"Who are you?"

Yu Wenhuaji looked at Chu Ming coldly and asked sternly.

The speed of Chu Ming's pointing force just now was so fast that even he, as a grand master, couldn't see it clearly. Yu Wenhuaji couldn't help but become curious. The identity of Chu Ming in front of me

"Chu Ming!"

Chu Ming put his hands behind his back, looked calm, and spoke slowly.

"Chu Ming?....You are Chu Ming!"

When Yu Wenhuaji heard this, his eyes pondered for a moment, his voice was horrified, and then he looked at Chu Ming with horrified eyes.

Chu Ming's name has been widely spread in the world recently, and it is in the limelight. Yu Wenhuaji has certainly heard about it. , but I didn’t expect to meet this son in the Great Sui Dynasty!

In Xiangyang City, he defeated the powerful Tantric Grand Master Jinlun Dharma King and a group of Mongolian masters with the master level. In the end, he was the strongest fighting force among the land gods. In the battle with Pang Ban, the magician at the peak of the Grand Master, it is said that he was knocked back hundreds of meters away from Pang Ban, and finally escaped from Pang Ban unscathed.

In the Ming Dynasty, he even powerfully killed the Iron Dan God Marquis of Dragon Protection Villa. Zhu Mingwu, and Zhu Mingwu is also a strong master!!

These achievements all illustrate Chu Ming's monstrous combat power! For a moment, Yu Wenhuaji felt timid.

His strength was the same as Zhu Mingwu's There was not much difference. Even Zhu Wuwu could be easily killed by this guy, so what the heck was Yu Wenhuaji.

At this moment, Yu Wenhuaji thought of what Chu Ming had said before, and he was indeed like a bastard in front of him. , ant! But at this moment, the arrow is already on the string. If he leaves in such a dejected manner, he will definitely be laughed at by other sects and countless people if word spreads!

I don’t think he is so dignified and civilized, but a powerful grandmaster is being killed by a If a boy of sixteen or seventeen is scared away, he will undoubtedly become a joke to the entire Sui Dynasty. This is something Yu Wenhuaji cannot accept.

"It turns out that he is Mr. Chu. I, Yu Wenji, am the head of the Yuwen Clan. I have admired Mr. Chu for a long time. Mr. Chu’s name has been resounding throughout China recently!.!"

Immediately, Yu Wenhuaji cupped his hands and clasped his fists, and quickly smiled at Chu Ming and said

"hehe.....Really interesting!"

Chu Ming smiled lightly and continued:

"Unexpectedly, the great leader of the Yuwen Clan in the Sui Dynasty was also so hypocritical and cowardly, greedy for life and afraid of death.

Chu Ming naturally knew what Yu Wenhua was thinking in his heart.

"Mr. Chu, you misunderstood! This person is a Korean female assassin. I came here to capture this woman on the order of Emperor Sui."

Yu Wenhuaji handed over his hand and said with a smile:"Master Chu, if you can give me some face and hand over this Korean female assassin to me, I, Yu Wenhua, will be very grateful. I owe you a favor to Master Chu!"!"

"oh! ridiculous.....Yu Wenhuaji, you are really good at joking. How can you, Yu Wenhua, have any face in front of me, Chu Ming? I will really put gold on your Yu Wenhuaji’s face."

Chu Ming couldn't help but sneer after hearing this.

"Mr. Chu, you.......If so, then let me know whether you are as powerful as the rumors say, it's scary!"Yu Wenhuaji was furious when he heard Chu Ming's words.

He had never been treated with such contempt!!

The Yuwen Clan could be said to be the only one in the Sui Dynasty, even among the other four great clans.!

But now he is trampled down by Chu Ming and is worthless.

Yu Wenhuaji can't bear this tone. Even if Chu Ming is so talented, what can he do? Yu Wenhuaji's strength is also good, and there is a group of battle-hardened people behind him. , the black-armored cavalry condensed with overwhelming killing power formed a large formation, I believe they still can’t deal with Chu Ming!!

"oh.....Then give it a try!"

With that said, Chu Ming took a step forward, and suddenly a huge pit appeared on the ground, and the entire space began to fluctuate and become distorted. Upon seeing this, Yu Wenhuaji's pupils suddenly shrank, but at this moment the two sides were completely torn apart. His face was tense, and he had no choice but to take action. He immediately said sharply to the heavily armored black armored cavalry behind him:"Hang on, let's attack the formation!"



In an instant, the heavy black armor cavalry surrounded Chu Ming, and the sound of killing echoed throughout the sky! When

Huang Xuemei and Xiao Longnu saw this scene, they glanced at the heavy black armor cavalry with indifference. , that look is like looking at a group of fish and ants!

Maybe the army is attacking in a large formation, condensing the monstrous murderous intention, killing the enemy on the battlefield, it can kill hundreds of enemies, thousands of enemies.

But in front of the strong master, it is vulnerable


Chu Ming snorted coldly, looked sharply, turned his right hand, and the Tiger Soul Saber fell into his hand.

".cut!"(To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

With a sharp shout, a dozens of feet of golden sword light with unparalleled sharpness and killing power condensed out. As the sword light fell, there was a void. Immediately shattered and destroyed, the originally condensed military formation collapsed in an instant, and streams of blood spilled into the sky.

The screams continued!!

This was not over yet, the power of the sword light did not diminish at all, and it immediately moved towards Yu Wenhua Ji blasted away.

Seeing this,

Yu Wenhuaji immediately activated the power of true energy in his body, and unleashed a powerful force of ice profound energy.[]

The energy of the ice mysterious energy surged in the wind, turning into a giant ice dragon that was hundreds of meters tall. boom!...

The sword light and the ice dragon intersected in the void, and a burst of clashing sounds suddenly burst out. At the moment of contact, accompanied by a smashing sound, the ice dragon was struck by the sharp and terrifying The sword light was cut off directly, and an empty bar was instantly dissipated.

"not good! Black Ice Shield!"

Yu Wenhuaji quickly used Xuan Bing Zhenqi, and in the blink of an eye he formed a huge ice shield (Li Nuo's) in front of him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The unparalleled killing sword light blasted down, directly hitting Xuan Bing. The ice shield was smashed, and Yu Wenhuaji was injured by the sword light, flying hundreds of meters away. The surrounding trees were directly broken by the impact of Yu Wenhuaji's body, and sawdust flew across the mouth. blood spilled

"This, this is.....Eight Heavenly Sword Jue! wrong......There is such a terrifying sword power!!"

When the dust and smoke dissipated, Yu Wenhuaji slowly stood up and stabilized his figure. His eyes were full of shock and horror. The sword that Chu Ming struck just now was slightly different from the Eight Heavenly Swordsmanship of Song Que's Heavenly Saber. But it is far superior to the Eight Heavenly Sword Jue

"oh! Yu Wenhuaji, you guessed it right, this sword technique is Song Que's Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques, but........"

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