"Master, could it be Chu Ming!"

Zhao Min spoke. When she heard the young man in green shirt, a figure immediately appeared in her mind. It was Chu Ming!

In Xiangyang City that day, Chu Ming's strength really left a deep impression on Zhao Min. If it weren't for If she had any obstacles, if Master Pang Ban had taken action, I'm afraid she would have died in Xiangyang City that day!!

With a master level, she could counterattack the powerful Tantric King Jinlun, and at the same time, she could also cut through the master's path with one sword. The magic of planting demons in the heart!

Now that he heard that Li Chimei was killed by a young man in a green shirt, Zhao Min searched in his mind and thought of Chu Ming!

"It's very possible that this is the person."

Magician Pang Dian nodded. In fact, when he heard his subordinates tell some information about this person, he immediately thought of Chu Ming who escaped from him in Xiangyang City that day!!

"Regardless of whether it is Chu Ming or not, if I meet this person, I will definitely not let him escape from me again, and I will definitely kill Chu Ming!"

13 A terrifying murderous intention surged in Pang Ban's eyes.

When he fought against Chu Ming that day, he was shocked by the opponent's strength and talent. At such a young age, he could reverse-kill a great master, and he was also burdened with Many martial arts masters even cut through his Dao Heart Demon Seed Technique with one sword, and finally escaped from his hands openly. In Pang Ban's eyes, Chu Ming couldn't stay.

"Ye Yu, Min Min, tell me to report the whereabouts of Chu Ming at any time if I encounter him. I also want to have a good meeting with this so-called peerless genius in the world. How strong is he now?"

Pang Ban's eyes were stern, with murderous intent surging. Facing Fang Yeyu behind him, Zhao Min ordered, and then said:"Interesting! After the battle with Lang Fanyun, I hope this boy will not disappoint me!!"

"Fang Yeyu, I would like to congratulate the master in advance for defeating Lang Fanyun!"

"Zhao Min also congratulates the master for defeating Yu Yu Jian Lang Fan Yun in the battle of blocking the river!!"

Fang Yeyu and Zhao Min cupped their hands and fists at Pang Ban, congratulating them in advance on their victory in the battle to block the river.

"good! Pang Ban smiled heartily and nodded.

His eyes were like lightning as he looked in the direction of Dongting Lake.

Seven days later, his battle with Hui Yu Jian Lang Fan Yun will begin.

Since the battle in Xiangyang City, Pang Ban has been in seclusion. After practicing for a period of time, I just came out of seclusion half a month ago. The first thing I did when I came out was to challenge the strong men of various martial arts sects in the Central Plains!!

And Lang Fanyun, the leader of the Nujiao Gang, was the one who challenged him. The first person!!

Lang Fanyun’s strength, like him, has reached the peak of the Grand Master, and it is for this reason that he chose Lang Fanyun, to reach the land of immortals by fighting against strong men!!

"Master, how should we deal with this person?"

Fang Yeyu glanced at the unconscious and tied young man behind him, and then asked Pang Ban.

Pang Ban glanced at the unconscious young man, and slowly said:"This person has good qualifications and talents, and he is a rare furnace. What's more, his master is the evil spirit Li Ruohai, and he is also a valuable opponent. He can be used as bait to attract Li Ruohai. I believe that with Li Ruohai's character, it is impossible not to save his apprentice."

The young man who is unconscious at this moment is none other than Feng Xinglie!

Li Ruohai's disciple!

Feng Xinglie has been adopted by Li Ruohai since he was a child. Rather than being a disciple, the two of them are more like father and son! He is extremely talented in martial arts and can be said to have a profound knowledge of martial arts. Li Ruohai's true biography was even considered by countless people in the world to be the future leader of the evil sect!

But Li Ruohai didn't know at this time that Feng Xinglie's identity was a descendant of the Mengyuan royal family!!

"The evil spirit is as fierce as the sea....."

Fang Yeyu and Zhao Min's expressions changed slightly when they heard Li Ruohai's name.

Li Ruohai's name can be said to be well-known in the world of China. He is recognized as the most powerful old master in the world. He has two red spears in one hand, and his shooting skills can be said to be resounding throughout China!!

Whether it is Evil Spirit Li Ruohai or Fuyu Sword Lang Fanyun, these two people are the most powerful beings among the world's gods and gods on land. For the next peak battle between their master and the two of them, Fang Yeyu and Zhao Min and the two of them were looking forward to it.

At this moment, Feng Xinglie, who was originally tied up in a coma, woke up, looked at Pang Ban in front of him and said sternly:"Mage Pang Ban, let me go quickly, my master will never let you go!!"

"hehe.....ridiculous! It is impossible to let you go. I will use you as bait to make Li Ruohai come to rescue you."

Hearing this, Pang Ban smiled meaningfully, looked at Feng Xinglie, and said suddenly:"But you are a good cauldron, which can just help me practice the Dao Heart Seed Demon Technique, and can make my Dao Heart Seed Demon The magic method has been improved to a higher level. It is an honor for you to be my cauldron!!"

"I bother.....Pang Ban, you have given up on this idea. Even if I, Feng Xinglie, die, I will not be your cauldron, nor will I let you succeed in your evil plot to threaten my master."Feng Xinglie laughed angrily, and then prepared to bite his tongue and commit suicide.

Li Ruohai and he were like father and son. He had been adopted by Li Ruohai since he was a child. Without his master, I am afraid he would not be alive today.

Now I heard that the magician Pang Ban If he did, he wouldn't be able to get what he wanted!

Seeing this, Pang Ban flicked his finger and sent a burst of true energy directly into Feng Xinglie's body. The next moment, Feng Xinglie fainted again. (Read Baoshuang novels and go up to fly Lu Novel Network!)

"Ye Yu, go and deliver a letter to Li Ruohai!"

Pang Ban ordered.

On the other side, in a quiet valley, a very fast figure flashed.

And as the figure settled down, he saw that it was a man in powerful clothes, with a figure as majestic as a mountain, as tall as a spear, Zhang's impeccably handsome face is embedded with a pair of eyes that are brighter than the sparkling gems in the deep black ocean. He is a middle-aged man holding a two-foot red gun in his hand!!

This man is naturally none other than the same person. After the battle in Dongting Lake, the evil spirit Li Ruohai rode away on the waves

"Surprisingly, five years have passed and you have really disappointed Li! Forget it, let Li fight the magician Pang Ban for you!"Li Ruohai's eyes were stern, and he walked towards a wooden house.

"Lieer, Lieer....."

Li Ruohai shouted into the room, but there was no reply.

Afterwards, Li Ruohai searched for several times but could not find Feng Xinglie.

"Did this Lie'er sneak out again?"

Li Ruohai thought.

He didn't pay much attention to it. After all, Feng Xinglie often sneaked out in the past.

The battle with Tonglang Fanyun consumed a lot of the energy in his body.

Immediately, Li Ruohai sat cross-legged and adjusted his breath.!........

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