"It doesn't matter, even if Meng Chixing comes, he won't be afraid at all!"

Chu Ming looked indifferent, picked up the wine on the table, sipped it slowly, and then spoke, with no emotion in his eyes. Chu Ming and Huang Xuemei went out before, and soon after, there was news of the magician Pang Ban. After she died in Yingfeng Gorge, Xiao Longnu immediately noticed something.

And Chu Ming did not hide it, and naturally admitted that the death of magician Pang Ban was related to him!!

However, Xiao Longnu did not tell anyone about this, even to Yang Guo Not a word was mentioned in front of him.

At first, when Xiao Longnu heard from Chu Ming that Pang Ban was killed by him, her expression was shocked, and her beautiful eyes were horrified. Although Xiao Longnu knew that Chu Ming was powerful and terrifying, But he didn't expect that even Pang Ban, a strong man at the top of the sect, was no match for him.

That day, in Xiangyang City, Chu Ming was far from his opponent when facing Pang Ban. But now, in just a few months, the famous man in China's world The old grand master and the most powerful magician Pang Ban was killed by Chu Ming!!

If anyone heard this news, it would be unbelievable and unbelievable 223.

But now, the Meng Yuan Dynasty is hiding in the world. The demon sect Meng Chixing reappeared in the world. This man was Pang Ban’s master and had suppressed several strong men. In Xiao Longnu’s view, he must have come to avenge Pang Ban.

So she couldn’t help but feel a little worried. Chu Ming!!

"Long'er, don't worry, don't worry."

Chu Ming held Xiao Longnu's jade hand and gave her a reassuring look. He could see the worry on Xiao Longnu's pretty face at this moment, and couldn't help but feel warm in his heart. During this period of time with Xiao Longnu, the two of them The relationship instantly heated up

"Brother Chu, if Meng Chixing really takes action, Long'er will definitely take action to protect you, Brother Chu!!"

Xiao Longnu spoke, with an awe-inspiring look in her beautiful eyes.

"hehe.....It doesn't matter if I hide behind you."

Chu Ming looked at Xiao Longnu and said with a smile.

"If Meng Chixing really dares to cause trouble for the young master, he must first ask if the Heavenly Demon Qin in my hand will agree."At this time, Huang Xuemei's beautiful eyes fell on the Tianmo Qin held in her arms. Since she came to this world, she already knew the background and memories of this world, so when she heard about Meng Chixing, she didn't know anything about it. No stranger.

So what if she is a powerful land immortal?

She, Huang Xuemei, is not afraid at all!!

It’s not like she has never encountered a powerful enemy before, not to mention that Huang Xuemei has a faint feeling of breakthrough, landing in the land of land gods!!

"Young Master, I'm afraid I'm going to have a breakthrough today."

Huang Xuemei said

"This is a good thing, you can rest assured and make a breakthrough, I will protect you."

Chu Ming nodded.

"Sister Xuemei, you are about to make a breakthrough, congratulations!"The little dragon girl on the side heard this and quickly said to Huang Xuemei. During this period of time, she also understood Huang Xuemei's cultivation level.

He is a powerful master at the peak of the Grand Master!

And this breakthrough is to set foot in the realm of land gods!!

In the realm of terrestrial gods, it can be said that they are enough to look down on the world of China, and they can be called top powerhouses. Each of them is undoubtedly not rare.

If it were before, the little dragon girl might be shocked and horrified. Huang Xuemei looks similar to her in age, but her cultivation level is already She has surpassed her too much, and after getting to know her during this period, Huang Xuemei gave her (bdab) too many shocks, and Xiao Longnu had already become numb.

There was no way! Comparing people to each other is infuriating!

"Thanks! Sister Longer!"

During this period of getting along, Huang Xuemei and Xiao Longnv have already gotten along as sisters.

Chu Ming looked at the two of them and couldn't help but raise a meaningful smile on his lips.

Yang Guo, who was silent on the side, looked at it for a while, and said to himself This future uncle couldn't help but give a thumbs up in his heart, this is.....What a man!!

While a few people were talking, in addition to the news about Meng Chixing's return to the world, there was another news that aroused Chu Ming's interest.

"The secret to longevity?"

Chu Ming's eyes were deep in thought.

Listening to the discussions of the people around him, he had a rough guess in his mind.

At this moment, it is obvious that Gao Zhong and Xu Ziling have not obtained the secret of longevity. They are just gangsters from Yangzhou City and have not met each other. Fu Junma!!

Chu Ming is very interested in the Secret of Immortality.

It is rumored that the Secret of Immortality was written by Guangchengzi, the teacher of the ancient emperor. Together with the Illustrated Book of the God of War, the Cihang Sword Code, and the Heavenly Demon Ce, they are also known as the four great books of the contemporary martial arts.!!

Only by themselves, Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling have risen from little-known street gangsters to the top martial arts masters in the world, which is enough to prove the power of the Immortality Art!!

And Chu Ming knows that the Immortality Art is powerful It is divided into seven pictures. Different training pictures have different effects. Kou Zhong practiced the sixth picture, which is mainly about movement. Xu Ziling practiced the seventh picture, which is mainly about stillness. This also led to The two people's innate temperament is hot and cold, yang and yin!!


Chu Ming said quietly.

This place is not far from the Sui Dynasty, so he can go to the Sui Jianghu to have a look!!

He also wants to learn the Eight Heavenly Sword Jue of the Sui and Song lord Song Que!!

Take a look at these two Who is better in the eight swords of heaven?

"Walk! Enter the Sui Dynasty!"

Chu Ming spoke slowly.

He has decided on the Secret of Immortality.

Others don't know the whereabouts of the Secret of Immortality, but Chu Ming knows it very well.

If his guess is correct, the Secret of Immortality is now in the hands of Shilong of Shilong Dojo!!

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