Chapter 44 Sensational! Song Clan was shocked!

Time flies by.

As the Anti-Yuan Heroes Conference in Xiangyang City came to an end, the news of the conference spread like wildfire, spreading throughout the world at lightning speed.

First, Guo Jing, the hero of Guo, was welcomed by everyone and assumed the position of leader of the Anti-Yuan Alliance!

Before the Heroes Conference started, all the fellow martial artists already knew about the position of the leader, so it didn't cause much of a sensation!!

Of course, compared to Guo Jing's appointment as leader, the Quanzhen Sect's affairs were more sensational and eye-catching.

First, someone questioned the Quanzhen Sect in public, and one of its disciples actually acted inappropriately, causing many people in the world to feel shameless.

After all, the Quanzhen Sect is one of the top Taoist sects in the Song Dynasty, and the reputation of the Divine Power King Chongyang has resounded throughout the land of China. Nowadays, the Quanzhen Sect's disciples have bad conduct, which makes many people feel ashamed!!

In addition, Qiu Chuji, the headmaster of the Quanzhen Sect, was killed by Chu Ming on the spot.

It caused quite a stir!

Of course, compared to these, what really caused a stir was the......The sudden appearance of the Mongolian and Yuan tribes.

The magician Pang Ban, who has been dormant for more than ten years, reappears!

A young master, a peerless genius, appeared out of nowhere, and single-handedly killed the powerful Tantric master Jinlun Dharma King and a group of Meng Yuan masters!

In the end, he fought against the magician Pang Ban, and they were evenly matched!!

Chu Ming's name spread quickly to the ears of many people in the world, as well as sects and dynasty forces.

Everyone is curious as to what power Chu Ming comes from!!

Some people say that he is a great Sui and Song Dynasty clan. After all, the sword skills he performs are the Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques.

Of course, some people hold different opinions, because Chu Ming also possesses many martial arts such as Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu, and Chu Ming's surname is Chu, not Song!!

The Song Clan was in the southwestern area of the Sui Dynasty, but they had never heard of such a young peerless genius among the Song Clan!!

It can be said...for a time, there were all kinds of speculations about Chu Ming's identity!!

There are even all kinds of outrageous ones


Within the Ming Dynasty!

In a valley with hundreds of flowers blooming, full of spring, and beautiful scenery.

Under the sunlight, three large characters appeared on a stone tablet outside the valley: Embroidery Valley!

This place is a forbidden area in the martial arts world!

And the Yihua Palace, which has made countless people and forces in the world frightened and turned pale after hearing the news, is located in this valley.

"Sister, I didn’t expect that there would be such an amazing young man in the world today who is extremely talented and extremely talented!"

The speaker is a woman dressed in splendid palace robes, with a delicate and beautiful face, and skin as white as snow.

If anyone in the world comes here again, they will definitely recognize this woman, she is the second daughter of Yihua Palace. Palace Master Lianxing.

And in front of Lianxing, there is a woman with a beautiful face, unparalleled elegance, and an extraordinary temperament.

But compared to Lianxing, this woman looks obviously much colder!

When their eyes met, let Everyone can't help but feel a bit of coldness coming over them.

And this woman is the grand master of Yihua Palace, Yaoyue.…!

"yes! This young man was only sixteen or seventeen years old and was already a young master. He showed great success in Xiangyang City. In front of a group of martial arts heroes, he publicly beheaded Qiu Chuji of the Quanzhen Sect and killed King Jinlun, the great master of the Yuan Dynasty. , and in the end, he fought evenly with the magician Pang Ban. This young man's true strength may not only be at the master level."

Yao Yue nodded, her beautiful eyes pondering.

Although Yihua Palace has lived in the Embroidery Valley for a long time and has never set foot in the rivers and lakes, she is well aware of any disturbances and news in the rivers and lakes!! It's all because of the Tianji Tower!

Yao Yue and Lian Xing are not only Yi Hua but also Yi Hua Gong. In addition to being the master of the Flower Palace, he is also one of the 12th floor lords of the Tianji Building!!

Of course, no one knows this identity. Even the identities of the other 12th floor lords of the Tianji Building, Yaoyue and Lianxing also Don’t know!!

"There are various opinions on the identity of this young man named Chu Ming in the world, but he displayed the sword skills of the Great Sui and Song Clan, and the Eight Heavenly Sword Jue must have some connection with the Song Clan."

Lianxing pondered. He was also quite curious about Chu Ming's identity.

He is already a young master at such an age, and his strength is amazing!!

If there is no sect behind him, and the support of the big family, Lianxing would not believe it.

And Hua Wuque , under the training of Yihua Palace, he also set foot in the realm of Grandmaster!

But he is much older than Chu Ming.

He is definitely not like Chu Ming, who has such terrifying combat power.

The Jinlun who reverses the Grandmaster realm Dharma King, can you compete with Pang Ban!!

Hearing this, Yao Yue’s cold eyes flashed with a brilliance, and she said solemnly:

"Song Que, the clan leader of the Sui and Song Dynasties... This person is rumored to have been in the realm of the Grand Master for many years. When he was young, he was also unparalleled. He defeated the Ba Dao Yueshan. His sword skills are outstanding. His sword skills can change in countless ways. He has great attainments in the way of swords. , this person is quite possible!"

There are many people who use knives in the martial arts world of China, but there are only a handful of sects that are truly famous in the world and have such a foundation.

The great Sui and Song clans, and the Heavenly Sword Song Que is one of them!

What's more, The sword technique that Chu Ming displayed that day was the Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques!!

However, Yao Yue had not heard of the existence of such a peerless talent in the Great Sui and Song Clan.

There was only one Song Shidao among the younger generation!!

But this person was not Song Shidao

"Sister, in addition to swordsmanship, this young man also has many martial arts skills. He even knows the tantric techniques. This is what makes people most curious."

Lianxing expressed her doubts.

"Lian Xing, you must pay more attention to this person and find out the true identity of this young man named Chu Ming.

Let’s put this matter aside for now.

Wu Que has grown up now.

I have been dormant in Yihua Palace for many years.

It’s time for Wu Que to go to the Jianghu to gain experience.

After a while, let Shenzhou Jianghu see the strength of our descendant of Yihua Palace, and at the same time, we can also find the supreme mental method of Yihua Palace's long-lost wedding dress magic skill.


Yao Yue spoke.

Immediately, Lian Xing nodded:"Everything is up to my sister's arrangements. Wu Que, a child who grew up in Yihua Palace, is not familiar with worldly affairs. Going to the world to experience the world is just a good opportunity to temper him.".....

And at the same time.

The Great Sui Dynasty, within the Song Dynasty.

Song Que looked surprised

"Dad, what's wrong? What happened?"

Song Shidao saw the change in Song Que's expression and couldn't help but wonder.

"This, how is this possible... I didn't expect that someone would use my Song clan's unique skill, the Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques. Who is this person, and why did I, Song Que, use the Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques!"

Song Que's eyes were lost in thought.

Song Que created the Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques, but now there is a young prodigy who knows the Song family's Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques!!

And depending on the situation, this young man is even more powerful. He performed the Eight Heavenly Sword Jue to the point of proficiency.

This shocked Song Que even more!!

Practicing the Eight Heavenly Sword Jue is not that simple.

Even his son Song Shidao could not learn the Eight Heavenly Sword Jue.

After hearing Song Que's words, Song Shidao was also shocked, thinking this was absolutely impossible!

"interesting! It's really interesting... Shidao, please check the identity of this young man named Chu Ming."

Song Que ordered.

His pupils were full of astonishment and confusion!!


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