Chapter 43: Breakthrough to the Grand Master, the Six-fingered Piano Demon?! at the same time.

Above the sky, an extremely fast cyan stream of light flashed across the sky, instantly causing a turmoil in the void.

And as the stream of light settled, Chu Ming slowly landed in a mountain forest!!

Chu Ming looked around.

After confirming that it was correct, he sat cross-legged directly and began to adjust his somewhat disordered breath.

In the previous battle with King Jinlun, Chu Ming had consumed a lot of energy.

Now, like the magician Pang Ban, the true energy in his body is also consumed a lot.

But the simple fact is that Chu Ming gained a lot from both battles.

After fighting Pang Ban, Chu Ming realized the opportunity for a breakthrough.

"This place is just right for me to break through!"

Chu Ming thought.

Immediately, he began to close his eyes and concentrate, and entered the state of cultivation. As Chu Ming practiced, he saw that airflows like condensed matter were condensed around his body, and these airflows appeared around him. The movement of heaven.

Time passes leisurely during practice.

Two hours later...

"good! He has entered the realm of Grand Master in one fell swoop!"

Chu Ming slowly opened his eyes, and a gleam of light burst out in his eyes.

Before that, his cultivation level had reached the eighth level of Grandmaster!

Now, he has crossed two realms in a row and stepped into the first level of Grandmaster!!

"Ha ha! Unexpectedly, Pang Ban never imagined that a battle with him would allow me to break through to the Grand Master in one fell swoop!"

Thinking about it, Chu Ming smiled heartily.

Although it took a lot of effort, it seems that everything is worth it now.

Chu Ming gained a lot from this trip to Xiangyang City.

He single-handedly killed Qiu Chuji and Jinlun Dharma King. I got a lot of luck points.

Qiu Chuji contributed 800 points!

Jinlun Dharma King had a full 5,000 points!!

Of course, I also got a lot of luck points by killing other masters.

In this wave, Chu Ming had harvested nearly 10,000 luck points alone!

But at this moment, the system's prompt sounded suddenly, making Chu Ming instantly excited.

【Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the hidden trigger achievement task, killing the powerful Grand Master Jinlun Dharma King for the first time, and obtaining a summoning card for characters from all realms!】

【Character Summoning Card from All Worlds]: Crush the character summoning card to randomly summon characters from all over the world! Note: The summoned characters have 100% loyalty, and all memory backgrounds are perfectly integrated!!

Chu Ming didn't think much, and crushed the character summoning card directly in the next moment.

【Ding! Congratulations to the host for acquiring the character from all realms, Huang Xuemei, the six-fingered piano demon!】

"It's actually the six-fingered piano demon, Huang Xuemei!"

Chu Ming was surprised.

He was no stranger to the Six-fingered Qin Demon!

The master of the Demonic Qin, his Tianlong Eight Tones made everyone in the world fearful!!

"its not right! System, is there no Six-Fingered Piano Demon in this comprehensive martial arts world?"

"Back to the host, no! The host is reminded that although this world is a mixed martial arts world, many characters and many directions in the original world are different, and even many characters in the original world do not exist in this world! This needs to be explored automatically by the host!!"

Hearing the system's answer, Chu Ming's eyes pondered.

He did not continue to struggle with this issue and said it was interesting.

And the next moment... a golden light shone in front of him, which was so dazzling!!

It even made Chu Ming For a moment, I couldn't open my eyes.

But the light didn't last long. After it dissipated, a woman wearing a long white dress and holding a guqin in her arms was seen. She had a beautiful face and a cold look in her beautiful eyes. Appeared in front of Chu Ming.

This woman was none other than Huang Xuemei, the six-fingered piano demon!!

"Huang Xuemei meets the master!"

Huang Xuemei bowed slightly to Chu Ming and kowtowed.

"Get up! Chu

Ming spoke.

Then he asked:

"Huang Xuemei, how far has your cultivation reached now?"

Hearing this, Huang Xuemei replied:"Master, according to the realm of this world, it should be in the late stage of the Grand Master!"

"good! From now on, you will be by my side."

Chu Ming said to Huang Xuemei.

He thought in his heart that it would be good to have a maid who can play the piano now.

"yes! Owner"

"correct! You will call me Young Master from now on!"

"yes! Young Master".......

Next, Chu Ming opened and checked his latest attribute panel.

So he said to the system:"System, check the attributes."

The next moment, a light curtain that only Chu Ming could see suddenly appeared in front of him.

Host: Chu Ming

Age: 16 years old

Cultivation : First-grade Grandmaster [can be upgraded]

Skills: Eight Heavenly Swords [Great Perfection Realm], Eight Steps of Heavenly Demon [Great Perfection Realm], Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique [Fifth Level] , Heaven-Destroying Hand [Dacheng Realm], Changfeng Sword Technique [Transformation Realm], Zongyun Step, Tongbei Dragon-Tiger Fist, Seven-Spinning Palm...

Auxiliary training: Basic Alchemy Technique [Introductory, can be upgraded! 】

Magic Weapon: Daxia Dragon Bird Sword

Luck Points: 12600 points

Mission: Sign in to Xiangyang City [Status Completed], Quanzhen Sect Sign in [Complete], Hengyang City Golden Basin Washing Ceremony Sign in [Unfinished]

Summoned Character: Six-Fingered Piano Demon Huang Xuemei [Later stage of Grand Master】


"good! During this trip to Xiangyang City, after fighting against King Jinlun and the magician Pang Ban, the eight martial arts realms of Heavenly Sword and Heavenly Demon's Eight Steps have reached the Great Perfection state. Even the Heaven-Destroying Hand has been promoted to Dacheng. Others There are no small breakthroughs in martial arts!!"

Chu Ming showed a satisfied look.

Looking at the upgrades behind his cultivation, Chu Ming was not in a hurry to upgrade.

After all, for Chu Ming, this thing can be upgraded at any time!!


Chu Ming plans to upgrade first. Basic alchemy skills.

Today, he is just getting started in the basic alchemy skills.

Alchemy is not just about refining alchemy, but about refining alchemy to enter the Tao. Thousands of cultivation methods will ultimately lead to the same goal through different paths!! This is true for martial arts, alchemy, weapon refining, talismans, etc. In the end, they all enter the Tao with their own bodies and enter the realm of cultivation.

"System, upgrade the basic alchemy technique to the realm of Dacheng!"

Chu Ming said to the system

【Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully upgrading the basic alchemy technique, breaking through to the Dacheng realm, and consuming 3,000 luck points! ]

As the sound of the system fell, Chu Ming suddenly felt that he had learned a lot about the art of alchemy.

Now let him refine some elixirs, it can be said that they are at your fingertips.

However, Chu Ming did not expect that upgrading to the Dacheng realm would directly consume 3,000 luck points!!

Come to think of it, this makes Chu Ming feel a little bit pained!

How many strong men must be killed to get 3,000 luck points!!

But compared to the gains, Chu Ming felt that everything was worth it.

"The next step is to go to Hengyang City and complete the sign-in task.".........

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