boom! boom! boom!

A series of terrifying flaming red spear lights condensed in the air, and the flaming red light shined brightly.

At this moment, there were people in the world around, and the strong men from all sides looked solemn, and a tyrannical force of energy spread out from the terrifying flaming red spear light, making them shudder and their hearts tremble.

And many people in the world were directly affected by the raging qi machine. Their faces were ashen, and they were killed by the overbearing qi machine in the blink of an eye.

"This is Li Ruohai's real killing move!"

Chu Ming waved his sleeves, and the tyrannical energy disappeared before his eyes.

"Aunt, this uncle of mine is much stronger than when he was in Xiangyang City."

Yang Guo whispered softly to Xiao Longnu, with a smile.

Seeing Chu Ming just wave his hand, he directly shattered Li Ruohai's qi machine that was emanating from the fiery red spear. Yang Guo was horrified by this method.

At this moment, he He looked at Chu Ming like a little fan looking at his idol, worshiping him in his heart!!

"Guo'er.....Stop talking nonsense, you are looking for a beating!

Hearing this, Xiao Longnu angrily scolded Yang Guo, her pretty face flushed, but there was a murmur in her heart, but her beautiful eyes unconsciously looked at Chu Ming in front of her. 960"Mr. Chu, this Guo'er really speaks uncontrollably. After that, I will definitely punish him!!"

Xiao Longnu explained quickly.

But as soon as she said the words, she felt something was wrong. She didn't have three hundred taels of silver here. Immediately her pretty face became more and more rosy, like a fresh red apple.

Chu Ming saw Seeing Xiao Longnu's pretty red face, he couldn't help but smile. Even though Yang Guo spoke very quietly just now, he still heard clearly. This Yang Guo really wanted to do something.

Tonight, Xiao Longnu will definitely win!!

In Chu Ming's heart pondering

"No problem! Longer."

Chu Ming spoke.

This time, he directly changed the title from Miss Long to Long'er.

When Little Dragon Girl heard Chu Ming's change of title to her, her face turned red with embarrassment.

Even her body rose and fell.

The scenery was beautiful.!

But at this moment, Chu Ming is indifferent!


And at this time.

The surrounding people in the world were surprised when they saw Chu Ming smashing the powerful Qi machine released from Li Ruohai's fiery red spear light with just a casual move.

Especially when seeing someone at such an age and with so much strength, some people were even curious about Chu Ming’s identity.

"This person is Chu Ming!"

A person in the Jianghu scene immediately recognized Chu Ming and exclaimed quickly, with a little trembling in his voice.

As this person's exclamation sounded, some people in the Jianghu, powerful forces from all sides The name Chu Ming was recalled in the mind of the reader, but soon, all the people around him suddenly understood.

But the eyes looking at Chu Ming were a little more frightened and shocked!!

"Chu Ming, could it be that he was the young master who killed the powerful Tantric master Jinlun Dharma King and fought against the magician Pang Ban in Xiangyang City before?"

"That’s not all! I heard that this man killed the Iron God Hou Zhu Wuwu in Hengyang City. Zhu Wuwu was the uncle of the Ming Dynasty. Now the Ming Dynasty is still issuing documents to arrest this son. Unexpectedly, he will show up here now."

"It turned out to be this person. Unexpectedly, he also came to the Ming Dynasty. It must have been for the battle with the magician Pang Ban in August and 15th."


There were people from all walks of life around, and various forces were talking about it.

Although the Ming Dynasty has issued a reward for Chu Ming's arrest, no one dares to take the initiative at the moment. Otherwise, they are all afraid of Chu Ming's strength.

Not to mention the distant ones, Chu Ming's killing of Iron Courage God Hou Zhu Wuwu alone was enough to frighten them. Zhu Wuwu was a genuine and powerful Grand Master who had been famous for a long time!

They were also beheaded by Chu Ming. They thought that their strength was not as good as that of Zhu Wuwu, not to mention that this son was decisive in killing, like (bdah) a god of killing. The great master and strong man would kill as many as he said. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

A group of people in the world will not ask for trouble and take the initiative to send him to die!!

Cultivation is not easy, so naturally you don’t want to fall and be destroyed.

What's more, they also noticed that there were three more people beside Chu Ming. The weakest among them was also an innate warrior. The strength of the other two women was that one had already become a master, and the other was Qing Leng holding the guqin in her arms. The woman, with all her strength, couldn't let them see through it!!

As for Chu Ming.....He didn't care about the looks that the people in the world were looking at him. Most of these people were no more powerful than innate warriors. Even though there were some masters and powerful grandmasters among them, Chu Ming remained the same and didn't care at all.

He looked at Lang Fanyun and Li Ruohai who were fighting on the Dongting Lake at this moment.

The other side!

One after another, the flaming red spear light was carried like a fire dragon and was incomparable, and the sharp force bombarded Lang Fanyun from top to bottom.

Seeing this, Lang Fanyun's expression was awe-inspiring, and endless sword intent burst out from his body. The sword intent was continuous. From the dark clouds in the sky, thousands of rainwater fell down and condensed on Lang Fanyun's sword.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!.The sound of swords resounded one after another, like a bell, resounding throughout the sky.

"my sword....What's going on!"

Many of the people in the arena who were watching at the scene were sword users. Looking at the swords in their hands, they began to tremble uncontrollably as if they were being pulled by some invisible force.

"Such a powerful sword intention, it is worthy of being the sword that covers the rain and waves like the clouds!"

Huang Xuemei was surprised and couldn't help but sigh. This was the first time since she came to this world that she had seen someone who could condense such terrifying and infinite sword intent. Even Zhu Wuwu didn't give her much shock before.!!

However, thinking of what her young master had said before, that this battle would be defeated, Huang Xuemei's expression instantly became indifferent.

Huang Xuemei never doubted what Chu Ming said.

But Yang Guo on the side was completely different.

At this moment, His pupils were as wide open as an earthquake, and he looked at the scene in disbelief. Thousands of swords rained down, which made him feel excited and blood boiling. In a battle with such a strong man, he was still from ancient times. This is the first time we’ve seen each other since Tomb Party!!

"This Lang Fanyun's strength is not inferior to that of Uncle Guo!"

Yang Guo couldn't help but sigh.

In Yang Guo's knowledge, Guo Jing's strength is already strong enough, but the pressure of the aura bursting out from Lang Fanyun at this moment is not weaker than Guo Jing!

When Chu Ming heard Yang Guo's words, he couldn't help but Opening:

"you are wrong! Lang Fanyun's strength is much stronger than that of Guo Jing and Guo Daxia. This sword power has condensed the power of heaven and earth!"

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