At this time, the other side!

Inside the inn.

After Chu Ming returned to his room, he turned on the system directly

"System, open the sign-in task!"

Chu Ming spoke.

Now he has completed one of his tasks. He signed in for a special person to fight against the magician Pang Ban and completed the sign in front of him. When Chu Ming and Pang Ban fought in Yingfeng Gorge, he He was already thinking about signing in silently!

However, what made Chu Ming curious was that the sign-in reward had not arrived yet.

Then Chu Ming wanted to check the sign-in task and see if it showed that the sign-in was completed.

He found that the sign-in task column had already completed the sign-in.

"System, why haven’t the sign-in rewards arrived yet?"

Chu Ming asked.

At this moment, the system prompt sound suddenly came from Chu Ming's mind.

【Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the sign-in task, signing in for a special character, fighting Pang Ban, and signing in in front of him to obtain the magic tiger sword!!】

【Tiger Soul Sword]: Rumor has it that it is one of the 13 top ten magical weapons. It comes from the mysterious world of magical weapons. This sword can swallow the flesh and blood essence of the opponent!!

"The account finally arrived, and I didn’t expect that this time I would get a magic weapon reward."

Chu Ming heard the sound of the system, and a satisfied smile appeared on his lips.

He had obtained the Daxia Dragon Bird Sword before, and now he had obtained the divine weapon Tiger Soul Sword, and what surprised Chu Ming was that the Tiger Soul Sword could also devour the flesh and blood of his opponent. Essence, strengthen yourself, so that in the future, killing strong men can also invisibly improve your cultivation and combat power!!

Then Chu Ming continued to check other tasks and found that there were changes in killing ten sons of destiny. Now Two children of destiny have been completed, one of them is the magician Pang Ban, and the other is the little magician Fang Yeyu!!

"good! This is one step closer to accomplishing the goal."

Chu Ming was satisfied.

Fang Yeyu was not killed by him, but by Huang Xuemei. Chu Ming did not expect that Fang Yeyu would be included in the mission. In other words, as long as it was his summoned subordinate who completed the killing of the Son of Destiny, he would sign in Tasks can also be accumulated into it!!

This is a bit cool!!

And just when Chu Ming was thinking about it, the system prompt sounded again

"How is this going?"

Chu Ming was stunned.

【Ding! The host completes the system triggering task: kills a great master, the peak powerful magician Pang Ban, for the first time, and obtains the skill reward: Seven Limits of Devouring Heaven and Destroying Earth!!】

【The Ten Limits of Swallowing Heaven and Destroying Earth]: Rumor has it that this technique was inspired by Chi You's witnessing the powerful destructive power derived from natural disasters and earthly disasters, and created a set of earth-shattering sword skills called"Seven Limits".

This technique is divided into heaven, Earth, fire, ice, wind, mountains, and sea, each possesses the infinite power of nature.

The momentum shakes the world and dominates the sky.

When combined with the tiger's soul, it is like a natural disaster coming, all life is extinguished, and gods and Buddhas are shocked!

"This this.....What an unexpected surprise!"

Chu Ming looked happy when he heard the rewards from the system.

He didn't expect to get additional rewards for killing Pang Ban. After all, he got a lot of luck points by killing Pang Ban before, and now he also got extra skills. How could Chu Ming not be surprised by the seven-limit reward of Devouring Heaven and Destroying Earth.

This wave of rewards from the system is really great!

Now for the sign-in task, one of them only needs to go to Dongting Lake to sign in at Banjiang Island. For Chu Ming, For Chu Ming, this task can be said to be a piece of cake.

Chu Ming immediately opened the door and left, preparing to leave for Dongting Lake to sign in at Banjiang Island.

As he thought about it, his figure flashed, and with one step, he had already crossed thousands of meters away!!


As Chu Ming's figure fell, he appeared on the Dongting Lake River Island. Looking at the lake at this moment, Chu Ming said directly to the system:

"System, sign in completed!"

The next moment, the system prompt sounded again.

【Ding! Complete the check-in task on Dongting Lake's Banjiang Island and receive a reward: a ten-year Xianyuan Pill!! 】

Looking at the rewards in the system, as Chu Ming expected, the rewards this time were quite different!!

But for Chu Ming, it was better than nothing! (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

After all, this sign-in task is not very difficult, and naturally the rewards will not be particularly generous.

"alright! It’s time to leave this place next."

Chu Ming looked thoughtful.

This time, his purpose of coming to Dongting Lake has been achieved. He completed the unfinished battle in Xiangyang City before and powerfully killed the magician Pang Ban!!

"Now that Pang Ban has been killed by me in advance, I am afraid that when the full moon comes to block the river and fight, countless heroes and powerful forces from all sides will be disappointed!"Chu Ming thought.

Now that he has completed signing in, it's over now, and Chu Ming has no intention of staying any longer. So he took a step forward and headed towards the inn in a flash. This time in the battle with Pang Ban, Chu Ming Ming had an epiphany, and he was going back to the inn to digest the enlightenment in his heart!!

The next day!

The news of the fall of the magician Pang Ban in Yingfeng Gorge spread across the entire Ming Dynasty with lightning speed the next day, even in just a few days. The news spread throughout the world of China.

At this time, within the Nujiao Gang


"The magician Pang Ban died and fell into Yingfeng Gorge. What on earth is going on?"

Lang Fanyun, who was wiping the Rain-Covering Sword in the hall, heard the news, his face was shocked, his pupils were dilated, and he looked in disbelief. At the same time, he was also shocked and curious!!

Pang Ban is an old grand master at the peak of his powers. , can be called the most powerful fighting being among the land gods. Even if he fights Pang Ban, he is not completely sure of winning, let alone killing Pang Ban.

But now he was killed by a mysterious man in Yingfeng Gorge. , the tragic death is simply shocking!

And the person who can kill Pang Ban, thinking about it in Langfanyun, I am afraid that he can only do this 327 if he has ascended to the realm of land gods!!

"Return to the gang leader, my subordinates don’t know!"

The subordinate quickly shook his head.

Lang Fanyun nodded,"Okay! You go down first"

"Brother, this is a good thing. Why do you look so worried? Now that Pang Ban is dead, brother, your fight with Pang Ban across the river will naturally cease to exist."At this time, Guisuo Ling Zhantian on the side spoke.

"You don’t know something. I’m just worried that the magician Pang Ban is the descendant of the Demon Sect Meng Chixing. Meng Chixing was the teacher of Emperor Meng Yuan. Now that Pang Ban has died in the Ming Dynasty, I’m afraid Meng Yuan The dynasty will definitely take this as an opportunity to invade our country, Ming Dynasty. I don’t know how many innocent people will be slaughtered by the war!!"

Lang Fanyun slowly opened his mouth and expressed the worries in his heart.

"Brother, I know you are kind-hearted, but it is not easy for the Meng Yuan Dynasty to invade the Ming Dynasty. It would be better if the Meng Yuan aliens don't come. If they come, I, Ling Zhantian, will definitely let them taste the power of my Guisuo. , there is no return!! Ling

Zhantian's eyes were stern, then he paused and said,"But brother, having said that, I am curious about who killed the magician Pang Ban?"!"

"This is also the doubt in my mind."

Lang Fanyun's eyes pondered, and his voice was full of shock as he said:"I didn't expect that this time we would usher in a powerful land god!"

And on the other side..............

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