Chapter 59: August 15th, the battle on Dongting Lake blocking the river island!

Time passed by slowly, and more than three months passed in the blink of an eye.

In the past three months, Chu Ming's cultivation level has also been greatly improved. Now his cultivation level has directly broken through to the middle stage of Grand Master!!

Other martial arts have also been greatly improved.

The art of alchemy is also becoming more and more proficient.

Of course, Huang Xuemei's cultivation level has also been improved at the same time.

It is only one step away from the land of immortals!! now.

In the Ming Dynasty, inside a small town inn~

"I don’t know if you have heard the news, but the magician Pang Ban and the leader of the Nujiao Gang, Lang Fanyun, are meeting for a battle on Baijiang Island in Dongting Lake!"

"I thought you were telling me some news. This news has long spread throughout the world. Many heroes and sects from all walks of life have rushed to Dongting Lake, just to watch the magician Pang Ban ride the waves with Yunlang. a battle-!!"

"The hero Langfanyunlang is such a powerful presence in the world of Ming Dynasty. He is generous and righteous, and his strength is even more impressive. His sword skill of turning rain with one hand is even more amazing. There is no doubt that the hero Langfanyunlang will win this battle!"

"However, the strength of the magician Pang Ban should not be underestimated. It is said that he began to practice in seclusion after the battle in Xiangyang City. Now that he has just come out of seclusion, he directly challenged the hero Langfanyunlang, and even threatened to challenge all the people in the Central Plains. It seems that the great martial arts masters are well prepared this time, and they are increasingly looking forward to the next battle at Dongting Lake!!"


In the inn, a group of people in the martial arts world were talking about the recent major events in the martial arts world of the Ming Dynasty!

Among them, the magician Pang Ban and the Nujiao Gang leader Lang Fanyun fought against Dongting Lake on the full moon on August 15th. When the news of this battle came out, it instantly caused quite a sensation in the world!!

One is the magician Pang Ban, the top powerhouse of the Meng Yuan Dynasty!

The other person is Lang Fanyun, the leader of the famous Nujiao Gang in the Ming Dynasty.

And both of them are truly veteran Grand Masters at the pinnacle. They are only one step away from reaching the realm of land gods.

"oh.....interesting! The battle on Bajiang Island, Magician Pang Ban, I didn’t expect that we would meet again soon. This time Chu will definitely kill you."

In a corner of the inn, Chu Ming listened to the discussions of the people around him. The one that attracted him the most was that on August 15th, when the moon was full, the magician Pang Ban stopped in Dongting with the waves and clouds. Battle on the island!!

Thinking of the battle with the magician Pang Ban in Xiangyang City that day, Chu Ming put aside his bold words. If they had the chance to meet again in the future, he would definitely kill Pang Ban and complete the battle that had not been completed before!!

But he didn’t expect it. In just a few months, they will meet again in the Ming Dynasty. This time, Chu Ming not only has achieved a breakthrough to the middle stage of Grand Master, but also has the six-fingered piano demon Huang Xuemei as his trump card. He thinks that he has enough Confidence kills the magician Pang Ban!!

And just when Chu Ming was thinking, the long-lost voice of the system came in his mind.

Ever since Chu Ming completed the sign-in task and directly changed the monthly sign to an annual sign, for several months Time has passed and the system has not rang.

【Ding! System sign-in task starts】

【Task 1: Go to Dongting Lake to sign in at Lanjiang Island, and rewards will be distributed randomly!】

【Task 2: Sign in with a special character, fight against the magician Pang Ban, and complete the sign in in front of him. Rewards will be distributed randomly!】

【Mission 3: Kill ten Sons of Luck and complete the sign-in. Rewards will be distributed randomly! Whether the host accepts the check-in task. Note: If you do not accept the task, there will be no penalty in this system. In addition, all tasks have no time limit!!】


Chu Ming spoke.

Unexpectedly, there were three tasks coming at once. One of them was to sign in at a special place, and the other was to sign in for a special person. But what really surprised Chu Ming was........The last sign-in mission is to kill ten Sons of Luck!!

The first two are okay.

Signing in at Dongting Lake's Banjiang Island. Chu Ming planned to go there anyway, so signing in was just a matter of convenience.

The second check-in task was nothing. He was bound to have a battle with the magician Pang Ban, so naturally it wasn't too difficult.

The last check-in mission, killing ten Sons of Destiny, was still a bit difficult.

What are the sons of luck, such as Guo Jing, Qiao Feng, Duan Yu and the like!

This is not the same as saying that if you want to kill these fate protagonists in the original world, wouldn't it mean that Chu Ming becomes the big killer?

To be able to become the son of luck, one must be someone who is not only powerful but also stunningly talented. (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

"Host, the son of destiny is not the protagonist of the world as you think, but everyone who has destiny!"

The system suddenly reminded.

When Chu Ming heard the system's reminder, he suddenly realized.

He was wrong!

There are many people who are blessed with luck!

Just like Murong Fu, who is blessed with luck.

In this way, the third sign in The task is not too difficult!!

"Young Master, should we go to Dongting Lake to watch the battle."

Huang Xuemei was quite curious when she heard the discussions among the people around her.

After all, the magicians Pang Ban and Lang Fanyun are the top powerhouses in the world.

How can we not let these two powerhouses fight now? She was curious.

She also wanted to find out who the two powerful men were victorious and who was defeated!!


"It just so happens that I also have an unfinished battle, and this time I go to Dongting Lake to fight it!!"

Chu Ming nodded.

Immediately, a ray of light burst out in his eyes.

Hearing this,

Huang Xuemei knew who the person her young master was talking about!!

And while the two were talking, a figure slowly appeared in the inn..

With the appearance of this person, the people in the arena who were originally discussing suddenly became quiet.

Seeing this, Chu Ming couldn't help but look at the person.

He saw that the person was wearing yellow clothes and had a long face.

Her skin is like jade, as transparent as snow.

Her eyebrows are clear and her eyes are bright, with a pair of bright phoenix eyes, giving off a cold and evil feeling!

She has a sense of sight of a shemale!

And the first time he saw the person coming, Chu Ming already knew it. The identity of this person... is the subordinate of the magician Pang Ban, the demon Li Chimei!!

And Li Chimei also noticed Chu Ming and Huang Xuemei.

Especially when she saw Chu Ming, she couldn't help but look surprised

"It's this person!"



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