Chapter 47 Linghu Chong, die!

"This young master, I have good intentions to make friends with you, but you are so arrogant."

Linghu Chong's face was gloomy.

Hearing this, Chu Ming's eyes turned cold, and a flash of extreme coldness surged, and then he said calmly:

"How ridiculous! It was you who followed me all the way and came over to tell me that you wanted to get acquainted with me. I was right, you, Linghu Chong, are indeed unworthy!!"


Linghu Chong looked angry, drew his sword directly and said:

"Then Linghu Chong wants to ask your Excellency for advice!!"

"Please teach me, my young master, until you defeat me."

At this time, Huang Xuemei on the side spoke, a pair of beautiful eyes full of murderous intent.

Her fingers were already placed on the Tianmo Qin, just waiting for Chu Ming to nod.

Huang Xuemei will definitely kill Linghu Chong!!

Seeing this, Linghu Chong's face darkened, a little bit Hesitant!

Just now in the Yanhui Building, he saw Huang Xuemei take action. Under the sound of the piano, Yu Canghai and all the Qingcheng faction died on the spot.

Seeing the change in Linghu Chong's expression, Chu Ming raised the corner of his mouth with a hint of meaning, and then���Without even looking at Linghu Chong, he spoke to Huang Xuemei:

"let's go!"

"yes! Young Master."

Huang Xuemei nodded and left together with Chu Ming.

Linghu Chong was relieved when he saw the two of them leaving.

"hateful! The killing intent just now was really terrifying." Linghu

Chong couldn't help but tremble when he thought of the way Huang Xuemei looked at him.

But when he thought of Chu Ming's words, he, Linghu Chong, is not worthy!!

He, Linghu Chong, is the great disciple of the Huashan Sect, and he might even become the head of the Huashan Sect in the future!!

The more he thought about it, the gloomier Linghu Chong's face became.

Immediately, he felt a sense of determination.

He continued to choose to follow.

"Young Master……"

Huang Xuemei had just walked not far when she noticed that Linghu Chong continued to follow her.

"court death!"

Chu Ming looked coldly.

He didn't expect that Linghu Chong would dare to follow him after he had already warned him.

The two of them stopped immediately.

Huang Xuemei looked at Linghu Chong, her beautiful eyes said coldly:

"It seems that you have forgotten what my young master said. The young master has already let you go. It’s okay if you don’t know what is good or bad! I will kill you today!!"

Linghu Chong smiled coldly:

"ridiculous! Kill me. Do you know who I am and who my master is?"

Chu Ming on the side heard Linghu Chong's words, his expression was playful, and he said coldly:

"Haha...Who do you think you are, Linghu Chong? I think I killed you today, so how dare Yue Buqun give me trouble?"

"I'm afraid it's not appropriate for you to humiliate me, Linghu Chong, over and over again! Then Linghu Chong will see how capable you are of saying such big words today."

Linghu Chong sneered at the corner of his mouth.

He, Linghu Chong, is a great disciple of the Huashan Sect. How had he ever been treated like this?

He couldn't swallow this breath!!

After saying that, he continued to face Chu Ming:"Is it possible that your Excellency only hides in the dark? Woman behind."

The sarcasm in Linghu Chong's words is very obvious.

"snort! court death!"

Huang Xuemei looked angry.

A flash of crazy murderous intent surged.

After hearing Linghu Chong's words, Chu Ming looked indifferent and looked at Linghu Chong like a clown.

"Linghu Chong, don't say I won't give you a chance. Today I will give you a chance to take action."


After saying this, Linghu Chong directly drew his sword and struck Chu Ming with a flash of extreme sword light.

The sword light was shining, sharp and fast!

When Chu Ming saw this, his expression was indifferent, he stood quietly and looked at Linghu Chong. The coming force.

Linghu Chong saw that Chu Ming did not dodge or move, so he immediately said sharply:

"How arrogant!!"

But before he could finish his words, a terrifying and sharp blade shot out.


The long sword in Linghu Chong's hand shattered, and he didn't have time to let out a scream. He was directly killed by the blade and was completely gone. any breath of life

"snort! Vulnerable, really ridiculous!!"

Chu Ming sheathed the knife and looked at Linghu Chong's body coldly.

This Linghu Chong is simply seeking death!

In his previous life, when Chu Ming saw Swordsman, he didn't like Linghu Chong very much.

To put it nicely, he was free and easy, doing whatever he wanted, and being informal. Xiaojie, he looks like a charlatan. But it can be seen that he is a brother-in-law with the flower-picking thief Tian Boguang!!

"Let's go! Chu

Ming said.

Then without looking back, he took Huang Xuemei and left. He went directly back to the inn!

After returning to the inn room,

Chu Ming closed the door and turned on the system directly.

He found that his luck points had increased again!

"Sure enough, as I expected, as long as the character I summoned killed a master of martial arts, he would randomly receive luck points."

Huang Xuemei killed Yun Zhonghe before, and Yu Canghai gave him a lot of luck points!!

And just when Chu Ming was about to start practicing, the system's notification sound suddenly sounded.

His body was suddenly shocked.

【Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the hidden mission, killing Linghu Chong, the son of destiny, and obtaining the skill: Purple Thunder Sword Technique!】

"This, this... I didn't expect that killing Linghu Chong would trigger a hidden mission, and there was an unexpected surprise."

Chu Ming looked excited.

He didn't expect that the rewarded skill was actually the Purple Thunder Sword Technique!

He was no stranger to the Purple Thunder Sword Technique.

This sword technique is a peerless sword technique from the legendary world of the Emperor. It can be described as extremely domineering!

And this sword technique The method is divided into seven forms, also known as the Seven Strikes of Purple Thunder!!

The power of this sword technique cannot be matched by the Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques!!

"good! It seems that you can also get rewards for killing the Son of Luck."

Chu Ming thought.

In this comprehensive martial arts world, there are many Sons of Luck. If Chu Ming can be killed, I believe his strength will definitely break through a lot!

Using the Son of Luck as a stepping stone on his martial arts path, in Chu Ming seems to be a good choice!!

This actually gives him another way to improve his strength!!

【Ding! Should the host fuse the Purple Thunder Sword Technique immediately?】



And at the same time.

On the Huashan Sect side...

Linghu Chong's body was discovered in an alley by a Huashan Sect disciple.

Then he was carried back to the inn where the Huashan sect was located.


"Big Brother…"

"Who killed Chong'er?"

Yue Buqun, Ning Zhongze, Yue Lingshan and a group of Huashan Sect disciples looked at Linghu Chong's body and couldn't believe it.

Yue Buqun checked Linghu Chong's body and found a terrible knife mark on the chest.

And when they saw Yue Buqun's expression was awe-inspiring at this knife mark.

He felt that there was a terrifying blade intent on it.

Even though this blade intent was only a small wisp, it made Yue Buqun's heart tremble at this moment!!

"What kind of powerful and terrifying existence is this that can leave the sword intention on the corpse?"

Yue Buqun said with a serious look.



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