Chapter 42 An unexpected scene! An opportunity for breakthrough!

In the void...

Pang Ban felt the power of Chu Ming Baizhang's golden sword, and a ripple appeared on Gu Jing Bubo's face.

The power of this sword is enough to be called peerless!

It is even much more powerful than the Eight Heavenly Sword Jue displayed by Song Que, and it is even more domineering and tyrannical!!

"good! Sure enough, you are giving me more and more surprises. There are only a handful of people in today's world of martial arts who can make me serious. Chu Ming, you should feel honored that you are one of them."

Pang Ban spoke with serious eyes.

There was no longer the arrogance he had before.

At this moment, Pang Ban had already treated Chu Ming as his real opponent in his heart.

"Yeah? It's time for this battle to end. I'll use my sword to kill your Taoist demon."

Chu Ming said sternly.

The next moment, the golden sword glowed hundreds of feet, the sword light was shining brightly, and it carried a terrifying and unparalleled sharpness. It slashed towards the black demonic pillar again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Black Demon The giant pillar of energy was instantly cut off in the middle by the terrifying power of the hundred-foot sword.

A terrifying roar suddenly erupted, and a stormy wave of energy rolled up at the center of the intersection of the two forces...

The wave carried a terrifying force and swept away in all directions.

In an instant, several mountain peaks instantly collapsed under the power of this terrifying wave of air. Rocks flew everywhere, and terrifying deep holes were exposed on the ground. Pitfall.

Even under the aftermath of this air wave, Pang Ban retreated continuously, several hundred meters away, and then slowly stabilized his body.

"Chu made a note of this battle. If the two of us continue to fight, it may be difficult to determine the winner in a while. Today's battle ends here! Chu will definitely ask you Pang Ban for advice someday to complete today's endless battle!"

"Chu benefited a lot from today's battle, and his cultivation level has made some breakthrough. We will fight again in the future. I hope you, Pang Ban, will not disappoint Chu."

At this moment, Chu Ming's voice came from the void.

With one step, the demon came out in eight steps.

When he reacted, he had already disappeared without a trace.

In this battle, Chu Ming also knew very well that he could not kill Demon-slayer Pang Ban.

It’s just that Pang Ban’s sudden appearance allows him to use Pang Ban, the great master, as his whetstone.

Fighting against such a powerful Pang Ban will help him gain some understanding of martial arts!

And the fact is It also proves something...

When the two of them fought just now, Chu Ming's cultivation level had changed slightly at his extreme level.

There was only one opportunity left before he could become a grand master!

It just so happened that Pang Ban was the opportunity for this breakthrough!

Now that the goal is achieved If the stalemate between the two continues, it will be difficult to determine the outcome.

Chu Ming naturally does not need to continue fighting Pang Ban.

Now that Pang Ban has returned to the martial arts world in the Central Plains, Chu Ming believes that it will not take long for them to fight again. Meet again.

For Chu Ming, he has more important things to do now!

As for Pang Ban, his expression was complicated when he heard the words Chu Ming left.

He has not been like today since the retreat. It was a hearty battle!

There were very few people in the world of China who wanted him to fight with them!

Now Chu Ming was one of them!

Originally, he had planned to fight Chu Ming happily, but he didn’t expect Chu Ming’s operation. He was a little confused!! He actually ran away!!


"This this…"


"This Chu Ming is so cunning!"

When the billowing air waves and dust dissipated, Zhao Min's pretty face was angry and she stamped her feet in anger.

She didn't expect Chu Ming to come here at all. She just ran away!

Although Zhao Min was surprised that Chu Ming used the power of his sword to break his master. Pang Bandao used the magic method of planting demons in the heart.

But at this moment, Chu Ming's operation made her so angry that she could only grit her teeth.

But there was nothing she could do!

That look was like, I'm just playing, what can you do to me!

Not only that, Zhao Min was confused The martial arts people in the Central Plains martial arts who retreated to watch the battle from a distance were all horrified.

By the time they reacted, Chu Ming had already disappeared.

Looking at this scene in front of them!

The power and destructive power caused by the two terrifying forces just now , several mountains collapsed directly, and the river was cut off from them, revealing terrifying deep marks. Everyone was shocked beyond measure, and their hearts were already in turmoil.

What kind of terrifying power could it create such a powerful force!

If it weren't for the situation in front of me, In the scene, they all couldn't believe that they had just gone through a fierce and terrifying battle here.

Chu Ming's sword force powerfully cut off the giant pillar of black demonic energy condensed by Pang Bandao's heart demon.

The power of this sword , enough to be called peerless!

Enough to shine on the land of China



"Chu Ming, I will definitely not let you go the next time we fight, we will definitely fight you to the death. Pang Ban said angrily with cold eyes. He was immersed in the shock of Chu Ming breaking through the demon in his heart with a powerful knife. He didn't react yet. As a result...Chu Ming came directly.

This made Pang Ban a little unsatisfied!

But when he reacted, Chu Ming's figure had already disappeared without a trace.

"It seems that I will continue to practice for a while after today."

Pang Ban has a definite idea in his mind.

If he waits until he meets Chu Ming in the future, I am afraid that the opponent's talent will definitely improve his strength a lot. Moreover, after fighting against Chu Ming this time, Pang Ban feels more and more that he will definitely not be able to keep him in the future! From now on! I will definitely kill this guy if I get the chance!!

No one else!.....

The shock that Chu Ming brought to Pang Ban in this battle was really great!

It has already exceeded the impact brought to him by the realm of a grandmaster.

You know, before this, Chu Ming fought with Jinlun Dharma King and killed Jinlun Dharma King with great force. It cost a lot of money. If he fights with him again, he can still have such terrifying fighting power. How can he not let Pang Ban? Shock!!

…… call!.....

Xiao Longnu's beautiful eyes turned to look at the sky in the distance. When she saw Chu Ming running away, her worried heart instantly relaxed and she breathed a secret sigh of relief.

"Come on, let’s go!"

Xiao Longnu said to Yang Guo.

There was a murmur in her heart.

"Mr. Chu, after this farewell, I don’t know when we will meet again."

Thinking of this, Xiao Longnv's beautiful eyes were obviously a little disappointed.

She planned to go back to the Ancient Tomb Sect first, and then she also prepared to leave for Jianghu.

"Aunt, wait a minute! Yang

Guo said.

Then he said goodbye to Guo Jing and Huang Rong and left with Xiao Longnu.

"Brother Jing, let’s go too!"


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