Chapter 53 Chu will cut off your arm today!


A roar of a lion and a tiger came from Chu Ming's room, turning into circles of terrifying sound waves, sweeping in all directions.

Under the sound wave... everything in the entire room was instantly shattered into pieces. Even the inn was shaken violently by the terrifying roar, like an earthquake.

"This, what is going on?"

"Could it be Shaolin's Lion Roar Kung Fu!"

"My Shaolin lion roaring skill is not so terrifying."


In the inn, many people in the world were completely frightened by this sudden scene. The roar was like a lion and a tiger roaring together, containing extremely terrifying sound waves. Even some people with low strength on the scene were directly shaken by the sound waves. Bleeding from the seven orifices, liver and gallbladder splitting, and death.

Even stronger warriors did not feel comfortable facing that roar. Their faces were extremely ugly and their bodies were trembling even more.

"Young Master, it’s too scary! I didn't expect that there was such a sound wave technique."

Huang Xuemei, who was practicing, also felt the violent fluctuations in the space. She quickly opened the door and walked out, and found that the roar was coming from her own young master's room.

She suddenly looked surprised!

When it comes to sonic skills, Huang Xuemei is very familiar with it.

Tianlong Bayin also belongs to the sound wave martial arts, but compared to Chu Ming's sonic skills at this moment, Tianlong Bayin is obviously far behind!

At the same time, under the roar of Chu Ming's lion and tiger, many Jianghus in Hengyang City The people in the middle and the powerful sects from all the forces also rushed towards the inn where Chu Ming was staying at the first time.

Zhu Wuwen, Yue Buqun and Tianmen Taoist Priest and others also appeared above the inn, staring down. Inn.

Looking at the spatial fluctuations that erupted from the inn at this moment, everyone looked curious, who could actually cause such a big movement with a roar.

Soon, when the roar dissipated, a familiar figure appeared in front of them. In front of me, it was Chu Ming!!.......

After Chu Ming merged with the lion and tiger's golden chant, he slowly opened his eyes and looked at the room in front of him that was destroyed by the roar. Various fragments were scattered on the floor, and he couldn't help but hold his forehead. He couldn't control his strength just now. He was completely immersed in the mystery of the Liger's Golden Chanting Technique, and he seemed to have forgotten that he was in the inn at the moment!!

But it doesn't matter. There are a lot of gold and silver treasures that were looted from Jiang Biehe before, so I can just pay for it. no way! Being rich means being willful!!

Then Chu Ming slowly stood up and pushed the door open.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Huang Xuemei waiting outside the door holding the Tianmo Qin.

"Young Master, you finally came out."

Huang Xuemei saw Chu Ming coming out and greeted him.

Chu Ming nodded.

However, when he turned his eyes to the surroundings, he found that there were many masters surrounding the inn, including many masters and great masters!!

"It turns out to be Young Master Chu!"

When Zhu Wuwu, Yue Buqun and others saw that it was Chu Ming, they instantly knew it, and their eyes were filled with shock and horror.

Chu Ming shocked them too much.

The movement just now was naturally correct. It was Chu Ming who did it!!

But, thinking of that roar, it was like a lion and a tiger roaring together, and even their energy and blood were suppressed under the roar.

Among the people who came, only Zhu ignored it The strongest, but as Chu Ming's roar came out, he felt that the aura in his body was suppressed.

Now that the sound wave dissipated, Zhu Wuli returned to his original state!!

But he was already shocked in his heart.

It can make him A powerful person in the early stage of a Grand Master feels like being suppressed, and such methods may only be achieved by land gods!

"Could it be that Chu Ming's true strength has already reached the realm of land gods!!"

Zhu Mingli thought to himself.

Although he knew how crazy his idea was, the suppression that Chu Ming gave him just now was indeed not what a strong master could possess. It was already above him!!

Immediately, Zhu Mingli hurriedly stepped forward. , facing Chu Ming, he cupped his hands and said:

"Young Master Chu, this is Hou Zhuwuwu, the brave god of the Dragon Protector Villa in the Ming Dynasty. We meet again. We are really destined! That day in Xiangyang City, I had witnessed Chu Shaoxia's heroic appearance, killing the powerful Tantric master Jinlun Dharma King, and then fighting the magician Pang Ban. He was so chivalrous that he was truly a peerless genius. With Chu Shaoxia like this The existence of Tianjiao is really a great blessing for the Central Plains Wulin!!"

Chu Ming just smiled lightly when he heard Zhu Wuwu's words:

"Mr. Hou, this is too much praise! Chu just took action because of a temporary itch, which is not a chivalrous act."

Chu Ming has no good impression of Zhu Yilan.

This person's scheming is definitely not as kind as he seems on the surface. This can be seen from Liu Zhengfeng's attitude towards the Golden Bowl Washing Ceremony.

"Ha ha......In my eyes, Young Master Chu deserves to be the most chivalrous person in the world.

Zhu Wulan smiled heartily and continued:"We are destined to meet each other. I don't know if Young Master Chu will appreciate me. You and I will have a good drink. I am very happy to see Young Master Chu!"!"

"Mr. Hou, I'm sorry! Chu has other things to do, let’s talk about them later when we have the opportunity."

Chu Ming refused directly.

He didn't say it fully. He believed that Yi Zhu ignored it and naturally heard the meaning behind his words.

However, when Duan Tianya heard these words, it was completely different.

"snort......Young Master Chu, you are really arrogant. My adoptive father is the emperor's uncle of the Ming Dynasty. His status is so respected. It is your honor to invite you to have a drink with me. However, you deliberately use all kinds of words to evade. You really think that You are amazing!!"

Duan Tianya snorted coldly.

There was a hint of coldness in his eyes as he looked at Chu Ming.

"Tianya, don’t be rude to Young Master Chu!!"

Zhu Wuwu scolded Duan Tianya, and then apologized to Chu Ming:"Young Master Chu, Tianya is my adopted son. He always speaks straightforwardly. Please forgive me and don't be angry!"

"No problem!"

Chu Ming waved his hand.

As he spoke, he took a step forward and a bright sword flashed.

As Duan Tianya screamed, an arm was cut off!!

"hehe! Today, Chu broke off one of your arms to teach you a lesson. You can’t offend anyone. You can say anything, but you have to see how strong you are!!"

Chu Ming glanced at Duan Tianya, his eyes were awe-inspiring, and he spoke domineeringly.

But Yue Buqun, Taoist Master Tianmen, and all the people around him saw the sudden scene, and their expressions were stunned.

For a moment, the entire atmosphere became extremely solemn!!

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