Not long after Chu Ming and others left, a group of cavalry wearing black armor appeared at the Shilong Dojo.

The leader is a man with a majestic figure, slender hands and feet, an ancient face, a cold expression, and a pair of deep and unpredictable eyes, which gives people a cold and ruthless impression, but he also has a shocking and domineering character in his heart. Young man!

If Chu Ming were present, he would definitely be able to recognize this middle-aged man. It was none other than Yu Wenji of the Yuwen Clan!

At this moment, Yu Wenhuaji looked at the Shilong Dojo in front of him, with a coldness in his eyes,"It seems that the secret of longevity has been discovered first.""

"Sir, I found Shilong's body, but......"

At this time, a Xuanjia soldier reported to Yu Wenhuaji

"Just what? Why are you so hesitant!!"

Yu Wenhua and blame

""Zero Sixty-Seven""Sir, Shilong's body was directly split in half. The death was extremely tragic!""


Yu Wenhuaji looked surprised. Then he came to the room where Shilong's body was. He just glanced at the body. His eyes were suddenly startled and his expression was complicated.

Others couldn't tell, but he could see it at a glance.

Shilong's body was The incision was very smooth, as if the opponent had killed him with one knife. The knife was so fast and fierce that there was even a powerful and terrifying knife light bursting out from the corpse.

"interesting! There are not many people in the Sui Dynasty who can achieve such terrifying sword skills. Is it the Song clan?!"Yu Wenhua and pondered, looking at Shilong's body, even though Shilong was dead, he could still feel a terrifying and majestic sword intent coming from him.

And in the entire Sui Dynasty, there could be such a way of swordsmanship There are only a handful of accomplished people, and apart from Ba Dao Yueshan, there is only Song Que, a powerful figure in the Song Dynasty!

"Song clan!...."

Yu Wenhua and Shen Dao.

He immediately got on his horse and said to a group of black armor cavalry:"Chase! Chase me, this person must not have gone far.""


All the black armored cavalry nodded.

On the other side, Chu Ming, who was involved, did not know everything that happened in the Shilong Dojo after he left, but even if he knew, it didn't matter! With his current cultivation and combat skills, With his strength, a small Yu Huanji is not his opponent, even if it is a black armor cavalry, he can kill it with one sword!

What's more, today Chu Ming is not only one person, but also has Huang Xuemei, a land god A strong person in the early stage. Of course, during this period, Xiao Longnu's cultivation level has also made breakthroughs. With the help of Chu Ming, she has entered the early stage of Grand Master!

With Chu Ming's current lineup, I am afraid that it is enough to roam the land of China. Huang Xuemei, a powerful land god, can overwhelm many powerful people!!

At this moment, in the carriage,

Chu Ming carefully looked at the golden thread armor in his hand. There were many things like runes on it, but this thing was not suitable for For him, there was no pressure, and he immediately activated the power of true energy. The majestic power of true energy surged, and the golden thread armor suddenly shone brightly, and the runes on it even emerged!

Without hesitation, Chu Ming sat cross-legged, using his mind to circulate around his body. The next moment, golden runes poured into his eyebrows like living things. It was the content of the Immortality Secret!!


The reason why heaven and earth can be long-lasting is because they do not generate themselves, so they can live forever.

Therefore, the sage follows his body and comes first; his body is outside and his body exists.

Isn’t it because of his selflessness? Therefore, it can be done privately....."

"It is indeed one of the four great wonders of the world, The Secret of Immortality!"

"yes! It’s so mysterious!"

"I didn’t expect that the longevity secret that no one had cracked could be cracked by the young master so easily!!"

Huang Xuemei and Xiao Longnu on the side couldn't help but marvel when they saw this scene. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!) This was the first time for the two of them to see this scene!


Chu Ming opened his eyes. Opening his eyes, his eyes were full of energy. I have to say, the mystery of the Immortality Art!

He was not in a hurry to integrate the Immortality Art.

But just after a casual epiphany, Chu Ming felt countless spiritual energy from the world around him. Showing the momentum of the heavenly movement, it flows into every part of his body to nourish himself!!

"You two can also try to understand the secret of longevity!"

Chu Ming said to Huang Xuemei and Xiao Longnu:"Everyone's understanding of the Secret of Immortality is different. Maybe it will be a big improvement for you!"

After all, this Immortality Art is rumored to have been created by Guangchengzi, the teacher of the ancient emperor, and it contains the Great Way of Heaven and Earth!

Logically speaking, the cultivation of the Immortality Art requires people without any internal strength to practice it. However, after Chu Ming obtained the Immortality Art, Using system analysis to improve the longevity formula, even if internal force is used, there is no conflict between the two!!


The two women nodded.

They immediately sat cross-legged.

Begin to understand the secret of longevity.

Time passes quickly.

An hour later.

Huang Xuemei and Xiao Longnu slowly opened their eyes, and an ultimate divine light burst out from their eyes. As they opened their eyes, the aura of heaven and earth around them also dissipated.

At the same time, Xiao Longnu's cultivation reached the fourth level of Grand Master!

Although Huang Xuemei's cultivation level has not improved, her aura is obviously much more powerful than before.

"Brother Chu, this longevity secret is really mysterious. It only took me an hour of enlightenment to make the innate true power in my body much more powerful, and I reached the middle stage of the Grand Master in one fell swoop!!"

"yes! Young Master, I feel the same way. I believe that it won’t be long before my cultivation will improve a lot, and even many bottlenecks in cultivation will be easily broken by the operation of the Immortality Art."

Hearing this, Chu Ming said with a smile:"This is not the complete 1.4 Life Secret. If it is the complete Longevity Secret, I am afraid the improvement will be faster! But the speed at which you two are practicing is terrifying enough. If word spreads, countless people’s jaws will definitely be shocked!!"

"What, this is not the complete secret of longevity?"

Little Dragon Girl clicked her lips and said in surprise.

It was hard for her to imagine how terrifying the speed of practicing the full version of the Immortality Art would be!

At this moment, Xiao Longnu felt like she was in a dream!

A few months ago, Her cultivation level is only at the level of a grandmaster, but with the help of Chu Ming, her cultivation level has directly broken through to the grand master level!!

"alright! Now that both of you have gained something, there are still important things to do next."........

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