Chapter 65 Guisuo Ling Zhantian is shocked! Chu Ming realized the endless energy!

Following Chu Ming and others, they left not long ago.

Lang Fanyun looked at the Dongting Lake in front of him, and it became calm. His eyes flashed:"Interesting! A good young man, given time, he will definitely be able to reach the land of immortals!" There is such a unique young man in the Central Plains martial arts, Lang Fanyun is naturally very pleased!!

In vain, at this moment, a figure landed and appeared in front of Lang Fanyun.

I saw that the person coming was a middle-aged man with a thin and handsome appearance, shrewd eyes, a sturdy back, and an iron rope tied around his waist.

When Lang Fanyun saw the person coming, he recognized him at a glance.

It was Guisuo Ling Zhantian, the chief strategist of the Nujiao Gang and his adopted brother!!

"Brother, what makes you so happy?"

"Six or seventy?" Ling Zhantian asked curiously

"I just met a good junior. This junior's strength is so great that even I can't see through it. And next to this person is a girl holding a guqin. Her strength is probably not inferior to mine."

Lang Fanyun said.

But as soon as he said these words, Guisuo Lingzhantian's face was shocked, and his eyes were extremely horrified. Even Lang Fanyun couldn't see clearly the strength of a junior. How terrifying is this? Could it be? Entering the realm of land gods?!

But Ling Zhantian thought about it carefully. It was impossible. How could it be possible to set foot in the realm of land gods at such a young age? He admitted how crazy his idea was!!

But if even the young man who can't see clearly the strength of Lang Fanyun , Ling Zhantian was very curious about this.

Lang Fanyun saw the curiosity in Ling Zhantian's eyes, so he said:"You must have heard about this person!"

"Have I heard something?"

At this time, Guisuo Ling Zhantian became even more curious.

Lang Fanyun nodded, and without continuing to pretend, he directly said the word Chu Ming!

"Chu Ming?"

Hearing this, Ling Zhantian thought for a while at first, but he soon came to his senses. His eyes were full of horror and he said to Lang Fanyun:"Brother, the Chu Ming you are talking about was in Xiangyang City that day. The young master who appeared out of nowhere used his master level to kill the powerful Tantric master Jinlun Dharma King. At the same time, he also fought against the magician Pang Ban. Recently, he killed the iron-courage god Hou Zhuwu in Hengyang City!"


Lang Fanyun nodded.

"Unexpectedly, this person also came to Dongting Lake. It seems that he also came to watch the big brother's battle with the magician Pang Ban. Now it becomes interesting!"

Ling Zhantian's eyes were full of meaning.

He had heard of Chu Ming's name before...

On that day, Ling Zhantian was also present at the Anti-Yuan Heroes Conference held by Guo Jing in Xiangyang City!

He had definitely met Chu Ming!

Even though this matter had already happened Half a year has passed.

But Ling Zhantian still remembers it as if it was yesterday!

Let’s not talk about anything else.

At such an age, Chu Ming has already entered the Grandmaster realm.

This person’s talent is enough to be called peerless!!

Even he can’t match it..

Even his eldest brother Lang Fanyun did not have such martial arts achievements at such an age!!

What shocked Ling Zhantian the most was...

Chu Ming even killed the great master's Jinlun Dharma King in the grandmaster realm.

In the end He even fought against the magician Pang Ban and defeated Pang Ban.

Although in the end, Chu Ming escaped directly, it didn't matter to Ling Zhantian anymore!!

Now that he hears his eldest brother Lang Fanyun, he can't see through it. The young man with such strength turned out to be Chu Mingshi, and Ling Zhantian was instantly petrified!!

His eldest brother Lang Fanyun was a real Grand Master at the pinnacle, and he was only one step away from reaching the land of immortals!!

But It is also impossible to clearly see Ming's strength, which is enough to show that Chu Ming's current strength is probably not below the peak of the Grand Master!!

"horrible! This kid is really terrible!!"

Ling Zhantian was shocked.


And at the same time!

The other side.

As the person involved, Chu Ming was naturally unaware of the conversation between Ling Zhantian and Lang Fanyun at this moment.

After returning to the inn.

Chu Ming just sat cross-legged, mentally moving, and was ready to start practicing.

This time watching Lang Fanyun fight with Li Ruohai, he realized something

"good! Unexpectedly, watching a battle between strong men would lead to enlightenment."

Chu Ming was excited. It seems that he can watch more duels between strong men in the future!

Just when the waves turned over the clouds and aroused the power of heaven and earth to condense on a sword, he had a vague feeling!!

And just when Chu Ming was practicing and feeling. At that time, on a mountain peak hundreds of miles away....

The clouds rolled and golden light suddenly appeared!

I saw a man with a majestic figure, crystal clear skin, shining with a dazzling luster, long black hair flying in the wind, eyes flying like lightning, hiding an almost evil charm, wearing a silver cloak. The young man stands proudly on the mountain peak!

And behind this person, there were two more people.

One of them is a man and a woman.

The man looked to be less than 20 years old, quite tall and handsome, with a bit of elegance and delicacy between his eyebrows, but there was also a hint of domineering!

As for the woman, she looks like a woman disguised as a man, holding a white paper fan in her hand. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

These three people are naturally none other than the magician Pang Ban, and his two apprentices, the young magicians Fang Yeyu and Zhao Min!!

"Ye Yu, hasn't Li Chimei come back yet?

Pang Ban asked.

Fang Yeyu replied:"Master, not yet!""

"Master, don't worry. Li Chimei is a master at the pinnacle of the Grandmaster. Looking at the original martial arts world, there are very few people who can defeat him. What's more, this trip is just to explore the news. I believe nothing will happen. , I must have been delayed on the way."

"yes! Master, Li Chimei is very strong and should be back soon."

Zhao Min on the side also spoke.

But as soon as he finished speaking, a magician came directly to report.

"Master, this is bad!"

A subordinate said in a panic, with a trembling voice.

"What happened?"

"Return to the master, Li Chimei is dead!"

The subordinate said

"What, Li Chimei is dead, do you know who did it?"

Hearing this, Fang Yeyu was the first to ask.

Just now he said, but... the news that Li Chimei was killed came out so quickly!

"It was done by a mysterious young man in green shirt!"

The magician palace subordinate quickly replied

"The mysterious boy in green shirt?!"

Magician Pang Ban pondered.

At this time, Zhao Min's beautiful eyes flashed, and a figure immediately appeared in his mind.



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