedly, under the power of Guyuan Dan, her meridians had already healed to some extent.

She only needed to rest for a few days and she would be back to her original state!


What even surprised Fu Junma was......

The original eight extraordinary meridians have become much wider under the influence of Guyuan Dan.

"Thank you!"

Fu Junma immediately expressed her gratitude to Chu Ming.

Upon seeing this, Chu Ming waved his hand and said calmly:"No need! I said, keeping you will be useful in the future."

Fu Junma will still be of some use to Chu Ming in the future, but he will not take advantage of her so much.

Then he took out another pill and said coldly:"Take this pill!"

"This is?"

Fu Junma couldn't help but be curious.

Chu Ming didn't answer and stuffed the elixir into Fu Junma's mouth again.

"This pill is a Yuan-devouring pill that can swallow up the innate true energy in a warrior's body. But don't worry, as long as you obey my orders in the future, this poison will not attack. If you have any bad intentions, otherwise the innate true energy in your body will be exhausted. die of exhaustion"

"You have a choice now, I can let you die. I can also let you live. Now your power of life and death rests with my thoughts!!"

"Don't just want to die, because this elixir will make your life worse than death."

"Looking at the world of China today, no one can detoxify the poison of this elixir. Only I, Chu Ming, and no one else can do it, because this elixir was refined by me and is unique. Fu Junma, please think about it!!"

"It's a choice…"

"Or death!"

Chu Ming's face was cold, with an intriguing curve at the corner of his mouth, and he said to Fu Junma

"You, you..."

Fu Junma was immersed in the powerful medicine of Guyuan Dan one second, but the next second... life and death depended on Chu Ming's thoughts.

But now... she has no other way

"I am willing to surrender to you!"

After some contemplation, Fu Junma decided.

After all, Chu Ming's methods are obvious to all.

Just being able to refine the Gu Yuan Dan is enough to show that Chu Ming is not simple!

Moreover, Chu Ming's previous battle with Yu Wenhua and Chu Ming was also seen. The young man in green shirt in front of him is terrifying!!

However, if Fu Junma knew about Chu Ming’s terrifying achievements in the world of China, he would definitely be horrified and shocked!

Even his master Yijian Master Cai Lin, under Chu Ming, Even at such an age, one cannot have such terrifying strength.

"very good! Get up. If in the future, Chu discovers that you have betrayal intentions, I believe you should know what the consequences will be."

"In addition, I know very well what you have in mind. Don’t have bad intentions. Even if your master, Master Yijian, Cai Lin comes here again, I can kill him!!"

Chu Ming reminded.

As for Fu Junma's thoughts, Chu Ming, who has lived in two generations, would not be clear about Fu Junma's thoughts.

Hearing this, Fu Junma nodded.

At this moment, Chu Ming was like a terrifying beast, which immediately made her shudder! Especially the last sentence, Fu Junma couldn't help but wonder how terrifyingly powerful the sixteen- or seventeen-year-old green-shirted boy in front of him was!

Fu Junma would never have believed it before.

Although his master Yijian Master Fu Cailin was in Korea , but his reputation and prestige in the martial arts world of the Central Plains are not low at all. When he entered the arena of China in his early years, he had already reached the realm of a grand master. Now that decades have passed, Fu Junma doesn't know what level his strength has reached.

But Chu Ming can't. At the age of sixteen or seventeen, he was able to kill Yu Wenji, the great master, with great force and ease. Such terrifying and powerful combat power was enough to shock Fu Junma.

Of course, what frightened Fu Junma the most was......The thoughts in her heart, Chu Ming was as clear as a roundworm in her stomach!!

0 flowers requested

"Young Master, but you have to wait for your subordinates for a while. This time I came to the Sui Dynasty under the orders of my master. The plan failed. I have to go back to Gaoli to report and explain. After that, my subordinates will definitely come to the Central Plains Wulin. If you are looking for the young master, please ask the young master to fulfill your wish."

Thinking about it, Fu Junma said respectfully to Chu Ming's expression.

"It doesn't matter! Just go!"(To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Chu Ming nodded.

He would not be afraid that Fu Junma would have other ideas and not come!

After all, even Fu Cailin could not unlock the Yuan-devouring Pill.

Fu Junma Life and death depend on Chu Ming's thoughts.

"Thank you, Mr. Cheng!"[]

Fu Junma clasped her fists and bowed deeply to Chu Ming.

Then he said goodbye and left

"Young Master, you are not afraid that this person will never come back."

At this time, Huang Xuemei on the side spoke slowly.

After hearing this, Chu Ming looked calm:

"fine! Don't worry, Fu Junma is a smart person. Now life and death are in my hands. She will make the right decision."

"alright! We have to continue on our way!"

Chu Ming spoke.

Huang Xuemei and Xiao Longnu nodded, and then drove away.

Not long after Chu Ming and others left, a graceful figure slowly appeared here!

I saw that it was a A beautiful young woman!

Wearing a long red gauze dress, the gauze skirt flutters in the breeze, revealing a lightness and agility!!

And under the gauze skirt, a large area of fair skin is exposed, with a slender waist. Like a willow tree. , so graceful and graceful!

Under a pair of eyes that are as bright as stars, there is a trace of magical charm!!

If Chu Ming comes here again, he will definitely recognize the identity of this woman!

She is the saint of Yingui Sect, Wan string together!


"This is Yuwen Clan’s Black Armor Cavalry!!"

Wanwan looked at the corpse on the ground, her beautiful eyes flashing with meaning.

"Haha...the people from Cihang Jingzhai are really chasing after me!!"

Wanwan's eyes murmured, and a flash of light burst out.

Immediately, the figure flashed



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