Chapter 40 Those two figures in the sky? now!

In the void...

Xuanbei's face turned pale.

Just now, the powerful Vajra palm met the palm of the magician Pang Ban.

It just knocked him back and injured him.

Xuanbei knew that this was Pang Ban's attempt to hold back. If he had not held back, he would probably not just be injured at this moment.

"Amitabha! Thank you, Donor Pang, for showing mercy!"

"The poor monk didn't want to get involved in what happened today, but unfortunately there were heavy casualties at the scene. As a Buddhist, Xuanbei has a good heart and cannot just sit idly by and ignore it!"

Xuanbei clasped his hands together and spoke to Pang Ban.

"What a Buddhist with a kind heart!"

"When it comes to killing evildoers, there are probably more Buddhists. What I hate the most is that you Buddhists always act like you are a sanctimonious, enlightened monk. You are extremely hypocritical!"

Pang Ban only thought it was funny.

Today, he didn't want to conflict with the Buddhists. He just wanted to kill Chu Ming!

But the Buddhists came out to stop him, with a righteous look, which made Pang Ban feel very ridiculous!!

If the Buddhists insisted, If he were to stop him, Pang Ban would naturally not hold anything back.

Anyway, in the eyes of this group of so-called upright sects from famous families, his Magician's Palace is the way of magic!

Anyone who is upright in the martial arts world will be punished!

"If you Buddhists insist on taking action, then don’t blame me, I will kill you and other Buddhists today."

As he spoke, Grandmaster Pang Ban burst out with his peak aura.

In an instant, a strong and terrifying aura came to suppress Xuanbei, Fang Zheng and other Buddhists.

The pressure made all the Buddhists at the scene tremble. , my heart trembled.


At this moment, another majestic momentum burst out from the sky.

Colliding with Pang Ban's momentum, a dull roar suddenly sounded between the two forces. , shaking the void.

The next moment, a harsh voice sounded

"Thank you Master Xuanbei for taking action just now, but this battle is with Pang Ban!"

Chu Ming spoke to Xuan Bei, but did not finish all the words.

However, Chu Ming believed that Xuan Bei naturally understood the meaning of his words.

To be honest, Chu Ming did not have any good impressions of Buddhism.

This time Buddhism took action, and Chu Ming It seems that Ming is just a wave of presence!

"The karma of killing evil is too heavy" is a ridiculous statement in Chu Ming's eyes.

Why didn't Buddhism take action in the previous battle, but why did he stand up at this time? What is it other than a wave of presence?...

Buddhism is a joke after all.

As Pang Ban said, if Buddhism provokes him in the future,

Chu Ming would not mind fighting with Buddhism and destroying Buddhism!

Of course, the premise is that Buddhism does not take the initiative to provoke him. Chu Ming

"Amitabha! Donor Chu, there is no need to be so polite! Today is the day of the Central Plains Martial Arts Heroes Conference. We are all from the Central Plains Martial Arts. The Meng Yuan forces came to disturb us. The poor monk just couldn't stand it anymore and didn't want to add to the unprovoked killings."

Xuanbei said the Buddha's name and clasped his hands together.

"Master Xuanbei is compassionate!"

Chu Ming cupped his hands and clasped his fists.

Then his eyes turned to the magician Pang Ban who was standing in the void.

"Pang Ban, you dare to go to the outskirts of Xiangyang City with me to fight!"

"There are too many constraints here, and I believe you are too. It’s not a pleasant fight!"

Chu Ming spoke loudly.

Every word was sonorous and powerful, and had a strong sound.

"good! good! good! Just what I want!"

"Why don’t I dare!"

Pang nodded.

He said three good words in a row!

Here, the two people were indeed fighting with too many restraints, and the fight was not smooth!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

As he spoke, two figures in the void flashed in succession, turning into Make two bright rays of light that break through the sky

"Ronger, let’s go too!"

Guo Jing said to Huang Rong

"good! Brother Jing! Huang

Rong nodded, then used her body skills to fly towards the outskirts of Xiangyang City at high speed.

"Auntie, let’s go take a look too! Yang

Guo spoke.

Xiao Longnu nodded.

"This princess also wants to see how the master kills a young master, let’s go!"

Zhao Min raised the corner of his mouth with a hint of meaning in front of the men behind him.

Then he galloped towards the outside of Xiangyang City.

The onlookers who were watching the martial arts in the Central Plains also followed suit.

Such a wonderful battle. , they don’t want to miss it.

Maybe with luck, they will have some enlightenment and breakthrough in their martial arts cultivation!

After all, many of them have improved their martial arts understanding a little bit in Chu Ming and Pang Ban’s battle just now.

Although watching the competition involves certain risks, they will definitely not miss it due to the temptation of huge opportunities.

…… at this time!

On the outskirts of Xiangyang City, there is a huge open space.

Two figures facing each other from a distance

"This place is nice, with a wide view and no restrictions."

Pang Ban glanced at the terrain in front of him, the mountains, the lakes... what a magnificent scene!

However, Pang Ban was not in the mood to appreciate the magnificent scenery in front of him at this time.


The next moment...

Pang Ban was agitated, and a A black and terrifying demonic energy condensed from the whole body, penetrating the heaven and earth, and the giant pillar of demonic energy appeared again, suppressing this side's illusion.


"It was the move just now, the power of it was so terrifying!"

"It’s the magician Pang Ban’s method of cultivating demons from the heart of the Tao!"

"wrong! I don’t know if you have felt it, but the aura pressure on Pang Ban’s condensed black pillar of demonic energy seems to be much stronger than before."

When the people from the martial arts world in the Central Plains standing in the distance saw the scene in the sky, their eyes widened one by one, and they were full of shock!

Even though they were far apart, they could clearly feel the devilish energy. The aura and coercion emanating from the giant pillar was far more intense and terrifying than before.

Obviously... without the restraint, the aura of the magician Pang Ban increased a lot, and the power of the Dao Heart Demon Technique was also terrifying. Quite a few

"It seems that the strength of the magician Pang Ban has not been fully displayed before."

"Even I felt a bit of a biting shiver under the giant black pillar of demonic energy!"

"I really don’t know how Brother Chu will deal with this battle!"

Guo Jing, who had rushed here, looked at the aura and pressure bursting out from Pang Ban, and his expression was extremely complicated.

As he breathed, he felt a bit of coldness coming over him when facing the giant pillar of black demonic energy.

After dispelling the trembling in his heart, his eyes The light flows and falls towards the graceful figure in green shirt



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