Chapter 39 Changes!

"Amitabha! Donor Pang, stop here! Don’t add to the evil this time!"

When Xuanbei saw this, his figure flashed and flew into the void. He clasped his hands together and heard the sound of Buddha.

"It turns out to be Master Xuanbei from Shaolin! Who am I? Why do you Buddhists come to join in the fun now? I don’t know if the four great saintly monks of Buddhism are still there. Now that it’s over, I should go to Shaolin to pay a visit and learn how far the four great saintly monks of Buddhism have reached!"

"As for killing evildoers! May I ask, do I, Pang Ban, still have a few killings on his hands?"

"What a Buddhist. If you really compare, you Buddhists can kill as much as me, Pang Ban."

Pang Ban spoke domineeringly, and Xuan Bei was speechless.

At that time, the battle between the four great Buddhist monks and the magician Pang Ban could be said to have spread throughout the land of Kyushu. At that time, Pang Ban was just a He first entered the realm of Master Zhixuan, but he was able to fight with the realm of Master Zhixuan against the four great Buddhist monks at the peak of Master Zhixuan, and even severely injured the four great saints.

This incident caused an uproar in the martial arts world of Kyushu. The battle was also the battle where the magician Pang Ban became famous!

Suddenly, the name of a generation of demon sect genius resounded throughout the martial arts world of Jiuzhou.

Now, when Xuan Bei heard Pang Ban mention the four great holy monks of Buddhism, his expression changed complicatedly, as if he was being It is extremely ugly when a person has his lifeline pinched

"Amitabha! Thank you to Donor Pang for your concern. The four uncles are still alive and living a good life. As for how far their cultivation has reached, I am afraid they are only half a step away from the land of immortals."

Xuanbei clasped his hands together and said a series of Buddha's chants.

"Unexpectedly, the four holy monks of Buddhism are only half a step away from the realm of gods on land!"

"As expected of Buddhism, the foundation of martial arts is as prosperous as fire!"

"If it is true as Master Xuanbei said, I am afraid that Buddhism's strength in the martial arts world of Kyushu will reach another level."

As soon as Xuan Bei said this, all the martial arts people present looked shocked!

Looking at the entire land of Kyushu, the realm of land gods can be said to be very rare, and they can only be counted on one finger. Any one of them is a top existence, dominating an era!

For example, in martial arts myths, Wudang Zhang Sanfeng, the giant of Mount Tai!

Or, standing with his hands behind his back, proudly standing on the Emperor Wu City in the East China Sea, using a human sword to cut off the immortal Kai Tianmen with one sword!

Without exception, they are all the same. The mythical existence of martial arts that suppresses a world and shines brightly!

It is not difficult to explain why Xuanbei’s words just now shocked everyone in the martial arts world so much.

"It seems that after more than ten years of seclusion and cultivation, the strength of the four great saintly monks of Buddhism has improved a lot!"

Pang Ban's voice was meaningful and he smiled heartily.

Back then, he fought against the four holy monks of Buddhism and severely injured four people. Now he heard Xuanbei say that the strength of the four holy monks was only half a step away from setting foot on the land of gods. Even he couldn't Although he does not admit the powerful foundation of Buddhism, Pang Ban has made up his mind that he must go to Buddhism again to meet his so-called old friends and learn from the four great saintly monks.

"Amitabha! Donor Pang, my Buddhist sect is prosperous in martial arts, and my four martial uncles are even more gifted, and we only have the opportunity to understand the way of heaven!"

Xuanbei spoke again, and the Buddha's voice whispered:

"Donor Pang, why don’t you stop here! Don't add to the evil in Ping. If you stop now, I can ensure that bygones are bygones, and let Donor Pang and his entourage leave."

"Ha ha.....It's up to you, Xuanbei, to let me go! Don't say you are Xuanbei, even if the four great saintly monks of Buddhism come today, I am not afraid at all. Back then, I could severely damage the four great saintly monks in a battle, and today I can do the same, and even kill them!"

"Today is the battle between me and Chu Ming. I said that I will kill Chu Ming today. If you Buddhists are interested, you should leave early! Otherwise, I will definitely kill you and others."

Hearing this, the smile on Pang Ban's lips got even bigger and he couldn't help laughing.

He really didn't know how Xuan Bei had the courage to say what he just said. There are many martial arts masters in Buddhism who have profound knowledge, but he The Magician's Palace is not a vegetarian either. After decades of traveling in the martial arts world of China, Pang Ban has killed many Buddhists.

On weekdays, what Pang Ban hates the most is these people who are called famous and upright people in the world, who are full of benevolence and righteousness. Morality, hypocrisy and righteousness, but their hearts are actually more sinister than those of the Demon Sect.

"funny! Pang Ban, it’s not certain who will kill whom today!"

In the void, Chu Ming heard Pang Ban's words, his eyes were cold and his momentum was not weak at all.

"good! Buddhists, get out of here."

Pang Ban stood in the void with a fierce fighting spirit, his right hand formed into a palm, and the palm wind was surging. The power on it was great, and he slammed down and slapped Xuan Bei and other Buddhists who were blocking the front.

"Amitabha! If Donor Pang is so stubborn, Xuanbei will have no choice but to take action."

Xuanbei saw Pang Ban's palm coming with a fierce force, and the power of his true energy was flowing, and it was also a majestic and powerful palm wind directly facing him.

"Powerful Vajra Palm!"

Pang Ban's eyes moved slightly, and he immediately recognized the palm technique used by Xuan Bei. It was the Buddhist secret technique, the powerful Vajra Palm.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In an instant, two tyrannical palm winds flew in the void. The collision, the howling wind, distorted the void, and the dull roar was earth-shattering.

"oh....I didn't expect that your powerful Vajra Palm could be cultivated to such a powerful level, even far above the four great saints of Buddhism. I look down on you, but this ability is not enough for me."

The moment he faced Xuanbei's powerful Vajra Palm, a force as powerful as a Vajra suddenly came, making Pang Ban's expression twitch slightly, but it was only for a moment..

"Break it for me!"

Pang Ban screamed, and the wind in his right hand rose against the wind. The aura of the Grand Master of Celestial Phantasms burst out, and suddenly a cracking sound sounded in the void.

The powerful Vajra Palm broke in response!

In Pang Ban's unparalleled and terrifying Under the wind of the palm, Xuanbei was forcibly knocked back a hundred meters away. A mouthful of blood flowed backwards. Xuanbei was directly injured by the wind of Pang Ban's palm.

"Senior brother!"

"Senior brother, let me help you!"

Master Fang Zheng's figure flashed among the Buddhist sects, and he stepped out, heading towards Xuanbei.

In the sky, Pang Ban glanced at Xuanbei and other Buddhist sects with cold eyes, and then his fierce and domineering voice resounded through the sky.

"Xuanbei, if you dare to stop me, I won't hold back the next palm!"..............

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