Chapter 52 Give credit to Huang Xuemei! Signing in, the lion and the tiger sang like gold!

Everyone looked at Chu Ming and Huang Xuemei's disappearing back. Many people suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. It was really the oppression that Chu Ming brought to everyone.

The feeling is as thick and powerful as the mountains!!

It's as despairing as the abyss!!

When the disciples of the Songshan Sect saw that Chu Ming had gone away, they felt as if they had been granted amnesty, and then they breathed a sigh of relief.

Ding Mian, Fei Bin, and Lu Bai died, and they were disciples of the Songshan Sect, so naturally the anger around them was directed at them.

But they didn't know that in Chu Ming's eyes, they were like ants, not worth letting Chu Ming take action and kill them without even a single bit of luck!!

Let’s talk about Chu Ming...

After coming out of the Jinpen Washing Conference, I went directly back to the inn.

"Xuemei, I have a set of exercises here that are just right for you to practice, so I give them to you."

In the room, Chu Ming directly took out the highest mental method of the wedding dress magic skill obtained from the Liuren Divine Dice, and handed it to Huang Xuemei at the ninth level.

It's not that Chu Ming didn't want to practice it for Huang Xuemei, it was just that he had forgotten it.

Just now, Chu Ming Just remembered.

During this time, he found that Huang Xuemei was very suitable for practicing this technique.

However, this technique has been systematically improved and is far more terrifying than before. Even the disadvantages of the original practice have been completely eliminated. Repaired.

After receiving the technique, Huang Xuemei glanced at the brocade silk in her hand, then her beautiful eyes turned to Chu Ming and said:

"Sir, this is for me."

Chu Ming nodded, and then continued:

"In addition to using this technique to gain strength, after mastering it, you can also absorb their internal energy from a distance and use it for your own use. What I give to you is for you."

"Absorbing other people's inner energy through the air, even the famous star-absorbing method cannot do this. This method is really mysterious."

Huang Xuemei's eyes were surprised.

She had heard about the technique of absorbing other people's internal energy, but this was the first time she saw one that could directly absorb the internal energy from the air.

"However, this method is still too far-fetched. After you complete your practice, the specific survival of this method depends entirely on your own will. Chu

Ming spoke.

Huang Xuemei nodded:

"yes! Thank you very much, sir."

As she said that, Huang Xuemei looked at the skill in her hand, as if she had found a treasure, her beautiful eyes flashed.

After the two briefly chatted for a few words, Huang Xuemei left and returned to her room.

After Huang Xuemei left, Chu Ming directly Open the system space.

In the system space, there is only something like a gift bag.

This is the reward for Liu Zhengfeng's sign-in task at the Golden Pen Washing Conference. He did not check it immediately before.

Chu Ming thought.

【Ding! Obtain a ten-year Xianyuan Pill! 】

Chu Ming was a little disappointed.

Unexpectedly, it was just a ten-year Xianyuan Pill!

Now that Chu Ming has reached the realm of Grand Master, swallowing this pill will not have much effect on him now.

"well! Forget it, better than nothing."

Chu Ming said solemnly.

Although it has little effect on him, it is not completely useless.

But thinking about it, it is impossible for the rewards given out every time to be what he wants. After all, the sign-in task is not difficult, and even said It's very simple.

After all, Liu Zhengfeng is different from Guo Jing. He is the son of destiny in the original world. Liu Zhengfeng is just an inconspicuous supporting role in the world. Thinking about it like this, Chu Ming suddenly felt relieved.

Then, Chu Ming directly swallowed the Xianyuan Pill After taking it, now that he has reached the realm of the Grand Master, his absorption and refining are no longer comparable to what he was able to do at the beginning. The ten-year-old True Yuan Dan instantly transformed into the power of True Yuan and merged into his Dantian.

In a few breaths, Chu Ming completely Completely absorb and refine the power of the Xiantian True Yuan Pill!

Feeling that the true energy in the body has obviously increased compared to before, but it seems to be just a trace.

But for Chu Ming, it is enough!!

Not to mention this golden basin After absorbing the conference and killing Ding Mian and Fei Bin, Lu Bai gained a lot of luck points.

At this moment, the system's beep sounded again.

【Ding! The system reminds the host that you have not signed in for two months. Please ask the host if you will sign in immediately!!"

"Sign in!"

Chu Ming said directly.

He almost forgot about this incident.

Now when he heard the reminder from the system, he found that he had not checked in for two months!!

【Ding! Successful monthly signing, get a Dragon Tiger Pill】

【Ding! Successful monthly signing, get the Golden Song of Liger and Tiger!】........

【Dragon and Tiger Pill: After swallowing it, it can increase the user's internal strength, giving it the power of a dragon and a tiger!!

【Liger and Tiger's Broken Gold Roar]: A sonic technique from a certain fantasy world. The liger and tiger roar together, and all beasts surrender. It has the power of shattering gold to shake the soul!!


Chu Ming looked satisfied when he heard the system's sign-in reward.

Compared to the Dragon Tiger Pill, what really excited him was......The liger and the tiger sing with broken gold!!

He was very familiar with this technique.

In this comprehensive martial arts world, there is also sonic martial arts.

Such as the Shaolin Lion Roar Kung Fu.

But the liger's golden roar is much more powerful than the lion's roar, and the two are not on the same level at all!!

"I lack sonic martial arts."

Chu Ming pondered, then thought of something and spoke to the system.:

"correct! In the future, the system will be changed to annual signing. Monthly signing is too troublesome!!"

The rewards of the annual sign are much better than the monthly sign!!


Chu Ming continued to turn his attention to the sign-in reward...

He did not immediately fuse the lion and the tiger with the golden chant.

Instead, he looked at the dragon and tiger that appeared in the palm of his hand. Pill!!

Taking a deep breath, a strong and majestic medicinal power hit his nostrils instantly.

If it were before, Chu Ming would definitely be excited when he saw this pill.

But now, he has stepped into the realm of the Grand Master and has the Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu. , the increase in strength did not have much appeal to him!!

Then, Chu Ming sat cross-legged and swallowed the Dragon Tiger Pill directly. Suddenly, a powerful and majestic medicinal power quickly dissolved in the body and spread throughout the body. Showing the momentum of movement, the entire absorption process did not last long, and soon the power of Longhu Dan was directly absorbed by him.

Next.......Chu Ming turned his attention to the technique of Liger and Tiger Shattering Gold!!

"System, fused with the lion and tiger’s broken golden chant!"

Chu Ming said solemnly...........

And at the same time as Chu Ming merged.

This is the Songshan Sect.

The bodies of Ding Mian, Fei Bin, and Lu Bai were directly carried back by Songshan Sect disciples.

Zuo Lengchan looked at the corpses of the three people with a gloomy face.

The strength of the three of them is well-known in the Songshan Sect and even in the entire Ming Dynasty!!

Especially Ding Mian.

His strength has reached the early stage of being a master!

He was only inferior to Zuo Lengchan, but now the three of them went to Hengyang City to arrest Liu Zhengfeng, but what they finally brought back were the cold corpses of Ding Mian and the others.

Suddenly, Zuo Lengchan was completely angry!

After some questioning, I learned the cause and effect.

But when he heard Chu Ming's name, Zuo Lengchan's pupils suddenly tightened. As the head of the Songshan Sect, he had heard of this name before.

This boy is a young master, a peerless genius!

If it's just the realm of a grandmaster, then forget it.

But what really frightens Zuo Lengchan is that......The powerful Tantric master Jinlun Dharma King was killed by this man. He even fought with the magician Pang Ban, but he was evenly matched without any injuries. In the end, he walked away intact!!

Zuo Lengchan thought to himself that his strength was not as powerful as the magician Pang Ban. Thinking about it this way, he could only suffer the disadvantage of being dumb.

I definitely don’t have the courage to seek revenge from Chu Ming!!

But now, Ding Mian, Fei Bin and others have been killed, and the strength of the Songshan Sect has been greatly damaged.

I'm afraid other sects of the Five Mountains Sword Sect are waiting for the opportunity!!

Although he is the leader of the Five Mountains Sword Sect, he knows that the other sects of the Five Mountains Sword Sect are not willing to surrender to Zuo Lengchan!

Yue Buqun of the Huashan sect is one of them.

Moreover, in Zuo Lengchan's opinion, this person has always had a good reputation among the other leaders of the Five Mountains Sword Sect.

But Zuo Lengchan knew that Yue Buqun was anything but what he saw. This man was a hypocrite!!

However, just because Zuo Lengchan did not dare to trouble Chu Ming did not mean that he could swallow the matter and let it go.

Immediately, his eyes darkened.

An extreme cold light burst out deep in the eyes................

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