Chapter 37 A battle in the sky!

"Cutting off my martial arts path is ridiculous!"

Chu Ming looked at Pang Ban calmly.

Others would be afraid of the name of the magician Pang Ban, but Chu Ming was not afraid at all!!

"Little brother Chu, please don’t act recklessly. You are definitely no match for the magician Pang Ban."

At this time, Guo Jing hurriedly spoke to Chu Ming.

He didn't want to see Chu Ming die here!!

Even Guo Jing, the magician Pang Ban, would probably not be his opponent if they really fought, let alone Chu Ming is just a master!

"Mr. Chu.....You have to be careful about everything."

Xiao Longnu looked at Chu Ming with her beautiful eyes and couldn't help but worry.

Chu Ming looked at Guo Jing and Xiao Longnu and said,"Guo Daxia, Miss Long, thank you for your kindness! Don't worry, Mr. Chu is not the kind of hot-headed person who won't fight an uncertain battle!!"

Chu Ming suddenly felt warm in his heart at the concern between the two of them. As for

Guo Jing and Xiao Longnu, they didn't say anything after seeing this......

And the other side.


Pangban's figure flashed.

The next moment, the whole person jumped directly into the sky.

The whole audience looked proudly.

Then he fell to Chu Ming and said calmly:"It's too unpleasant to fight down below, boy, how dare you come up and fight with me in this sky!"

"Why doesn't Chu dare!"

"Just what I wanted!"

Chu Ming snapped.

Immediately, the figure flashed and appeared in the void, facing the magician Pang Banyao.

In an instant... two terrifying auras burst out, and their momentum continued to rise.

"The momentum is pretty good, but compared to me, it's still far behind!"

"If you grow and practice for a few years, you may really be able to compete with me, but it's a pity that you can't see me anymore. I will definitely kill you today!"

Pang Ban couldn't help but move his eyes slightly when he saw Chu Ming's explosive momentum, which was comparable to him. A strong murderous intent surged through his deep eyes.

"Stop talking nonsense, Pang Ban, it’s not certain who will win today!"

"Killing your magician Pang Ban in this battle is also a kind of fun for Chu!"

Chu Ming stared coldly.

His voice was not loud, but it was enough to ring in the ears of everyone present.

"How arrogant!"

"In the realm of martial arts, even a small step is like a chasm."

"Let’s see how you kill me today!"

Hearing Chu Ming's words, Pang Ban smiled lightly, feeling ridiculous!

There is no precedent for leapfrog execution in the land of China.

However, the difference between Pang Ban and Chu Ming's realm is too big.

What's more, the magician Pang Ban is He is a long-established grand master, and now he is just one step away from stepping into the land of immortals!

His strength is by no means comparable to what it was before.

After that,…....

I saw that Pang Ban raised his palms slightly, and the momentum around him suddenly surged, and a terrifying red blood energy condensed all over his body.

The power contained in it far exceeds the previous red blood handprint!!

The blood condensed and turned into an extremely terrifying palm print, suppressing the sky here.

"Kill me!"

Magician Pang Ban shouted.

Above the sky, a terrifying giant palm came towards Chu Minggai.

"hehe....Well come!"

Chu Ming shouted sharply.

The next moment... in the void, a giant hand wrapped with the power of the dragon elephant suddenly covered the sky like a solid substance.

This move is the sky-destroying hand!!

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

Two giant palms intertwined in the void, erupting with a huge roar.


A violent ripple in space came, and in an instant, the terrifying bloody palm prints turned into nothingness under the bombardment of the dragon elephant's power to destroy the sky. Broken. After opening the blood-colored giant palm, the offensive of the Heaven-Destroying Hand did not weaken at all, and headed towards Pang Ban on the sky to kill

"The power of this giant handprint is actually more terrifying than my red blood handprint."

Pang Ban's pupils tightened, and the original expression of Gujing Bupo couldn't help but change.

No wonder the young man in green shirt in front of him can kill Jinlun Dharma King!!

Now after a fight, this boy's strength is really terrifying!!

And facing the charging dragon The giant elephant handprint, Pang Ban turned his palm into a fist, without any dodge, punched directly at the dragon elephant giant handprint, and suddenly a majestic power spread from the fist and arm like a torrent to the whole body.


The dragon elephant giant handprint , carrying unparalleled suppressive power against Pang Ban's fist light!


In the void, a bright light flashed.

The next moment... the fist light dissipated!

I saw that Pang Ban's figure retreated quickly, and was forcibly caught by the dragon elephant. The giant handprint was repelled hundreds of meters away


"This this…"

"How can it be?"

"The master was actually knocked back a hundred meters by Chu Ming's attack."

"Impossible, I must have read it wrong."

When Zhao Min saw the scene in the sky, his expression was extremely shocked.

His beautiful eyes widened and he couldn't believe that the scene in front of him was real.

At the same time, the same was true for all the martial arts heroes in the world, with expressions of shock and horror.

"How can it be!"

"This, I read this correctly!"

"The magician Pangban actually fell behind"

"The magician Pang Ban was directly knocked back a hundred meters away. The strength of this young master is too terrifying. It seems that it is not as simple as it seems on the surface."

"Who says it’s not! Magician Pang Ban has been among the old celestial grand masters for many years, and now his strength has reached the peak of the grand master level. He is only one step away from becoming a land god. He was unable to resist Chu Ming's attack and was knocked back a hundred meters. Come on, is this Chu Ming really just a young grandmaster?!"

The same thoughts suddenly emerged in the hearts of all the martial arts people at the scene.

The young master in front of them can be so powerful!

The magician Pang Ban who can knock back the peak of the grand master.

There is no way!

At this moment, Chu Ming above the sky The tyrannical strength displayed shocked them. It was far beyond their imagination.

After crossing several realm levels, it was like a natural chasm......

Chu Ming's offensive directly knocked back the magician Pang Ban several hundred meters away.

This scene really had a great visual impact on all the martial arts people at the scene.

"Brother Jing, it seems that this Chu Ming is not simple, he can actually repel the magician Pang Ban! I'm afraid if this news spreads, it will definitely shock the world of China!"

"We should make more friends with such talented young people."

Huang Rong's beautiful eyes turned and she spoke to Guo Jing.

"Ronger, you are right!"

"Chu Ming, a peerless genius, has an open path to martial arts, and he will definitely not fall here. If he grows up in the future, he will definitely become a giant in the martial arts world of the Central Plains."

"I don’t know what kind of shock Chu Ming will bring next."

Guo Jing nodded.

Immediately, his mind was filled with thoughts.

His eyes unconsciously fell on the graceful figure in blue shirt in the sky.

"Auntie, Mr. Chu is really powerful. Even the magician Pang Ban, who is at the peak of Grand Master, can be knocked back by him."

At this time, Yang Guo said excitedly to Xiao Longnu.

He looked at Chu Ming like a little fanboy.

"Aunt, you really don’t want to consider Mr. Chu becoming my uncle. Yang

Guo said with a smile.

He had completely recognized Chu Ming from the bottom of his heart.

"Come on, you.....Don't talk nonsense!"

Little Dragon Girl scolded Yang Guo.

But there was one sentence that Xiao Longnu didn't say.

That is, Mr. Chu must agree to this!

Thinking about it, Xiao Longnu's beautiful eyes flashed and she looked up at the sky. The young man in green shirt above her, at this moment, her heart was already filled with ripples!!..........

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