Fang Yeyu and Zhao Min saw the scene in front of them and immediately exclaimed loudly, preparing to step forward and take action. But the next moment, Huang Xuemei stood directly in front of the two of them. Without saying a word, a terrifying killing force burst out from the Tianmo Qin.

Seeing this, Fang Yeyu and Zhao Min quickly mobilized their true energy to resist Huang Xuemei's move.

"ridiculous! Just two ants! The ants also want to shake the tree."

The corner of Huang Xuemei's mouth curled up coldly.

As for Fang Yeyu and Zhao Min, facing the attack of the peak master, the two of them were easily killed by Bei Qinyin. With the sound of an explosion, their bodies were directly It turned into a ball of blood mist and could no longer die.

At this moment, Feng Xinglie couldn't help but feel trembling when he saw Huang Xuemei's terrifying killing attack.

"This woman is so terrifying!!"

Feng Xinglie was horrified.

He never expected that the young woman holding the guqin in his arms was about the same age as him, but her strength was enough to beat him too much. Is this woman - still a human being?!

Feng Xinglie His martial arts talent is already considered top among the younger generation, but compared with Chu Ming or Huang Xuemei, it is far behind!!

"yes! Lie'er, this woman's strength is no longer inferior to that of my master. Even if I were to fight against her, I wouldn't be completely sure. Li

Ruohai patted Feng Xinglie on the shoulder and said meaningfully:"Lie'er, there are many unparalleled geniuses and monsters in the world. Your talent is not bad. Don't be too disappointed. Master believes that sooner or later you can reach the top of the Grand Master." Realm!!"

As a master, Li Ruohai naturally understood the hidden meaning of Feng Xinglie's words.

Feng Xinglie nodded,"Master, don't worry! Lie Er knew that the road to martial arts must not be hasty and hasty, but should be done step by step, but Lie Er did not expect that even the master could not defeat this woman!!"

And at the same time.

On the other side.

In the void!

The battle between Chu Ming and Pang Ban is still going on.

Feeling the power of thunder and lightning carried by Chu Ming's sword, Pang Ban looked surprised.

Soon, the purple sword glowed. , cracks appeared directly on his giant pillar of demonic energy.

"Break it for me!"

Chu Ming snapped.

The next moment, I saw the giant pillar of demonic energy shattering in an instant, and the terrifying and killing purple sword light of more than 40 meters continued to kill Pang Ban with undiminished power.

Pang Ban saw this Without any hesitation, he was driven by the power of his true energy, and suddenly a black demonic palm print suddenly condensed out. The palm print swelled in the wind, and in the blink of an eye it evolved into a terrifying palm print of more than ten feet, facing the purple sword light.

"Pang Ban, is that all you have? It really disappointed Chu."

Chu Ming spoke calmly.

When Pang Ban heard Chu Ming's words, his expression was stern, and there was a murderous intent in his eyes, so he said:"Chu Ming, don't be proud! If you want to kill me, you are still far away!!"


Chu Ming said with a meaning on his lips.

Then he took one step, and the devil came out with eight steps. His whole body instantly appeared behind Pang Ban like a divine light.

Chu Ming didn't talk nonsense. The next moment, he reached the eighth level of Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong. And the Heaven-Destroying Hands came out together.


Dragon roars were heard one after another, and the sound of giant elephants stepping on the ground resounded. Instantly, the entire space began to create huge ripples, becoming turbulent.

A terrifying and oppressive giant hand seal blasted out at the same time, coming from the sky and crushing towards the magician Pang Ban!!

"This this......"

Facing the sudden scene, Pang Ban looked horrified. He had no idea that Chu Ming had grown to such a terrifying stage!!


Huge roars and explosions sounded, and Pang Ban's pupils trembled, with unwillingness and even disbelief. As a scream sounded, Pang Ban's body was directly pierced, and a good man's head shot up into the sky!! (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Since then, the magician Pang Ban has fallen!

And wait until the smoke and dust recedes.......Li Ruohai and Feng Xinglie were immediately in disbelief when they saw the scene in front of them, their eyes full of shock and horror!!

"The magician Pang Ban was actually killed by Chu Ming!"

Li Ruohai's eyes fell on Pang Ban's body, with a complex expression, both frightened and shocked!!

The great master, the most powerful magician Pang Ban, was casually killed by Chu Ming in this canyon. Li Ruohai was stunned for a long time. Unable to come to his senses, even with all his strength, he could not kill Pang Ban.

But in front of him, the young man in green shirt who looked to be sixteen or seventeen years old actually killed Pang Ban directly. This is not difficult to explain. Li Ruohai Why are you so shocked?

But compared to Li Ruohai, Feng Xinglie’s expression is even more exaggerated!!

Chu Ming seems to be a little younger than him, but his strength is already so terrifying that even the magician Pang Ban is now He was beheaded by him. At this moment, his eyes looking at Chu Ming were full of horror!!

What kind of existence is the magician Pang Ban?

This is a peak master who is as powerful as his master, even stronger than his master Li Ruohai. To be stronger, the most powerful person under the land gods, his reputation is resounding throughout the martial arts world of China!!

His master is even more terrifying, and he looks down upon the existence of the world of China!!

Demon Sect Meng Chixing!

Meng Chixing is Who is he?

In the hearts of all the people of the Meng Yuan Dynasty, this person can be called the Nine Heavens God.

A true god!

According to legend, Meng Chixing lived for at least hundreds of years, and had a decisive battle with the legendary Legend Eagle. In that battle, The Milky Way was shattered, and the stars outside the territory were exploded.

Even the entire East China Sea, half of the water evaporated because of that battle, which was simply terrifying to the extreme.

But in the battle with Chuanying, Meng Chixing seemed to be seriously injured, nearly three hundred For years, he has not entered the arena again and has been living in the northern border!

As the descendant of Meng Chixing, the magician Pang Ban has amazing strength, and his reputation is not weaker than that of Meng Chixing.

But this is the case now. A top-notch Grandmaster was killed by Chu Ming who looked sixteen or seventeen years old in front of him. How could Li Ruohai and Feng Xinglie not be shocked!!

"If word of this battle spreads, I am afraid it will be enough to shock the entire land of China. Chu Ming's name will definitely resound throughout China again. This battle can be regarded as an unprecedented battle!!"

Li Ruohai spoke in shock.

In his mind, he kept recalling the scene of the battle between Chu Ming and Pang Ban just now. But the more he thought about it, the more frightened his pupils became!!

At the same time,.............indivual..

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