Chapter 5 officially sets foot in the world!

Looking at the Great Return Pill in front of him, Uncle Huang had a complicated expression.

There are shocks and surprises!

Shocked of course........Chu Ming gave him a shock.

Uncle Huang knew Chu Ming very well.

This young master of my family has been practicing hard since he was a child since he took over Changfeng Villa from the old owner.

However, the way of training always made him feel strange.

They were all things he had never seen before.

Uncle Huang himself is also a martial artist. Although his level is not high and he only has the late acquired cultivation level, he is not completely ignorant about martial arts training. He knows a little bit about it!!

There is no warrior who is not greedy for life-prolonging elixirs such as the Great Return Pill.

After all, if a warrior's cultivation level has not exceeded that of a Grandmaster, their lifespan is extremely limited.

And only by truly entering the realm of land gods can a warrior's life span be hundreds of years!!

The elixir for increasing lifespan can be said to be hard to come by! now.

But Chu Ming could easily take out a Great Return Pill. Moreover, according to Chu Ming's words, he still had a lot of this kind of pill in his hand. How could he not shock Uncle Huang!!

His current cultivation level is just that of a late-stage martial artist. It can be said that his life span is about to come to an end. In a few years, the oil lamp may be exhausted. However, the Great Return Pill in front of him can increase his life span and even Breakthroughs allow you to further your cultivation.

How could this not surprise Uncle Huang!!

As long as he swallows the Great Return Pill, not only will his cultivation level improve, but his lifespan will also increase, just like a dead tree that becomes reborn when spring comes!!

When Chu Ming saw the change in Uncle Huang's expression, he looked at the Great Return Pill with his eyes, as if he had found a treasure, so he continued:"Uncle Huang, you should also practice hard. During my absence, Changfeng Villa will be left to you. Okay, and combined with this sword technique, your strength will be greatly improved!!"

As he spoke.

Chu Ming took out a secret book, and it turned out to be the Changfeng Sword Technique.

"Owner, this, this.....It's the Changfeng Sword Technique. This is the unique skill of Changfeng Villa, and I absolutely cannot accept it."

When Uncle Huang saw the four characters"Changfeng Sword Technique" written on it, he immediately refused and said:"Master, you have given me the Great Return Pill. This pill is already quite precious and can help me increase my life span. This long wind sword technique.......Never do it."

As a slave of Changfeng Villa, Uncle Huang naturally knows the Changfeng Sword Technique very well.

"Uncle Huang, how many years have you been coming to Changfeng Villa?"

Chu Ming couldn't help but ask.

Uncle Huang thought for a while, calculated the time, and replied:"Back to the owner, I came to Changfeng Villa when I was ten years old, and it has been fifty years now!"

"Fifty years! Over the years, your contribution to Changfeng Villa has been great. Over the years, the relationship between us has far exceeded that of an ordinary master and servant. I have long regarded you as a relative. This Changfeng Knife Fa, just accept it! What's more, this sword technique is not a complete version, only the first half. Uncle Huang, you can understand as much as you want."

Chu Ming opened his mouth to explain.

Yes, this sword technique is not the complete version of Changfeng Saber Technique!

It is only the first half of Changfeng Saber Technique, but in Chu Ming's opinion, it is enough for Uncle Huang.

If Uncle Huang completely After understanding the first half of the sword technique, it would not be too late to teach the next part of the sword technique to Uncle Huang!!

But in the end...

Huang Bo couldn't defeat Chu Ming, so he took over the Changfeng sword technique!

Looking at the Great Return Pill in his hand As well as the Changfeng Sword Technique, Uncle Huang said:"Master of the village, just don't worry! The old slave will definitely take good care of Changfeng Villa, and also practice the Changfeng Sword Technique, waiting for the day when the owner returns."


Chu Ming nodded.........

And the next three days.

Chu Ming was as always.

He practices the Eight Steps of the Heavenly Demon, the Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques, the Changfeng Sword Technique and many other techniques.

It is not because of the Eight Steps of Heavenly Demon and the Eight Judgment of Heavenly Sword that one has to slack off or relax after reaching the realm of Dacheng.

After all, in Chu Ming's opinion, when the real battle comes, your opponent will not give you any chance to breathe.

Now that he is becoming more proficient in the technique, he will have more protection when he ventures into the world!! soon!

Three days passed quietly while practicing.

This day.

Chu Ming had breakfast.

Noticed Uncle Huang

"Uncle Huang, your cultivation has reached a breakthrough."

Chu Ming noticed.

In the past few days, Chu Ming has been practicing and didn't pay too much attention to Uncle Huang. Now it seems that the Great Return Pill has been absorbed by Uncle Huang.

Even Uncle Huang's walking Become as fast as flying!!

Obviously, the Great Return Pill has worked

"Yes! Thanks to the village owner's Great Returning Pill, the old slave's cultivation has now reached the second-level innate realm, and the energy and blood in his body feel like he has been reborn."

Huang Bo respectfully replied

"good! good."

Chu Ming was satisfied.

He didn't expect that a Great Return Pill would directly elevate Uncle Huang to the innate realm. Before, Uncle Huang's cultivation level was only the acquired seventh level. Now he has directly crossed over to a great realm. From then on, The day after tomorrow went directly to Xiantian!

A total of four small realms were promoted in the middle!

It was two levels higher than the realm that Chu Ming had absorbed before by absorbing the Great Return Pill.

But for this......Chu Ming was not surprised.

After all, the two have different starting points.

Uncle Huang is from the day after tomorrow!

And Chu Ming is at the master level.

The two are naturally incompatible!!

"Uncle Huang, how is your practice of Changfeng Sword Technique?"

Chu Ming asked Uncle Huang

"Returning to the village owner, he has only just mastered a level of swordsmanship."Huang Bo said truthfully.

"Changfeng Sword Technique pays attention to one word, quick! The sword is as sharp and fast as the wind. Please understand that everyone's understanding of the sword technique is different. As long as you understand the meaning of your sword, you will naturally understand the meaning of the sword."

Chu Ming spoke.

When he finished speaking, Chu Ming suddenly drew his sword.

He used the Changfeng Sword Technique. Each sword strike was sharp, and the sword energy was vertical and horizontal, like a strong wind sweeping across.

After using it, he put away the sword, and Chu Ming said to Huang Bo,"I just practiced the first half of the Changfeng Sword Technique. Uncle Huang, you can understand as much as you can.""

"I’m going to the world now, and I’m afraid I won’t be back for a while. Uncle Huang, I’ll leave Changfeng Villa to you!"

After saying that,

Chu Ming got on the horse directly, gave Uncle Huang some instructions, and then left Changfeng Villa on horseback.

"Jianghu, here I come.........

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