Chapter 64: Riding on the waves! The ruthless invitation that makes waves!

"Condensate the power of heaven and earth!"

Yang Guo was shocked, but thinking of Chu Ming's words before, he suddenly spoke out of curiosity:"Brother Chu just now said that Lang Fanyun would be defeated in this battle, but now Lang Fanyun's sword power condenses the power of heaven and earth, such a terrifying sword move You can still lose!

Yang Guo directly expressed his doubts~.

Chu Ming slowly said:"This does not affect the outcome of this battle. Lang Fanyun's determination and fighting spirit are not as strong as Li Ruohai's!" Just wait and see the results. Soon - it will be known."

Yang Guo nodded.

Then he turned his attention to Lang Fanyun and Li Ruohai.

The auras erupted by these two people were terrifying. They were both at the top of the world's great masters!!

"I just don’t know who is stronger between these two people and my adoptive father."

Looking at the two people at this moment, Yang Guo's mind was spinning.

The adoptive father he mentioned was naturally none other than Xidu Ouyang Feng, one of the five great masters of the Song Dynasty! Speaking of which, he was also a peak grandmaster, but today's Ouyang Feng Crazy from time to time.

Boom! Boom! Boom!


In an instant, thousands of sword lights collided with the fiery red spear lights in the void, and violent explosion sounds suddenly erupted. In the blink of an eye, the two of them had exchanged dozens of moves, and as the fire dragon swallowed, the fiery red light was released, and thousands of them were fired. The rain of thousands of swords disappeared in an instant as if it had evaporated.

After the blow, Lang Fanyun unconsciously took dozens of steps back, looking at his clothes that were pierced by the flaming red spear light. Obviously, in this battle, he lost to Li Ruohai by half a move!!

"Brother Lang, you lose!"

At this time, Li Ruohai looked at Lang Fanyun with stern eyes. Although he only defeated Lang Fanyun by half a move, it was enough.

In a duel between masters, even the difference of only half a move is enough to determine life and death!!

"Lang Fanyun, your Rain-Covering Sword is not like it was five years ago. It lacks determination. Since Li has won, let Li challenge the magician Pang Ban on your behalf!!"

Li Ruohai said calmly.

There was a red spear that was two feet tall. There was a cold light on the tip of the spear, showing a terrifying fighting spirit.

"Brother Li, although Lang defeated you by half a move, the magician Pang Ban is by no means an easy person. This matter concerns our Ming Dynasty martial arts world. I have agreed to Pang Ban’s challenge, so naturally I cannot let Brother Li take my place......"

Lang Fanyun spoke.

He knew very well that this battle was bound to be a battle to the death! Naturally, he doesn’t want to let Li Ruohai fight in his place.

"The waves are turning over the clouds, you don’t need to say anything! Li will let Pang Ban see the power of my evil spirit Li Ruohai. If he wants to challenge the strong martial arts master in the Central Plains, he should first ask if he agrees with the Zhang Er Red Spear in Li's hand."

Li Ruohai interrupted.

He tightened the Zhang Er Red Spear in his hand, and an extremely cold light flashed in the depths of his eyes.

After speaking,

Li Ruohai did not stop, he took a step forward, and in the blink of an eye, his figure was already riding on the waves..

And all the people in the world around saw the battle between Lang Fanyun and Li Ruohai ended, and then left one after another.

"Let's go!"

Chu Ming said slowly. Huang

Xuemei, Xiao Longnu, and Yang Guo nodded. There was no excitement here, so there was no need to stay here.

However, just when Chu Ming and others were about to leave.

The sound stopped Chu Ming in his tracks.

"Little brother, please stay!"

The person who spoke was naturally none other than Fuyu Jianlang Fanyun.

Chu Ming looked at him coldly and asked curiously:"Master Lang, what's the matter?"

When Huang Xuemei saw Lang Fanyun, her beautiful eyes were full of vigilance, and her right hand was already unconsciously placed on the Tianmo Qin.

"This little brother, don’t get me wrong. Lang has no ill intentions. Just now, when Lang was fighting, he heard the words of the little brother, saying that Lang would lose this battle, which made me very curious. Now I see that the little brother is so majestic and has an extraordinary temperament. , Don’t you know the little brother’s surname?"

Lang Fanyun cupped his hands and said with a hearty smile.

"Hero Lang, I am Chu Ming!"

Chu Ming cupped his hands and said,

"Chu Ming......"

Chewing the waves.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up

"It turns out that this little brother is Chu Ming. Lang recently heard the name of this little brother in the martial arts circles. He is now famous in the martial arts world and is the most talented person in the world!!"

"Lang Da Xia, overrated! Chu's name is not worthy of mention compared to the name of the Hero of Rain-Converting Sword Wave!!"Chu Ming waved his hand.

"Ha ha.....good! Little brother Chu is neither arrogant nor impetuous, and his character is rare among the young geniuses."

Lang Fanyun smiled heartily, and it can be said that he has a good impression of Chu Ming in front of him.

You know, at such an age, he is already a peerless genius, and he is more or less impatient and arrogant. He has never seen Chu Ming before. , Lang Fanyun also thought that this person was naturally like this!

But now it seems that he was wrong.

"Hero Lang, when you call Chu to stop, it must be more than just a few words of praise for Chu!"Chu Ming spoke calmly.

He didn't believe that Lang Fanyun just praised him a few times!

Hearing this

, Lang Fanyun didn't beat around the bush and asked directly:

"When I was fighting Li Ruohai just now, I heard little brother Chu say that Lang would lose this battle. I don’t know how little brother Chu saw it."

"This is very simple, because Lang Daxia has no determination and fighting spirit against Li Ruohai. In other words, you did not fully exert your full strength in the fight. The last half of the move must have been done intentionally by you, otherwise you would have given up half of the move. Your last sword, a sword that condensed the power of heaven and earth, how could you not defeat Li Ruohai."

Chu Ming said truthfully.

He could see it during the fight.

When Lang Fanyun heard Chu Ming's analysis, he immediately smiled heartily,"I didn't expect that little brother Chu would see it. Lang had no intention of sharing the same fate. Ruohai fights."

As he spoke, he paused, his eyes pondered and said:"It's just a battle with the magician Pang Ban. The outcome of this battle is still unknown."

"That day, little brother Chu had a battle with the magician Pang Ban in Xiangyang City. If Lang lost the battle, Lang had a ruthless request and hoped that little brother Chu would agree."

After saying that, Lang Fanyun looked at Chu Ming

"You want Chu to take action for you when the time comes."

Chu Ming said directly


Lang Fanyun nodded.

He didn't expect that Chu Ming would say it directly.

"Needless to say, Daxia Lang, Chu and Pang Ban had an unfinished battle in Xiangyang City before. This time Chu came here precisely to complete the unfinished battle!!"

Chu Ming said bluntly

"If it’s Lang Daxia and there’s nothing else to do, Chu will leave first."

"Brother Chu, please!"

Lang Fanyun handed over his hand.

Afterwards, Chu Ming, Huang Xuemei and others slowly headed towards the inn in the city.

Just....Lang Fanyun looked at Chu Ming's back, his eyes meant........Second.. (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

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