Chapter 36 Confrontation! boom! boom! boom!

Without moving, Pang Ban's majestic force burst out, overwhelming the world! call!...

All the people present in the martial arts world of the Central Plains took a sharp breath, and even breathing became extremely difficult at this moment.

Each one looks uglier than the other!

Pang Ban glanced proudly at the group of martial arts people from the Central Plains in front of him.

The proud look on his face is even worse!

At this moment, although there are tens of thousands of martial arts people from the Central Plains gathered in Xiangyang City, in Pang Ban's eyes, they are just a bunch of rabble!

There are only a handful of people who can arouse his interest!!


"As expected of the Magician Palace Pangban!"

Chu Ming's expression was awe-inspiring, and his mind couldn't help but stir.

Even though Pang Ban has been in seclusion for decades, the pressure of the aura emanating from Fudong is enough to shake the void and easily kill countless martial arts masters.

Perhaps this is the power of the strong!

However, Facing Pang Ban, Chu Ming was not afraid at all, his expression was calm and composed.

Boom... a master's aura was fully revealed and burst out.

The coercion of Pang Ban's aura collided with the void, making bursts of roaring sounds and then dissipated. exhaust


"Then let me test your strength as a young master!"

Pang Ban's aura was surging.

It seemed to be even more majestic and evil than the one he had erupted before!

As he spoke, Pang Ban's figure flashed!!

Then, a majestic and vast palm print rose up against the wind, just for a moment. In a moment, it condensed into a size of more than tens of feet in the void, and the palm prints carried the power of thunder and blasted towards Chu Ming.

Pang Ban's palm prints were different from those of Xuan Ming and Xuan Ming!

The power contained in the palm prints was vast and majestic, far exceeding Xuan Ming's. The Xuanming Divine Palm of the two elders.

Just like Pang Ban himself, there is even a dense red aura surrounding the palm print.

"This is the master's bloody handprint!"

"Unexpectedly, the master actually used the red blood hand seal directly."

Zhao Min was surprised.

The red blood handprint is one of the magician Pang Ban's unique skills.

When a palm falls, the power is terrifying!

The person who is struck by the palm will have their mind lingering with blood energy, their body will be red, and they will eventually die ferociously in the endless blood energy. Death.

And now...

How could Zhao Min not be surprised when Pang Ban directly performed the red blood hand seal.

Moreover, Zhao Min found that the power of the red blood hand seal in front of him was much stronger than before!!

Obviously... the master had killed him!


"This is a red blood handprint!"

"Brother Chu, be careful! This palm is one of Pang Ban's unique skills, the red blood hand seal"

"You must not be hit by this handprint, otherwise your blood and energy will devour your mind!"

At this time, Guo Jing on the side reminded Chu Ming loudly.

Guo Jing had also heard about Pang Ban's palm technique for a long time.

But he didn't expect that Pang Ban's moves would be so sharp and fruity!

Chu Ming was so young, and he had already set foot in the field. Grandmaster realm!

Become a young grandmaster!

If you continue to grow in the future, it is impossible to set foot on the land of gods and gods.

Guo Jing did not want to see such a peerless genius, and the young grandmaster fell like this!

Guo Jing wanted to take action, but it was already too late.

So. In the end, I could only remind Chu Ming loudly

"Thank you! Guo Daxia reminds!"

Chu Ming responded.

His eyes suddenly condensed, and a cold murderous intent burst out from the depths of his eyes.

There was no hesitation in his movements.

Immediately, the Heaven-Destroying Hand was launched.

He directly faced the bloody hand seal.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two forces collided in the void.

Suddenly there was a violent roar in the void, and dust and sand filled the sky.

The dust and sand dissipated, and the bloody hand seal had turned into nothingness.

"Pang Ban, is this all you have to show your true strength so that Mr. Chu can see how you have been in seclusion for more than ten years? Have you improved in strength?"

"It just so happens that today Chu will use you as a whetstone to prove the path to martial arts that I seek!"

Chu Ming looked at the magician Pang Ban opposite and said sternly

"What a loud tone!"

"Shameless talk!"

"Use me as your whetstone, you can even say such big words, you ignorant young man!"

"How can my strength be compared to that of a Grandmaster like you!!"

"So what if you are a young grandmaster? In my eyes, you are nothing more than an ant! You also want to prove the martial arts you seek."

Pang Ban stood with his hands behind his hands and couldn't help laughing.

The laughter was full of sarcasm and pride.

Originally, when the magician Pang Ban saw Chu Ming, he stepped into the master realm at a young age and was called a peerless genius. He still had some appreciation in his heart.!

But now that he heard Chu Ming’s words, Pang Ban’s eyes were filled with pride.

The most indispensable thing in the land of China is Tianjiao!

At the same time, Tianjiao is often the easiest to fall!

He is so arrogant and ambitious! He travels across the world of China. Over the past few decades, countless geniuses have died at the hands of Pang Ban.

"Haha... Then I will cut off the martial arts you seek today and kill you, the young master!"

Pang Ban smiled coldly.

The terrifying murderous intention surged in his eyes.


"well! Pity! Still too young after all"

"It's just a pity that it's strong and easy to break. You have stepped into the realm of a master at such a young age. Given time, you will definitely become a great master, and even step into the land of gods and gods.……"

"What a terrifying existence Pang Ban is. He was already a great master before going into seclusion, but now that decades have passed, his strength is far greater than before."

At the scene, many people from the martial arts world in the Central Plains sighed when they heard Chu Ming's words.

Chu Ming is a young master!

If he can continue to grow, become a great master, and become a land god, then the foundation of the martial arts world in the Central Plains will surely be restored. One more point!

It's just a pity now...

This is almost the thought of most martial arts people at the scene

"Sigh...Brother Chu, you are still too impulsive!"

"If it really comes to that step, Guo will definitely take action!"

Guo Jing shook his head.

He had made up his mind. If the magician Pang Ban had murderous intentions, Guo Jing would try his best to save Chu Ming.

Thinking about this, Guo Jing's eyes fell on the two people who were at war with each other at this moment.


And Chu Ming... he didn't care what the martial arts people thought.

In his opinion, apart from those few people among the martial arts heroes present, most of them were nothing more than a mob!

At this moment, Chu Ming looked calm.

Faced with the magician Pang Ban without any fear, now with Chu Ming's strength.

He possesses the Eight Steps of the Heavenly Demon, the Eight Heavenly Swords, the Heavenly Destroying Hand, the Dragon-Elephant Prajna Kung Fu and many other martial arts.

Moreover, he had just killed King Jinlun and gained a lot of luck points.

It’s enough for him to level up!!

Even if we take 10,000 steps back...Chu Ming is defeated by the magician Pang Ban, the eight steps of the demon are enough for him to escape!!

Chu Ming would naturally not miss such an excellent opportunity to fight against strong players and gain experience!!


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