Chapter 45 Huang Xuemei’s murderous intention!

Unconsciously, a month has passed since the end of the Anti-Yuan Heroes Conference.

Ever since Zhao Min and other Mongolian and Yuan tribes were defeated at this conference.

The Mongolian and Yuan armies stormed Xiangyang City!

The Anti-Yuan Alliance army resisted desperately and repelled the attacks of the Mongolian Yuan army several times.

In the end, under the united will of all the soldiers of the Song Dynasty and all the people in the world, the Mongolian and Yuan armies had to withdraw!!

And at this moment.

Hengyang City.

The appearance of a young man in green shirt and a beautiful woman holding a guqin in her arms immediately attracted the attention of many people around.

The young man was born with great energy and extraordinary handsomeness!!

The pace is steady and powerful!

A green shirt moves with the wind, quite a bit of a mundane temperament!!

And beside the young man in green shirt, there was a young woman holding a guqin in her arms.

Stunningly beautiful and beautiful!

The first feeling is very cold!!

These two people are naturally none other than Chu Ming and Huang Xuemei!!

When Huang Xuemei saw the eyes of the people around her, she suddenly felt unhappy.

With cold eyes, he glanced at the people around him, and suddenly everyone felt a terrifying chill.

"Sir, the looks in these people's eyes make me very uncomfortable."

Huang Xuemei looked at the people around her with cold eyes.

But when she turned to Chu Ming... her eyes became extremely gentle.

Hearing this, Chu Ming smiled and said:

"Ha ha! Who told you to look so beautiful?"

"alright! Let's find an inn to stay in first."

"good! Everything is up to the master's arrangement."

Huang Xuemei nodded.

But not long after the two left, a figure flashed in vain.

The next moment, Chu Ming appeared directly in front of Huang Xuemei's eyes.

"Ouch! Yun was very lucky today. When he arrived in Hengyang City, he met such a beautiful little beauty!!"

The speaker was a middle-aged man with a wretched appearance, a slender figure, and a steel claw in his hand. When

Chu Ming saw this man's dress, he already knew his identity!!

One of the villains is Yun Zhonghe!

"Little beauty, Yun Mou will definitely make you want to die soon!"

Yun Zhonghe teased.

Then his eyes fell on Chu Ming aside,"What a handsome little lover, it's a pity that……"

When Huang Xuemei saw Yun Zhonghe, she ignored him.

Immediately, his expression became cold and murderous!

The next moment, the strings plucked.

A terrifying and incomparable energy burst out from the strings.


A murderous intent directly targeted Yun Zhonghe.

In an instant, a hole was punched through Yun Zhonghe's body.

Before he even had time to scream, his whole body exploded and turned into a ball of blood mist!!

When the people watching saw this scene, they looked at Huang Xuemei with horror in their eyes!!

It was so terrible. They didn't expect that Yun Zhonghe, one of the Four Evil Men, would be instantly killed with one blow!!

Everyone present had heard of Yun Zhonghe's bad reputation.

Very lustful person!

Nai He's strength is not bad, especially his light kung fu.

Now, he was killed by the young woman in front of him with one blow!!


Some people at the scene let out a burst of exclamations.

But most of all, they were lucky!!

They simply didn't become lustful and came forward to tease them. Otherwise, they would be the ones lying on the ground now.

"court death!"

Huang Xuemei stroked the strings, with a biting coldness in her beautiful eyes.

But when she looked at Chu Mingzhi, her eyes were gentle and said:

"Young Master, we met a prodigal who is looking for death, let's go!"

And Chu Ming's expression changed before and after seeing Huang Xuemei.

It's hard to imagine that this is the same person. At this moment, Huang Xuemei is like a docile little sheep to him!!

…… soon.

The two went directly to an inn.

Chu Ming asked for two first-class rooms!

And at this moment.

The geese returned to the building.

Chu Ming and Huang Xuemei found a corner on the second floor to sit down.

After taking a look, this place has the best view, and I can clearly see everything on the first floor and outside the door!!

"Young Master, I didn’t expect that so many people from the world would come to Hengyang City.

After sitting down, Huang Xuemei spoke. After hearing this

, Chu Ming nodded:

"That's for sure! Liu Zhengfeng is the younger brother of Mr. Mo Da, the leader of the Hengshan Sect, and he is quite famous in the world. Naturally, many people from the world will come to watch the Golden Basin Washing Ceremony!!"

But Chu Ming knows very well that this golden basin hand-washing conference may not go smoothly.

It is easy to enter the world, but it is difficult to escape from it.

Moreover, Liu Zhengfeng's acquaintance with Qu Yang, the Sun and Moon God Cult, will definitely happen. People with good intentions use this as an excuse to launch an attack!!

"Washing hands in the golden basin, how many people in the world can truly wash their hands in the golden basin? From Xuemei's point of view, I am afraid that someone will stop Liu Zhengfeng from washing his hands in the golden basin this time."

Huang Xuemei's mind was agitated and she said to Chu Ming

"good! Among the people in the world in front of me, a few of them actually came to congratulate Liu Zhengfeng on washing his hands in the golden basin."

Chu Ming nodded.

Then he scraped Huang Xuemei's nose intimately.

He didn't expect that Huang Xuemei was a smart woman and had a very clear understanding of the world!!

And while the two were chatting, downstairs A noisy and harsh sound came.

It instantly attracted the attention of the two people.

…… downstairs.

I saw a group of people approaching with long swords in their hands, wearing green shirts and Taoist robes, and looking arrogant!

As a group of people in green shirts and Taoist robes appeared, they immediately stood in two rows.

Then, a middle-aged man with a short stature and a cold face wearing a Taoist robe appeared in the restaurant unhurriedly.

The strength of this middle-aged man is only at the peak of his innate state!

As this person appeared, someone in the restaurant immediately recognized him

"It’s Yu Canghai from the Qingcheng Sect!"

And Chu Ming on the second floor looked at it calmly.

"Just a bunch of fish!"

He is no stranger to Yu Canghai.

In the original world, this guy was just an inconspicuous cannon fodder.

Of course... what really made him famous was the fact that he slaughtered the entire Fuwei Escort Bureau for the Lin family's evil sword manual!!

Qingcheng Faction , in Chu Ming’s opinion, they are just a bunch of rabble, nothing more than miscellaneous fish!!


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