"But my Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques are better than Song Que's, and I have reached the realm of transformation. Today, I will let you Yu Wenhua understand clearly that it is your honor to die under Chu's sword. Chu's sword will never Kill the unknown people!!"

Chu Ming glanced at Yu Wenhuaji coldly. At this moment, Yu Wenhuaji was seriously injured by his own knife. He was already at the end of his strength!

"I have a few more questions. What is your relationship with Song Que in the Sui Dynasty? And I just saw that your sword skills are superb. If I guessed correctly, you were the one who killed the stone dragon. I am afraid that the Secret of Immortality has already fallen into your hands, right?"Yu Wenhua looked at Chu Ming curiously and asked.

He had just fought with Chu Ming, and the sword aura felt a little familiar to him. He soon thought that the same sword aura remained on Shilong's corpse.

"You have too many questions, but one thing you said is right. You, Yu Wenhuaji, will undoubtedly die today. I might as well tell you that I did kill Shilong, and the longevity secret you covet is also in Chu's hands.."

Chu Ming put his hands behind his back, his expression indifferent, and then his eyes burst out with an extremely cold light, and he said coldly:"Okay! Yu Wenhuaji, suffer death!!"

"Chu Ming, you are too conceited. Do you think that I, Yu Wenhuaji, only have this level of strength? You really underestimate me."Yu Wenhuaji smiled coldly when he heard this, and suddenly a terrifying and majestic ice energy suddenly burst out from Yu Wenhuaji's body.

As his hands moved.


A violent phantom of a tiger. Condensed in the mid-air, the sound of roaring tigers in the mountains and forests resounded throughout the sky.

And this is not over yet. Above the huge shadow of the tiger, an ice dragon of hundreds of meters is hovering.


The roar of the dragon roared, and the entire space could not help but ripple.

For a moment, tigers roared and dragons roared, deafening and deafening!!

713"Xuan Bing Jin, Ice Tiger and Cold Dragon!"

Yu Wenhuaji's eyes were gloomy, and wisps of murderous intent suddenly erupted from his pupils.

Yu Wenhuaji is extremely confident in this move!!

After all, he had used this unique technique to powerfully kill a strong man who was two levels higher than him. From Yu Wenhuaji's point of view, even if he couldn't kill Chu Ming, he could still take the opportunity to escape. As long as he didn't die today, he would definitely have a chance in the future. Seek revenge from Chu Ming!!

"snort......Kill me!"

Chu Ming's pupils were cold, and the next moment a purple sword light with unparalleled sharpness and unparalleled killing power burst out from the tiger soul sword.


The sword light swelled in the wind and quickly turned into a bright purple sword light hundreds of meters long, with terrifying purple thunder and lightning power wrapped in it!!

"This, the power of this sword is even more terrifying than the Eight Heavenly Sword Jue before! This Chu Ming's strength is really terrifying!!"

Yu Wenhuaji looked at Chu Ming's sword flash in shock.

Facing this sword force, he felt as if he was facing the abyss of death, desperate and helpless!

Boom! Boom! Boom!


In an instant, purple The sword light slashed down with a bang.

The two forces intertwined and collided in the void... But it was just a blow, and there was a sound of breaking ice.

"not good! How can this be!"

Yu Wenhua couldn't believe it. At this moment, his eyes were full of fear.

His strongest blow of Xuan Bing Jin was as weak as paper under the power of Chu Ming's purple sword light!!


At this moment, the idea of escape suddenly emerged in Yu Wenhuaji's mind!

As long as he escapes today, it will not be too late to seek revenge from Chu Ming in the future!!

A gentleman's revenge will not last ten years.


Yu Wenhuaji (babh) quickly urged The only true energy left in the body wants to escape from this place

"Haha... if you want to escape, it's not that simple! Kill it for me!"

Chu Ming's eyes were cold, and a flash of extreme murderous intent suddenly rose into the sky.

Of course, he had already known Yu Wenhua's thoughts!

Take one step.

The demon took eight steps, and his figure instantly appeared in Yu Wenhua like a ghost. in front of my eyes

"This, this... Chu Ming, you can't kill me! I am the head of the Yuwen clan, the four great clans of the Sui Dynasty. If you let me go today, I, Yu Wenji, can grant you whatever you want."

Yu Wenhuaji saw Chu Ming.

Especially when he saw those terrifying and murderous eyes, he was completely frightened at this moment!

His body trembled, and even his voice became trembling!!

"Huh... Now I know how to beg for mercy! I'm afraid you, Yuwen Clan, can't give Chu what he wants."

Chu Ming raised the corners of his mouth, revealing a playful arc, and spoke calmly.

"Chu Ming, just ask, I, Yuwen Clan, is one of the four great clans of the Sui Dynasty, there is nothing I can't do!"

Yu Wenhuaji felt relieved when he heard this. As long as he can survive now, everything is worth it.

As for Chu Ming's conditions... Whether he can do it or not is not up to him!!

"I want this Sui Dynasty. Can you, Yu Wenji, give it to Chu?"

"Chu wants your head, can you give it to me?"

"Yu Wenji, Chu knows very well what plans you have in mind at this moment."

"Today, you Yu Wenji have only one word: death!!"

Chu Ming looked at Yu Wenhuaji with an indifferent expression.

If Yu Wenhuaji is let go today, Chu Ming believes that with this person's character, he will definitely take revenge!!

Chu Ming will not leave any trouble for himself. The words fell apart.

The terrifying killing blade burst out


Faced with this sudden scene, before Yu Wenhuaji could react, he was directly killed by the sword and turned into a ball of blood mist!

Since then, Yu Wenhuaji, the leader of the four great clans of the Sui Dynasty, the Yuwen clan, has fallen!

And just when Chu Minggang killed Yu Wenhuaji, the system panel also changed!

【Ding! Congratulations to the host for killing the mid-stage Grand Master, Yu Wenhuaji, with 000 luck points!! 】

As the system sound sounded, Chu Ming suddenly discovered that in the task column of the attribute panel, there was a change in killing ten Sons of Luck!

There are only seven sons of destiny left!

He killed Pang Ban and Fang Yeyu before, and now he killed Yu Wenhuaji!!

Even Chu Ming didn't expect that Yu Wenhuaji could be considered a lucky person.

But after thinking about it carefully, Chu Ming figured it out. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Yu Wenhuaji is also a mid-level master of the Grand Master. His black ice power can be said to be at its peak, as pure as fire!

What's more, he was the leader of the Yuwen clan, the four great clans of the Sui Dynasty!!

It makes sense to be blessed with luck.

If this is the case, Chu Ming will kill many powerful men who are blessed with luck!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!…[]

At this time, the tiger sword in Chu Ming's hand suddenly shone brightly and made a crisp sound of the sword!!

Immediately afterwards, a bright sword light shot into the sky, and all the blood on the sword disappeared!

The blade trembled and strangled a void directly!!

"This is devouring flesh and blood!"

Chu Ming said solemnly.

The tiger soul sword, this sword can swallow the powerful essence of flesh and blood, and has been improved!

Obviously... just when Chu Ming killed Yu Wenhuaji, the tiger soul sword swallowed the latter's flesh and blood essence at the same time!!

"Young Master!"

Seeing Chu Ming's figure slowly settling down, Huang Xuemei stepped forward to greet him.

"Brother Chu, she’s awake!"

Xiao Longnu spoke.

Fu Junma looked at Chu Ming, Huang Xuemei, and Xiao Longnu in front of her.

Especially when she saw Chu Ming, her beautiful eyes were filled with vigilance and she said:

"Sir, thank you for your help! If I have the chance, I will definitely repay Young Master for your great kindness today!"

"Oh...he's gone so quickly! Fu Junma!"

Chu Ming looked at Fu Junma with a cold expression and slowly said her name.

Hearing this, Fu Junma's eyes were surprised:"Who are you, and you actually know my identity?!"

She entered the martial arts world in the Central Plains under a pseudonym, and few people knew her name.

But the young man in green shirt in front of her said her name accurately and directly.


Fu Junma looked alert.

She wanted to use her true energy, but found that she could not do it for the time being!!

Seeing this, Chu Ming slowly spoke again:"Fu Junma, this is how you treat the benefactor who saved you. If Chu hadn't taken action, I'm afraid you would have been captured by Yu Wenhuaji, or... you Koreans are all like this." So calculating and so ignorant!"

While speaking, Chu Ming looked at Fu Junma with cold eyes:

"alright! No need to pretend. You must have woken up when Chu fought with Yu Wenhuaji before. You were chased by Yu Wenhuaji earlier and deliberately led him here. He wanted to use us to hold Yu Wenhuaji down. If not The enemy can also take the opportunity to escape, but it's a pity that you didn't expect that Yu Wenhuaji met me, Chu Ming!!"

When Fu Junma heard Chu Ming's words, her expression was complicated, and her pupils suddenly shrank, showing surprise.

At this moment, she was shocked and horrified!!

Fu Junma did not expect that what she was thinking at that time was directly stated by Chu Ming.

Indeed, it was That's it!

Fu Junma's original plan was to use Chu Ming and others.

But he didn't expect that he shot himself in the foot this time!

Yu Wenhuaji, who was in the middle stage of the Grand Master, was easily killed by the young man in green shirt in front of him. Kill.

Now she is in her prime, and she thinks she is no match for Chu Ming.

"Haha... It seems that I was right. I didn't expect that the apprentice of Goryeo Yijian Master Cai Lin would be so scheming!!"

Seeing the change in Fu Junma's face, Chu Ming couldn't help but sneered.

The little dragon girl on the side immediately reacted and looked at Fu Junma.

Even if the little dragon girl was not familiar with the world, she could still see it.

"Don't insult my master. Now that I'm in your hands, I, Fu Junma, will be in bad luck. If you want to kill or behead me, it's up to you!"

Fu Junma said coldly, and then said curiously:

"But I have a question before I die. Who are you to know so much about me?"

"Chu Ming!"

"As for how I know about you, is it difficult?"

"Yu Wenji mentioned that the female assassin of Goryeo, and the Sui Dynasty conquered Goryeo three times, plus the sword in your hand……"

Chu Ming spoke calmly

"I see!"

Fu Junma suddenly realized it, then showed a decisive look and raised her head.

"alright! If you want to kill, kill!!"

"Haha... I won't kill you, but I won't let you go easily. I'll keep you for some use in the future, so take it!"

While speaking, a pill appeared out of thin air in Chu Ming's hand.



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