Chapter 55 Purple Thunder Sword Technique! Condensing the general trend of the world! Kill Zhu Wu with force!


The roar of the liger roared, turning into terrifying sharp edges.

Soon, Tong Zhu Wuwang's palm light intersected with the void, and suddenly a burst of violent explosions broke out.

"this power.......horrible!"

Zhu Wuwang's face was gloomy, feeling the extreme oppression brought by the lion and tiger's golden roar. Under that terrifying roar, his palm light could not move forward at all.

Even the palm light was forcibly shaken.

The whole body of Zhu Wuli was knocked back hundreds of meters by the killing power carried by the roar, and a mouthful of blood spilled from his mouth.

Looking at Zhu Wuli who was knocked back, Shangguan Haitang and Duan Tianya were all shocked. With a look of shock on their faces, in the eyes of the two of them, their adoptive father Zhu Wuli was very powerful and had been in the early stage of Grand Master for many years. It was Chu Ming who should have been knocked back by the"Seven Eight Three", but the scene now was... incredible

"This Chu Ming is really terrifying!"

Shangguan Haitang and Duan Tianya looked at each other, and saw horror in their eyes.

A thought suddenly flashed in their minds.

"Foster father, let me help you!"

Shangguan Haitang spoke.

In vain, at this moment, a figure in white blocked her face.

This person was naturally none other than Huang Xuemei.

"How can I allow you to interfere in my young master's fight? Your opponent is me!"

Huang Xuemei glanced at Shangguan Haitang with an indifferent expression, and an extremely cold light burst out from the depths of her eyes.

"good! If you dare to stop me, I will kill you first today."

Shangguan Haitang said sternly, looking at Huang Xuemei indifferently.

Hearing this, the corners of Huang Xuemei's mouth raised with a hint of coldness:"I really don't know where you have the courage to kill me, how ridiculous!" soon.....Above the sky.

Huang Xuemei and Shangguan Haitang also joined the battle.

However, everyone still focused their attention on Zhu Wuli and Chu Ming at this time... and Zhu Wuli.

He was knocked back by Chu Ming, and his face was extremely ugly at the moment. Even under the roar of the lion and the tiger, Zhu Wuwu's energy and blood had to be suppressed and became extremely disordered. call.......

Zhu Wuwu took a deep breath, worked his mind, and adjusted the chaotic qi and blood in his body, and then he felt a little better.

"good! It's been a long time since I had a good fight. I didn't expect you to be able to push me to such a point. It seems that I really underestimate you. You are really a genius!!"

Zhu Wuli looked at Chu Ming with a little horror.

But Zhu Wuli, who has traveled all over the world, would only have such a method. In these years at Hulong Villa, he has not been idle, but he rarely fights with others. But it doesn’t mean that Zhu Wuli’s strength has not improved at all!!

"oh! So much nonsense."

Chu Mingyun said with a calm expression.

He didn't say much.

He took one step forward, and his figure was as fast as a ghost.

In the blink of an eye, a terrifying purple sword light cut through the void and blasted towards Zhu Wuwu.

As the sword was swung out, dark clouds rolled in and enveloped the originally clear sky. Countless divine thunders flashed through it, and a general trend of heaven and earth quickly hovered in the void.

Surprisingly yes......Finally, the general trend of heaven and earth was condensed in the sword light just now.

I saw that the power of thunder and lightning from heaven and earth was actually wrapped in the sword light, which was really terrifying!!

"This is......!"

Zhu Wuwang was awestruck when he saw this. At this moment, he did not dare to be too boastful and did not hold back at all. The next moment, the powerful condensation of innate true energy in his hands actually condensed into a huge golden dragon!


The roar of the dragon resounds throughout the sky

"This, this is probably the true strength of Lord Tietan!"

Below, Yue Buqun, Taoist Priest Tianmen and other people in the world saw the golden dragon condensed in the sky. Under the roar of the dragon, their hearts trembled, and the terrifying pressure was like a mountain. Oppression comes. (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

"snort! It’s not a real dragon after all!"

Chu Ming snorted coldly when he saw this, and said calmly:"Kill it for me!"

As Chu Ming finished speaking, the purple sword light shone brightly. For a moment, the sword energy, sword light, and sword intention were condensed in the void, and it was aimed at Zhu Wuyi's golden dragon and slashed directly.

Boom! Boom! Boom! boom.....

In an instant, the sword light collided with the golden dragon in the void, and a violent explosion suddenly erupted. From the center of the battle, terrifying waves of energy scattered out, sweeping in all directions.

When everyone saw this, they quickly activated their body skills and retreated to a distance, fearing that they would be affected by the aftermath of the battle.....

Some weaker members of the martial arts community were instantly transformed into a ball of blood mist under the impact of the aftermath!!


Yue Buqun, Taoist Master Tianmen and other people in the world who escaped all suddenly had the same thought at this moment.

In the void.....A miserable dragon roar came.

The purple sword glowed brightly, slashing towards the golden dragon with unparalleled sharpness.

The next moment, the golden dragon collapsed instantly under the power of the purple thunder sword technique, turning into golden light spots and dissipating!!

The power of the purple sword light did not diminish at all, and it slashed towards Zhu Wuwu.

Under the terrifying edge of the sword, Zhu Wuwu looked frightened and wanted to avoid it quickly. Unfortunately, Chu Ming would not give him a chance. As the sword rose and fell, Zhu Wuwu was killed by the sword and split into two halves..

Since then, Zhu Wulan has fallen!!

On the other side, the battle between Huang Xuemei and Shangguan Haitang also ended. Under the sound of a killing piano, Shangguan Haitang was directly killed. With a burst of sonic boom, the whole person turned into a ball of blood mist, and no bones remained!!

Duan Tianya wanted to step forward to help Shangguan Haitang, but he also turned into a ball of blood mist under the power of the killing piano sound!!

In the day of Hulong Villa, Xuanzi's No. 1 secret agent both died on the spot.

The people present and the powerful sects from all over the world looked horrified and shocked when they saw this scene.

Unexpectedly, Hou Zhu, the famous Iron Courage God of the Ming Dynasty, ignored him, and a powerful master fell here like this, and was killed by Chu Ming 0.0 with just one blow!

The eyes that looked at Chu Ming one by one were full of panic and fear!

The killing power displayed by this young man is really terrifying!!

Now in Hengyang City, Hou Zhu, the iron gall god of Hulong Villa, Shangguan Haitang, and Duan Tianya all died here. I am afraid that from now on, there will be no Hulong Villa in the Ming Dynasty!!

"Young Master!"

Huang Xuemei's figure flashed and came to Chu Ming's side.

"let's go!"

Chu Ming said calmly.

He threw a bag of silver and gave it to the owner of the inn!

After all, he destroyed the inn when he practiced Liger's Broken Golden Chant before.

Then, in the horrified and horrified eyes of Yue Buqun, Tianmen Taoist Priest and others , and left slowly.

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