at the same time!

As the battle between Chu Ming and Pang Ban came to an end, Huang Xuemei appeared next to Chu Ming for the first time.

"Young Master, with the terrifying fighting prowess you have shown now, if we were to fight, I am afraid that even Xuemei would not be a match for Young Master."Huang Xuemei's beautiful eyes were horrified, and she said to Chu Ming.

Upon hearing this, Chu Ming scratched Huang Xuemei's nose with his fingers, and said with a meaningful smile on the corner of his mouth:

"Xuemei, you little girl is really good at flattering me, but I like it, so let’s go! Now that we have killed the magician Pang Ban, we can leave"

"yes! Young Master!"

Huang Xuemei nodded, and then the two of them left.

Only master and apprentice Li Ruohai were left alone in the wind.

Feng Xinglie's eyes were stern, and at this moment, he had made up his mind.

That was to work harder. Practice!!

And Li Ruohai was so shocked when he saw Chu Ming's figure walking"one four three" and getting further away.

"I'm afraid that after this, with this person's talent, it will only be a long time before he can reach the land of immortals on land. In the future, there may be another being in the world of China who is comparable to the myth of the martial arts!"

Li Ruohai couldn't help but sigh.

A few months ago, Chu Ming was just a strong master in Xiangyang City, but only a few months later, he directly killed the magician Pang Ban, who was at the peak of the grand master's level, and... Even the maid next to Chu Ming was a peak grandmaster! All of this completely shocked Li Ruohai.

Li Ruohai had practiced for decades before he reached the peak of the grandmaster, and whether it was Chu Ming or Huang Xuemei, there was no doubt that they directly pushed him down. He stomped hard on the ground. At such a young age, his cultivation level was no weaker than his!

Thinking about it, Li Ruohai suddenly felt like he had lived like a dog for so many years.

"A mythical existence in the martial arts world?!"

Feng Xinglie heard Li Ruohai's evaluation of Chu Ming, and his eyes were full of horror.

He didn't expect that his master had such a high opinion of Chu Ming.

He was very impressed by the weight represented by the four words"Wulin Myth".

Clearly, looking at the entire world of China, there are very few people who can be called martial arts myths.

Wudang Zhang Sanfeng, Zhang Zhenren, Supreme Grandmaster Ling Donglai, Chuan Ying, who passed down his sword to the world, and so on can be called martial arts myths, even if he is Neither Master Li Ruohai nor Overcoming Rain, Sword, Waves and Clouds can be called martial arts myths.

But now Feng Xinglie heard the evaluation of Chu Ming from his master, and directly said the four words of martial arts myths, which contained a lot of praise for him.

The shock and horror are truly huge!!

"Lie'er, we're leaving too! After returning home this time, my master will have to practice in seclusion and strive to reach the land of immortals as soon as possible!"

Li Ruohai glanced at Feng Xinglie. He knew how much impact these four words had on the latter. As he spoke, his eyes unconsciously looked in the direction where Chu Ming had just disappeared, with determination in his heart.

Feng Xinglie nodded.

So. Master Li Ruohai and his apprentice also left Yingfeng Gorge...!

But at this moment!

On the other side.

In the inn, Xiao Longnu's beautiful eyes looked outside from time to time.

"Auntie, don't worry! With my uncle's strength, I believe nothing will happen, not to mention that Miss Xuemei is following him."Yang Guo sat on the table bored, then looked at Xiao Longnu and said

"Come on, stop talking nonsense! Mr. Chu and I......"

Xiao Longnu scolded her, but before she could finish her words, she saw two familiar figures appearing in front of her.

These two people were Chu Ming and Huang Xuemei who had returned from Yingfeng Gorge!!

"Mr. Chu, Miss Huang.....You are finally back."

Xiao Longnu's originally frowning brows immediately relaxed when she saw the two of them, and she hurriedly walked up.

"Dragon girl!"

"Miss Long, Chu has made you worried."

When Chu Ming saw Xiao Longnu's appearance, he noticed the change in Xiao Longnu's expression and couldn't help but say

"Mr. Chu, it’s okay! Just come back"

"yes! Mr. Chu, it will be good if you come back. I told my aunt a long time ago that you will be fine. If Mr. Chu, if you don't come back, my aunt's eyes will probably see through you."At this time, Yang Guo couldn't help but interjected, looked at Xiao Longnu, then turned his gaze to Chu Ming and said with a smile.

When Chu Ming heard this, he smiled heartily and said to Xiao Longnu:

"Miss Long, no! I'll call you Long'er from now on. It's better. After all, Miss Long is still a bit too raw." (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

"Mr. Chu, just like it!"

Xiao Longnu nodded.

"Long'er, don't call me Mr. Chu from now on. Why don't you just call me Brother Ming, or Brother Chu?"Chu Ming felt a little strange when he heard Xiao Longnu calling him Mr. Chu.


Xiao Longnu was shocked.

Chu Ming was a little younger than her, but Xiao Longnu soon felt relieved, so she lowered her head shyly to Chu Ming and said in a voice as thin as a fly:"Okay! Brother Ming!!"

And just a few people were there. During the conversation, the previous vision of fighting in Yingfeng Gorge attracted the attention of many people in the world and powerful people from all sides.....

Not long after Chu Ming, Li Ruohai and the other four left, figures flashed one after another, heading towards Yingfeng Gorge!

But when they arrived at Yingfeng Gorge, the scene in front of them completely shocked them.

The peaks around Yingfeng Gorge were directly broken, and all kinds of rocks were scattered on the ground. There were terrifying long deep ravines on the ground, like thousands of holes, which made a group of strong people who came after hearing the sound The person immediately shuddered and felt horrified!!

What kind of terrifying battle between powerful men would cause such a terrible scene?!

For a time, countless powerful people couldn't help but wonder

"This is?...."

"Magician Pang Ban, how is this possible?"

"Magician Pangban died here unexpectedly. Could it be that this is where Magician Pangban fought with another peerless powerful man!!"


When all the people in the arena and powerful forces from all sides saw Pang Ban's corpse in the pit, they all looked shocked, their pupils suddenly tightened, and they couldn't believe what they were seeing at this horrific scene!!

At this moment, Pang Ban had already lost the breath of life. He could not die anymore, and his death was miserable. His arms were cut off directly, and a big hole was exposed in his body, and the red and white substances inside flowed out.

Magician Pang Ban is a veteran grand master at the peak of his powers, and it is not an exaggeration to say that he has the strongest combat power among the land gods. He is only one step away from reaching the realm of land gods. In the eyes of everyone in front of him, it won't take long. Pang Ban will undoubtedly set foot on the land of gods!!

But now......Pang Ban no longer has this possibility!

But he fell directly into Yingfeng Gorge

"Could it be that the person who killed Pang Ban was a powerful land god!"

"Probably! The magician Pang Ban is so powerful that if he were not a powerful land god, it would definitely be impossible for him to do it."

"horrible! terrible!"

"I didn't expect that a powerful person like a grand master would end up with such a tragic fate. It's really sad!!"

Everyone couldn't help but sigh and sigh when they saw this.........

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