Chapter 62 The evil spirit Li Ruohai! A prairie fire with a hundred strikes! now.

The figure settled.

I saw that it was a middle-aged man wearing powerful clothes, with a figure as tall as a gun, as majestic as a mountain, and with bright eyes. In his hand, the middle-aged man held a two-foot-long red gun, with a cold light on the tip of the gun. , showing a terrifying edge.

And with the appearance of this person, the surrounding air became extremely solemn.

Lang Fanyun looked at the person in front of him and recognized the person. It was the evil spirit Li Ruohai!!

"Brother Lang, you're welcome! Since the battle with you five years ago, when Li was defeated by you, he has been cultivating hard. Today, he has achieved great success. I especially want to learn Brother Lang's rain-covering sword technique. If you, Lang Fanyun, can't even defeat Li, How to represent the martial arts community in the Central Plains to challenge the magician Pang Ban? If Li wins, why not let the next generation Brother Lang fight against the magician Pang Ban!!"

Li Ruohai said.

He was originally practicing, and when he heard about the battle between the magician Pang Ban and the Rain-covering Sword Wave, he would not miss this opportunity!!

And the magician Pang Ban was from Mengyuan. , Li Ruohai has hated the Mengyuan people all his life, and has sworn hatred!

So, this is the scene in front of him.

As he finished speaking, Li Ruohai clicked his left foot, and the Zhang Er red spear in his hand burst into flames. The sharp spear light swept towards Lang Fanyun.

The spear light broke through the air and instantly erupted with a terrifying edge.

Seeing this, Lang Fanyun's figure flashed.

The Rain Covering Sword immediately unsheathed, and the true energy in his body Activated by the power of his body, he quickly condensed a bright and sharp blue sword light of more than tens of feet in front of Lang Fanyun. The sword light flashed and went directly towards Li Ruohai's incoming force.

Boom! Boom! Boom!


In an instant, the sword light and the spear light intertwined in mid-air like needle points against wheat awns, and they quickly collided together. Suddenly, there was a frightening sound of clashing swords, sparking bright sparks.

And suddenly, The gun light shines brightly, like a fiery red dragon swallowing, blooming with blazing red light, defeating the cyan sword light in the blink of an eye!

"good! Brother Li's prairie fire marksmanship is much better than five years ago."

Lang Fanyun saw his sword light dissipated without any panic on his face. As his true energy circulated, a cyan sword light that was stronger and more dazzling than before was quickly condensed on the rain-covering sword!!

The sword light surged and transformed into Thousands of cyan rays of light.

Thousands of sword rays bombarded the fiery red spear rays like rain.

In an instant, two terrifying forces, one red and one green, were constantly intertwined on Dongting Lake, and every time they intertwined, a violent blast would erupt. The roar.

At this time, many people in the city saw the terrifying aura fluctuations bursting out from the sky of Dongting Lake. They all looked horrified and looked curiously towards the direction of Dongting Lake.

Even though they were separated by some distance, they still The feeling is very clear, the aftermath of the energy spread from the place of fighting.

I don’t know who is fighting in Dongting Lake~!"

"That is the Rain-Reversing Sword, and it is the hero Lang Fan Yun Lang. I wonder who the person fighting against the hero Lang will be?"

"Judging from the aura that this person bursts out, he is no weaker than the hero Lang Fan Yun Lang!!"

"I'll find out later when I see it."

"makes sense!"


For a time, many people in the world and powerful people from all walks of life headed towards Dongting Lake.

"Young Master, there are actually two powerful Grand Masters fighting against each other on Dongting Lake."

Seeing the movement, Huang Xuemei's beautiful eyes were surprised.

The two powerful auras exuded were no weaker than hers.

This inevitably made Huang Xuemei more curious.

"Let's go! Let's go take a look too."

Chu Ming nodded.

Since Huang Xuemei came to this world, he has basically not had a good fight.

There is no way!

The strength he encountered is too weak. With Huang Xuemei's late-stage grand master, one move is enough to kill him instantly!

This little girl really wanted to truly fight against a strong man, but she never had the chance!!

But now, the terrifying aura erupting from the battle on Dongting Lake naturally caught her attention.

One of them, Chu Ming, knew.

From the outbreak Thousands of sword rain, if he guessed correctly, it must be the rain-covering sword wave turning the clouds!!

As for the identity of the other person, Chu Ming was also very curious.

Xiao Longnu, Yang Guo nodded, and then four figures flashed.

The same Heading towards Dongting Lake.


Chu Ming, Huang Xuemei and other four people came to a high ground in Dongting Lake.

Chu Ming noticed that many people from the world had gathered here.

Obviously, these people were just like them. , was also attracted by the sound of fighting on Dongting Lake.

Chu Ming just glanced at the crowd of people in the world in front of him.

He didn't take it seriously!

In Chu Ming's eyes, these people were like ants.

That I'm afraid there are many powerful masters among them, even great masters!

And when Chu Ming's eyes fell on the person who was fighting against Tong Lang Fanyun, this person was holding a two-foot-long red spear in his hand, and the gun glow was like a fiery red real gun. Like a dragon burning a prairie fire!

"It turned out to be this person!"

Chu Ming immediately recognized the identity of the person who fought with Lang Fanyun.

The evil spirit is Li Ruohai!!


Chu Ming said solemnly

"Young Master, do you know this person?"

Huang Xuemei's beautiful eyes are curious. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

And Xiao Longnu and Yang Guo are also the same, looking at Chu Ming one after another.

Xiao Longnu has been leading the Ancient Tomb Sect to deal with people in the world. He knows very little.

As for Yang Guo, the same is true. He has been in the Jianghu of the Song Dynasty. He naturally doesn’t know the things and people in the Jianghu of the Ming Dynasty.

"This person is the evil spirit Li Ruohai, who is as skilled in the prairie fire spear technique. Among the strong spear users, his strength is considered to be among the top!"

Chu Ming said slowly.

Li Ruohai, he is too familiar with him!

There is no one else, because there are too few strong men who use guns in the martial arts world. His spear skills can set fire to a prairie fire with one hand.

It can be said to be fierce and domineering, shocking to the earth, and unparalleled. It is said to be unparalleled!!

It is divided into fifty moves, thirty blows and twenty needles, a total of one hundred blows.

Each shot is extremely domineering, and the gun is like a fire dragon, and like a ghost, unpredictable.

It just makes Chu Ming What I didn't expect was......At this moment, the two of them actually started fighting

"This person is so powerful!"

Yang Guo was surprised.

Chu Ming nodded.

Then, his eyes fell on the two people fighting at the moment and whispered:

"I'm afraid Lang Fanyun will lose this battle!"


Huang Xuemei on the side couldn't help but look surprised when she heard Chu Ming's words.

"Young Master, you will lose this battle!"

As for Xiao Longnu, Yang Guo also turned his attention to Chu Ming after hearing this.

The two of them couldn't see any clues.

Before coming here, Xiao Longnu and Yang Guo had heard the name of Fuyujianlangfanyun along the way.

A veteran grand master at the pinnacle of power!

He is only one step away from becoming a god on land.

To put it bluntly,.....Lang Fanyun has already half-footed his feet in the land of immortals.

Under the land gods, I am afraid that he is already invincible!!

Now they heard Chu Ming say that Lang Fanyun would lose this battle, Xiao Longnu and Yang Guo were both curious.

See this.

Chu Ming spoke slowly and explained:

".Although Lang Fanyun is strong, he is not as determined as Li Ruohai in this battle, and his natural strength has not been fully displayed. On the other hand, Li Ruohai has a fierce fighting spirit and has the potential to sink the ship. He goes all out with every blow. If both sides don't have the determination to fight, they won't be able to win!!"

The three of them heard the words and nodded.

Indeed, as Chu Ming said, if there is a small disparity in strength between the two sides, and the opponent's determination and fighting spirit are weakened in the fight, they will naturally be unable to defeat the opponent!!

There is no doubt about this!.

After hearing Chu Ming's words, Huang Xuemei's beautiful eyes fell on the two people who were fighting at the moment. As expected, just as her young master said, she also discovered that Lang Fanyun had not gone all out, but had been holding back and looking back. Ruo Hai's fighting spirit and determination are far stronger than Lang Fanyun.

At this time, in the void...

After a confrontation, Li Ruohai's whole body was full of momentum, and he looked at Lang Fanyun with cold eyes and said:

"Lang Fanyun, your current strength really disappoints Li. If this is the case, then Li will end the battle between us with this attack (good promise))!!"

To be honest, Li Ruohai and Lang Fanyun fought against each other five years ago. The two fought for thousands of rounds, and it was difficult to tell the winner.

But in the end, he was defeated by Lang Fanyun's move!!

And with just this one move, Li Ruohai practiced in seclusion for five years.

The Liaoyuan marksmanship has improved to a higher level and reached the state of transformation!!

All this is just to defeat Lang Fanyun one day.

Now that the two of them had fought against each other, Li Ruohai was somewhat disappointed. Lang Fanyun's strength had stagnated in the past five years, with no improvement like five years ago.

Even his fighting spirit and determination are much weaker than before.

And as Li Ruohai finished speaking, a terrifying aura suddenly erupted from his body, and the aura covered the sky. The originally clear sky was suddenly shrouded in dark clouds, and strong winds roared.���

Li Ruohai stood in the void, a divine light suddenly bursting out from his eyes.

The gun light waved.

One after another, terrifying and frightening fiery red spear lights with endless sharpness condensed in front of Li Ruohai. Above each spear light, it was like a fiery red dragon swallowing endless flames, burning the heaven and earth, with astonishing power.

"Lang Fanyun, let this final blow end the showdown between us!"

Li Ruohai said in a deep voice, his eyes stern.

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