Chapter 7 Jiang Yulang, you are not worthy!

"hateful! You will look good later, and you will be unlucky if you offend me, Jiang Yulang."

At this moment, Jiang Yulang said viciously in his heart.

A cold light flashed unconsciously in his eyes.

As for Chu Ming... he naturally noticed the evil look Jiang Yulang looked at him.

This guy has a grudge against himself.

Of course.

Chu Ming I also knew very well in my heart why Jiang Yulang had a grudge against him.

Just because of the woman in red in front of him!!

"As expected, just like in the original world, Jiang Yulang was extremely vengeful and a real villain."

Chu Ming's heart turned.

A fierce murderous intention burst out from his dark and deep eyes.

If Jiang Yulang really dared to attack him, Chu Ming would naturally not hold back.

As for the Jiangnan hero Jiang Biehe... in Chu Ming's opinion , it’s just a joke!

Anyone else might be wary of Jiang Biehe and treat him a little bit thinly, but Chu Ming is not afraid at all!!

Even if Jiang Biehe is on the spot, he can easily kill him!!

"This brother, I'm Jiang Yulang. If he hadn't taken action just now, I'm afraid the consequences would have been disastrous. Jiang always likes to make friends. I wonder if this brother has a surname?"

Jiang Yulang cupped his hands and clasped his fists in front of Chu Ming, looking polite and elegant.

If you weren't familiar with Jiang Yulang, you might have been deceived by his appearance.

You would have thought that this person was an elegant and gentle person!!

"My name is not worth mentioning, but you, Jiang Yulang, don’t deserve to know it."

Chu Ming said coldly.

How could he not know what Jiang Yulang was thinking in his heart?

After hearing this, Jiang Yulang's face changed, and he said with a smile on his face:"Brother, Jiang treats me well, but you always treat me well. Tit for tat, I really thought Jiang was easy to bully. In this case, Jiang wanted to know why this brother was as shameless as he was."

After saying that, Jiang Yulang looked at Chu Ming.

There was a cold snort in his heart.

"snort! I'll show you the consequences of offending me, Jiang Yulang, later!!"

"If you don't accept it, then I, Jiang Yulang, can humiliate you in front of so many people. If you accept it, it will play into my heart!!"

And Chu Ming naturally didn't know what Jiang Yulang was thinking at this moment.

But even if he knew, he would definitely sneer.

Jiang Yulang, who gave you the courage?!

Hearing Jiang Yulang's words, Chu Ming looked disdainful, and then said calmly,"If You wish!!"

He didn't say much, he just looked at Jiang Yulang as if he were looking at an idiot.

"good! Then I will learn this brother's clever trick."

Jiang Yulang cupped his hands and saluted Chu Ming.

At this moment, in front of so many people, Jiang Yulang naturally had to act modest, polite, gentle and elegant!

Especially in front of the woman in red!

However, when Jiang Yulang's eyes fell When he looked at the woman in red, he found that the other woman's eyes were always on Chu Ming.

She didn't even look at him.

This made Jiang Yulang even more angry, and there was a fierce flash in his eyes.

"So much nonsense! Take action! If you wait until I take action, you won't have a chance."

Chu Ming looked at Jiang Yulang coldly.

"Damn guy, really arrogant, looking for death!!"

Jiang Yulang said solemnly, a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Immediately, a strong palm force struck Chu Ming.

The palm wind was strong and cold!

Seeing this, Chu Ming looked calmly and did not avoid it..This

Jiang Yulang is only at the early stage of Xiantian!

"It's really a big deal, he didn't even avoid it."

Jiang Yulang couldn't help but snort when he saw Chu Ming's action.

And the next moment...

Chu Ming also struck out with his palm.


The two palms clashed.

In an instant, Jiang Yulang only felt a strong force extending from his arm.

There was a click!

The sound of bones shattering came from the entire arm.

Jiang Yulang's face turned extremely ugly, and at this moment, Chu Ming's figure moved.

A punch suddenly hit Jiang Yulang's body!

Everything happened in a room of lightning and flint, Jiang Yulang hadn't reacted yet.

He only felt the sound of shattering bones in his body, and his ribs were broken!

Immediately afterwards, a mouthful of blood spurted out.

His body hit the ground of the long street heavily.

In an instant, the bluestone of the long street was directly smashed. He even smashed a big hole in the ground!

And Jiang Yulang had a look of reluctance, with disbelief in his eyes!

But at this moment, even if he was unwilling in every way, it was of no avail. He had become a complete useless person, and in this life There is no chance for martial arts!

You must know that in this world of comprehensive martial arts with transcendent force, the meridians are damaged, the bones are broken, and it is impossible to practice. It is far more painful than killing him!! At the same time, many people around him saw this.

A scene with expressions of shock and horror.

Before they could react, it was over

"This, this boy in green shirt is so scary!"

"How is this possible? Jiang Yulang was defeated!"

"I didn't see clearly what the young man in green shirt did."

Many people in the arena were also attracted by the previous news.

In Gusu City, fighting between warriors is not uncommon!!

And when they heard that the young man in colorful clothes was Jiang Yulang, the son of Jiangnan hero Jiang Biehe, he immediately It attracted the attention of many martial arts people at the scene!!

After all, in the Jiangnan area, Jiang Biehe can be said to be famous and quite influential.

Because of his righteousness over the years, he even won the Jiangnan heroes in the Jiangnan area. Famous!!

And his son Jiang Yulang is young and promising, handsome, gentle and elegant. At a young age, he has already stepped into the innate realm and became an innate master! He is also somewhat famous among the younger generation in the world!!

But now he was easily defeated by a young man in green shirt with just one move.

Such a decisive attack made everyone at the scene curious about the identity of this young man in green shirt?!


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