Chapter 50 It’s him, Chu Ming!

When the sound of the killing zither dissipated, everyone suddenly came to their senses.

But when their eyes fell on Ding Mian's body, they all looked surprised.

Ding Mian is a powerful master!

In the Songshan Sect, he is the head of the Thirteen Taibao, and he is extremely powerful.

But now, it has become a cold corpse.

And all this is because of the mysterious woman who suddenly appeared in front of him.

At this moment, when they looked at Huang Xuemei, the amusement in their eyes was gone.

Under the sound of the piano, this woman's killing power is unparalleled!

If this person hadn't just targeted Ding Mian and had no murderous intention towards them, I'm afraid they would have been killed on the spot under the sound of the piano!!

Even so, the people in the arena still felt uncomfortable.

Under that killing sound of the piano, I had a splitting headache!!

"Foster father, this woman's strength is not simple. The murderous zither sound even made me tremble. My consciousness was affected by the zither sound. It was really terrifying. I don't know when such a stunning figure appeared in the Ming Dynasty. A young woman with great strength!!"

Shangguan Haitang looked horrified, and his eyes fell on Huang Xuemei.

Zhu Wulan nodded:

"yes! Haitang, this person has deep inner strength, and even I can't see through her cultivation level. But judging from the sound of the killing zither just now, if I guessed correctly, this woman's cultivation level has already reached the realm of a great master."

But when his eyes turned to Huang Xuemei and fell on a young man in a green shirt, his heart sank. He looked horrified and extremely shocked. He didn't expect it to be this person!!

"What? Grandmaster realm, adoptive father, how is this possible?"

Duan Tianya was surprised.

He saw that the woman in white in front of him was almost the same age as him, but her cultivation level had already reached the realm of Grand Master. Looking at Duan Tianya, how could this be possible?! The realm of Grand Master was the same as that of his adoptive father. That is to say, Zhu Wuwu is in the same realm!

How can this not shock Duan Tianya.

Zhu Wuwu looked surprised when he saw the two of them, and then he spoke seriously and said slowly:

"Haitang, Tianya, nothing is impossible in this world, and there are also people with extraordinary talents."

Duan Tianya, Shangguan Haitang nodded after hearing this......

And the other side.

Chu Ming's eyes were indifferent.

Naturally, he also noticed the look Zhu Wulan cast at him, but he ignored Zhu Wuli's gaze!!

In his eyes, Zhu Wuwu was no different from the group of people in the world in front of him, he was nothing more than a bastard!!

In the past, when Songshan sent troops to attack Liu Zhengfeng, Zhu Wuwu's stand-by attitude was enough to explain everything. This man has a very deep scheming mind and his mind is definitely not ordinary!!

But at this moment, Chu Ming felt very happy when he heard the luck point reminder in the system for killing Ding Mian!!

Songshan sect here.....

Da Songyang's hand Fei Bin and Crane's hand Lu Bai saw Ding Mian being killed by Huang Xuemei's music, and immediately pointed their swords at him.

"Stinky girl, who are you that dare to kill Senior Brother Ding?"

Fei Bin looked angry.

Immediately, a surge of energy surged.

"snort.....In the words of my young master, you don’t deserve to know!!"

Huang Xuemei snorted.

There was an extreme cold light in her eyes.

But this cold light fell into Fei Bin and Lu Bai's eyes, but it made their hearts tremble, and they suddenly felt a cold feeling on their backs, and they shuddered!!

But now.

In front of the Five Mountains Sword Sect and all the people in the world, if Fei Bin and Lu Bai don't take action, the Songshan Sect will definitely become a laughing stock!!

After all, their Songshan Sect is the leader of the Five Mountains Sword Sect. , being bullied to the point of being bullied, he could still swallow his anger and not take any action. If word spread, I'm afraid he would be ridiculed by martial arts circles. Especially other sects of the Wuyue Sword Sect, they might use this as an excuse to attack their Songshan sect and force Senior Brother Zuo Give up the position of leader of the Five Mountains Sword Sect

"hateful! Really arrogant"

"Senior Brother Lu, this woman is very powerful. The two of us will join forces to kill her. Let’s put the matter of Liu Zhengfeng aside for the time being. Fei

Bin said


Lu Bai nodded.

Then he saw only two people. Without any reservation, the innate true energy in the body circulated rapidly and condensed on the long sword. The Songshan sword technique was displayed, and a piercing murderous intention was locked towards Huang Xuemei!!

"Well come."

Huang Xuemei said solemnly.

She did not dodge.

Immediately, the Heavenly Demon Qin stood in her arms and plucked the strings.

The terrifying and murderous sound of the piano came out from the Heavenly Demon Qin and turned into a strong wave of energy directly towards Fei Bin and Lu Bai. The sword power of the two people.


Soon, the sound of the piano and the sword movements intertwined in the void, and a violent explosion suddenly broke out. As the sound sounded, the two sword movements instantly collapsed.

But the offensive to kill Qin Yin has not weakened at all.

They rushed towards Fei Bin and Lu Bai to kill them.

"not good!"

Seeing this, the two people's hearts trembled and they exclaimed.

Their figures quickly flashed, trying to avoid Qinyin's offensive.

But the next moment... they only felt a chill coming down their backs.

At some point, a young man in blue shirt Already appeared behind them.

Naturally, the person who took action was none other than Chu Ming!!

He raised the knife and fell to the ground.

Fei Bin and Lu Bai were killed with one knife.

They didn't even have time to scream, and there was an extreme look in their eyes. Frightened.

Bang bang!

The bodies of the two people directly hit the ground hard, and they could not die anymore. When everyone reacted , they looked at the young man in green shirt with horror.

But when their eyes fell on the knife in Chu Ming's hand, they found that the knife was in Chu Ming's hand. There's no blood on him

"This, how is this possible?"

"The young man in green shirt drew the knife without even a trace of blood on it. How terrifying was the speed of the knife?!"

Many people in the arena looked shocked and appalled.

"It's him, Chu Ming!"

At this time, someone at the scene recognized Chu Ming and exclaimed loudly.

"Foster father, I didn’t expect that this person would also appear at the Golden Pen Washing Ceremony!!"

Shangguan Haitang also recognized Chu Ming. There were too many people in the arena before, so she didn't realize that Chu Ming was normal. But now that she saw this person, she recognized him at a glance.

"Haitang, who is this person?"

Duan Tianya was a little confused and asked quickly

"This person is the young prodigy who I told you before about beheading King Jinlun in Xiangyang City and fighting against the magician Pang Ban, Chu Ming!!"

"It's this person!"

Hearing this, Duan Tianya's eyes were meaningful.

Deep in his eyes, there was a hint of fighting spirit!!



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