Chapter 4 breaks through again and the sign-in mission begins!

【Ding! The monthly sign-in is open, please ask the host if you want to sign in immediately. 】

The system prompts sound.

"Sign in! Chu

Ming nodded.

He had been busy practicing the Eight Steps of the Heavenly Demon and the Eight Jue of the Heavenly Sword. Unknowingly, a month had passed and he forgot to sign in.

【Ding! Sign-in is successful, congratulations to the host for getting two Great Return Pills】

【Da Huan Dan]: After use, in addition to increasing the host's power, it can also treat all internal and external injuries, and it also has the effect of increasing lifespan!!

The next moment, Chu Ming directly extracted the Great Return Pill.

Looking at the two black pills appearing in the palm of his hand, a strong and powerful medicinal power hit his nostrils instantly. Chu Ming did not hesitate, immediately sat cross-legged and meditated, and directly swallowed one of the Great Return Pills.

But just as the elixir entered his mouth, Chu Ming felt a sudden surge of medicinal power pouring into his body, and the innate true essence in his body began to stir crazily.

"The power of this Da Huan Dan seems to be more powerful than the Xianyuan Dan."

Feeling the power of the Great Return Pill surging throughout his body, Chu Ming couldn't help but sigh in his heart.

Then he gritted his teeth, and Chu Ming used his innate true energy to continuously absorb the power of the Great Return Pill.

He didn't know what happened. How long did it take?

When Chu Ming opened his eyes again, a ray of light burst out in his eyes, and then he completely absorbed the power of the Great Return Pill.


Chu Ming checked his body and discovered that the power of innate true energy in his body He is much more majestic and powerful than before, and all the hidden injuries on his body during previous training have completely disappeared.

His cultivation has been improved again, and he has directly broken through to the sixth level of the Grandmaster!

He has directly crossed two small realms.

"I'm afraid no one will believe me if I tell you. In just over a month, I went from the seventh level of Xiantian to the sixth level of Grandmaster."

Chu Ming couldn't help but sigh.

He believed that if he told about such a terrifying improvement speed, it would shock the entire mixed martial arts world!!

Moreover, Chu Ming's improvement in realm was not like a rootless duckweed, but a steady step by step. , like breakthroughs layer by layer, without the slightest violation.

At this moment, the system's voice sounded again

"What on earth is going on today?"

Chu Ming was curious.

There is no sound on weekdays, but today the system rang continuously.

【Ding! The system check-in task is triggered successfully. Please pay attention to the host and check it in time.】

【Task 1: Go to Hengyang City Jinpen Washing Ceremony to sign in, and rewards will be distributed randomly.】

【Task 2: Go to Xiangyang City to sign in, and rewards will be distributed randomly】

【Task 3: Go to Quanzhen Sect to sign in, and rewards will be distributed randomly! Whether the host accepts the task. Note: If the host does not accept the task, there will be no penalty in this system. In addition, there is no time limit for the sign-in task!】..

"You still have to choose, you must accept it."

Chu Ming chose directly.

There is no comparability at all, not to mention there is no penalty for failing to complete it, and only fools would not choose.

Chu Ming looked at the three tasks released by the system. They were all about signing in at special places. In Chu Ming's opinion, they were all There is no difficulty!!

Anyway, he is about to leave for Jianghu. This time the system sign-in task is started, which gives Chu Ming a clear goal.

Xiangyang City and Quanzhen Sect happen to be in the Song Dynasty, not far apart, so they can go together.

As for the Hengyang City Golden Basin Washing Ceremony, in the Ming Dynasty, the distance was relatively far, and Chu Ming had previously found out that Liu Zhengfeng’s Golden Basin Washing Ceremony would be held in three months, so he was not in a hurry.

He had made a plan in his mind. Chu Ming planned to go to Xiangyang City and the Quanzhen Sect first!

Moreover, there was no time limit for these sign-in tasks, so Chu Ming was not in a hurry.

Seeing that it was still early, Chu Ming continued to practice.

First, he used the Changfeng Sword Technique.

Even though Changfeng Sword Technique has been cultivated to the Great Perfection state by Chu Ming, but in Chu Ming's view, even if he is proficient in the technique, he must continue to practice and cultivate it, and he must not let it go to waste!!

"Swing the sword like the wind, sweeping across thousands of feet!"

Every time Chu Ming struck with a sword, he was accompanied by strong sword energy, and even formed a tornado of sword energy around his body, and the momentum swept across the army!!

"Since the integration of the Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques, the Changfeng Sword Technique has also achieved breakthroughs. Now I am afraid that my Changfeng Sword Technique has reached the realm of transformation."

After using it, Chu Ming was very satisfied!

He obviously felt that the Changfeng Sword Technique was much better than before.

It even broke through to the Transformation Realm!!

And what happened next?......

Chu Ming continued to use the Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques and the Eight Heavenly Demon Steps.

Time passes quietly in practice.

It wasn't until the sun set over the west mountain and the sunset glow reflected it that Chu Ming got up and returned to Changfeng Villa.

Just returned to Changfeng Villa, at this time.

An old servant appeared in front of Chu Ming.

This old servant’s surname is Huang!

This old servant surnamed Huang has been at Changfeng Villa since Chu Ming traveled through time.

Even if Changfeng Villa fell, the old servants in front of him did not leave.

He is also the person Chu Ming trusts most in the entire Changfeng Villa.

"Uncle Huang, what can you do? Chu

Ming asked

"Owner, everything you asked for before has been prepared for you."

Uncle Huang said.

As early as dozens of days ago, Chu Ming asked Uncle Huang to prepare some things for this trip.

However, Chu Ming was busy practicing every day and forgot about this incident!

Now I heard Uncle Huang talk about it, Only then did he remember, so he told Uncle Huang:"Okay! Uncle Huang, I understand. I will leave Changfeng Villa in three days. While I am away, Changfeng Villa will be handed over to you."

"Owner, don't worry! Just go ahead, I will be waiting at the Villa for the moment the owner returns."

Uncle Huang nodded.

Looking at Uncle Huang, Chu Ming took out a box from behind and said,"That's right! Uncle Huang, here is a Great Return Pill. Please accept it. Taking this pill can help you improve your skills, even extend your life, and repair internal and external injuries in various parts of your body. Thank you for your hard work at Changfeng Villa these days."

"Master, I absolutely cannot accept this elixir. At my age, the Great Return Pill is not of much use to me. It is better for you, Master, to take it yourself."

Seeing this, Huang Bo quickly refused.

"Uncle Huang, if I give this elixir to you, please accept it. Since I can give it to you, it means I am not in need."

Chu Ming spoke.

He had expected Uncle Huang's rejection. He had received two Great Return Pills in the monthly lottery before, so Chu Ming wanted to leave one for Uncle Huang. After all, Uncle Huang has been very loyal to Uncle Huang for so many years. Changfeng Villa can be said to be loyal.

Naturally, Chu Ming will not be stingy.

Da Huan Dan has the effect of prolonging life, which is just right for

"Villa owner, the old slave accepted it, thank you owner!"

Hearing this, Uncle Huang no longer refused and accepted it directly.

But at this moment, he... was already as shocked as a stormy wave in his heart!........

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