The other side.

Mongolian and Yuan Dynasty, inside the imperial capital

"What did you say! How is this possible? The magician Pang Ban was actually beheaded in Daming Yingfeng Gorge."

In the main hall, a middle-aged man wearing a yellow robe, with a majestic figure and as tall as a pine tree, heard the news. He couldn't help but trembled. His eyes were full of disbelief and shock, and then he looked at the main hall with complicated eyes. There were two other people inside.

I saw two more people at the bottom of the hall.

One of them was wearing a red cassock, with a white and rosy complexion. He had a handsome face, an almost demonic masculine charm, and his eyes were shining brightly. Appearing and disappearing, looking straight into the heart of the person, the heaven is vast, and standing there has a sense of being otherworldly.

This person is none other than Bashiba, one of the three masters of the Meng Yuan Dynasty!

As for the The other person has a strange and majestic figure. Even standing here, he gives people a strong spiritual pressure at all times, just like a true god! This person is the master of the magician Pang Ban, also known as Mo Zongmeng. Red line!!

And the middle-aged man in yellow robe is the current leader of the Meng Yuan Dynasty, Emperor Kublai Khan of Meng!!

"This, how is this possible?"As Pang Ban's master, Meng Chixing also looked in disbelief when he heard this. He knew very well about Pang Ban's strength. Even when he was at Pang Ban's age, his martial arts cultivation and achievements were far behind. Not as good as that.

Moreover, Pang Ban is a peerless talent that he has rarely encountered in thousands of years. In just a few decades, he has mastered the most obscure and supreme technique in the"Tian Mo Strategy" - the Daoxin Demon Cultivation Technique.!!

Pang Ban came out of seclusion this time with the intention of challenging the powerful men in the Central Plains, but he did not expect that he would now die in Yingfeng Gorge, and no one knew the identity of the person he killed!!

"Could it be that a strong land god was born in the martial arts world of the Central Plains?!"Meng Chixing's eyes pondered. Pang Ban is a powerful person at the pinnacle of the Grand Master. He can be called the strongest fighting force among the land gods. Anyone who comes here can easily kill Pang Ban. In Meng Chixing's view, he is only the strongest person above the land gods. By

"It would be interesting if a strong land immortal was born! This time has indeed caused great losses to our Meng Yuan Dynasty. In the previous battle at Xiangyang City, our Meng Yuan Dynasty lost many strong men. Even the powerful master of Tantric Buddhism, King Jinlun, was killed by a man named Chu Ming. Killed by a young man, Pang Ban is now defeated in the Central Plains Wulin. In this Central Plains Wulin, there are really many strong men and geniuses!!"

Thinking about it, Emperor Meng Kublai Khan's eyes were as gloomy as water, and he sighed, and then said solemnly:"Should our Meng Yuan Dynasty stop here? When can our Meng Yuan cavalry go south and complete the goal of unifying the land of China!!"


"Your Majesty, don't worry! Sooner or later, we will definitely be able to accomplish His Majesty's grand goal and unify China."

As a national preceptor, Ba Shiba clasped his hands together, and a bright light burst out from his eyes.

"Your Majesty, Pang Ban is dead now, and his death is unknown. Please allow me to go to the Ming Dynasty Jianghu to find out what happened. I haven't been out of the Jianghu for a long time. It just so happens that I can stretch my muscles this time, lest the Chinese world forgets about me, Demon Sect Meng. Red line."Meng Chixing said


Kublai Khan nodded when he heard the words, with a gleam of light in his eyes, and looked at Meng Chidao:"I can rest assured that the teacher will take action!"

He knows very well about Meng Chixing!

As an imperial master!

Meng Chixing can be said to have contributed a lot to the establishment of the Meng Yuan Dynasty!

Back then, his strength was already impressive and extremely powerful!

Now he is even a powerful land god. , in the eyes of the Meng Yuan Dynasty, both in the army and in the eyes of all the martial arts masters, he was a true god!!

It’s a pity that since the battle with Chuan Ying, the two sides fought for seven days and seven nights, with no outcome, and finally ended in a draw. Since then, After that, Meng Chixing did not leave the world!!

Now that he heard that Meng Chixing returned to the world, Kublai Khan, as the Emperor of Meng, was naturally happy.

Time passed by in a hurry, and several days had passed unknowingly.

And during this period At that time, since the news of the death of the magician Pang Ban came out, all the people from the Jianghu who originally came to Dongting Lake to watch the battle on Baijiang Island, and the powerful sects of all the forces, after learning the news, left Dongting Lake one after another.!!

They themselves came for this battle, but now that Pang Ban has died, naturally the battle to block the river will no longer exist!!

Many heroes in the world felt pity for it. They originally thought they could witness the strongest among the land gods. The battle between the two combatants led to an epiphany and breakthrough... I didn't expect it to be like this in the end.

However, it was a pity that Lang Fanyun and Pang Ban were not able to fight, but the death of the magician Pang Ban was a pity for them. For the Central Plains martial arts community, this is a good thing!!

".It seems that master and apprentice Li Ruohai did not reveal what happened in Yingfeng Gorge that day. This is better and saves a lot of trouble."

At this moment, in an inn, Chu Ming couldn't help but said in a deep voice while listening to the chatter of the people around him.


"Unexpectedly, he would lead to the peerless powerful man from the Meng Yuan Dynasty!!"

Chu Ming's eyes were awe-inspiring. He didn't expect that the Meng Yuan Dynasty would actually send the Demon Sect Meng Chixing.

But when he thought about it carefully, everything made sense!

Who is Meng Chixing? (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu novels Net!)

Chu Ming has heard about Meng Chixing for a long time!

This man is the master of the magician Pang Ban.

He is also the teacher of the current Meng Emperor Kublai Khan, the emperor of the Meng Yuan Dynasty!!

A long-famous land immortal The strong one.

When Tongchuan Ying fought, dark clouds covered the sky, countless mountain peaks were broken, rivers were cut off, and even the earth was cut into countless long and terrifying ravines!!

That battle was a battle of unprecedented proportions!! (Okay)

But since the war, he has disappeared and has not left the world! Chen!

Now that Meng Chixing has set foot in the world again, it is a little more interesting to Chu Ming!!

Such a strong man, if he can Fighting with him will definitely have a breakthrough in combat power, which is also a pleasure!

Today Chu Ming has many martial arts skills, and his cultivation has broken through to the middle stage of Grand Master. In terms of combat power, he can rival the powerful gods on land. By!

"Brother Chu, the Meng Yuan Dynasty really spent a lot of money. I didn’t expect that even Meng Chixing would come back to the world!"

The little dragon girl on the side naturally heard the discussions of the people around her, and when she heard about Meng Chi's departure, her beautiful eyes were full of horror and shock.

Although the little dragon girl has lived in the Ancient Tomb Sect for a long time, Meng Chi She had heard the name of the business from her ancestor, mother-in-law Lin Chaoying.

"No problem!……"


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