Chapter 35 Magician Pang Ban!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!...

The sword trembles!

Chu Ming watched Ah Da draw his sword, his eyes still calm and calm!!

If other people faced A Da's sword, it would be difficult for them to parry it.

But Chu Ming didn’t do it at all!!

I saw... a sharp and cold sword light flashing dozens of feet in size.

The sword is powerful, sharp and swift!

Sweeping like a strong wind!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

In an instant, two forces clashed, causing ripples to tremble in the void.

"Break it for me!"

Chu Ming shouted loudly.

The sword light on it was strong, bursting out with bright golden light.

The golden light shone, directly breaking Ada's sword power.

Then... a golden sword light, carrying an unparalleled sharpness. With the momentum, he rushed towards Ah Da.

Seeing this, Ah Da's figure flashed quickly, and his footwork was pushed to the extreme.


"Want to avoid!"

"Can you avoid this knife?"

When Chu Ming saw Ah Da's movements, the corner of his mouth raised a cold arc.


A sharp sword light was released, as if it was like a long eye, directly blocking all Ah Da's escape routes!!

Ah Da He quickly urged the sword in his hand, but he was still a little slow.

A cold and murderous sword light directly penetrated his body.

Blood sprayed out!

Ada was directly beheaded.

"Vulnerable! How can you block my sword!"

Chu Ming looked indifferent.

He looked at Ah Da's body on the ground and stepped directly over it.

"Ah Da!"

Zhao Min roared. His pupils were full of blood!

Ah Da has been with her for many years, and the relationship between the two has long been more than just a master-servant relationship. In Zhao Min's eyes, he even regards him as his own relative!!

Now that Ada is dead, how can Zhao Min not be angry!

"Haha... I'll be cut to pieces by a thousand cuts. It depends on whether you, Zhao Min, can survive today."

"Today, Mr. Chu will definitely kill you, Zhao Min. Do you think you can leave Xiangyang City!!"

Chu Ming's voice was cold and his eyes were piercing.

Even just looking at each other was enough to make people feel a strong chill and shudder!

"Arrogant! Chu Ming, you are really not afraid of offending the entire Meng Yuan court!"

"Even if you are extremely powerful, if you kill me, you will be endlessly hunted by Meng Yuan masters!"

Zhao Min met Chu Ming's eyes. At this moment, she seemed a little scared.

Chu Ming's eyes were so scary!

"Haha... I, Chu Ming, still don’t take the Meng Yuan court seriously."

"What's more, if the Mongolian and Yuan Dynasties want to go south, it is really ridiculous that the Central Plains Dynasty is a vegetarian!"

"You don’t simply think that my background is just this!" Chu Ming smiled calmly.

If the Meng Yuan court wants to go south, it will inevitably attract the attention of the three Central Plains dynasties of the Song Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, and the Sui Dynasty, and there will also be resistance from many Jianghu forces!

Therefore, Chu Ming is not afraid at all!

The reason why the Mongolian and Yuan forces have not moved south is precisely because of the constraints of the three major Central Plains dynasties.

Although the three major dynasties also had their own fights, no matter how fierce they were...

But once the Mongolian and Yuan court forces were involved, the three major dynasties would The spearhead of the Great Dynasty will immediately point at Meng Yuan!

There is no doubt about this!

At this moment!

Zhao Min's expression changed when he heard Chu Ming's words, which was extremely ugly.

At the same time, he was surprised!

Chu Ming's confidence and the terrifying strength displayed scared Zhao Min!

A young master!

His attack is a killing move.

And he can kill even the Grand Master’s King Jinlun!

This is extraordinary!!



"Then I would like to see how you kill my apprentice!"

"In the Central Plains Wulin, I really thought that I, Meng Yuan, had no one left. It seems that I have been silent for too long.

"Whatever! It's time to stir up some chaos in the world."

And at this moment, a hearty laugh sounded in the void.

The laughter was trembling, filled with evil murderous intent!

Many martial arts fellows with low strength were frightened to death by this evil murderous intent. and die

"This laughter is…"

"Magician Palace Pangban!"

Guo Jing stabilized his mind, and something strange flashed in his pupils, and a figure appeared!

And as the laughter settled, there were ripples in the space, and on top of the ripples, a figure slowly stepped forward.

As if in the void It felt like walking on flat ground!

Then he appeared in front of Zhao Min with a calm expression.

This person was none other than Mage Gong Pangban!

"Disciple pays homage to master!"

Zhao Min saluted Pang Ban.

"good! My good disciple. Pang

Ban smiled heartily.

For this apprentice, Pang Ban was also very happy.

He was extremely talented in martial arts and had an eccentric spirit, which often made him happy.

A group of people from the Central Plains martial arts scene saw the person coming, it was the magician Gong Pang Ban. , looking complicated

"I didn’t expect that the big devil, the magician Gong Pangban, would also come."

"It's too bad now, Pang Ban is a murderous demon who never blinks an eye."

"If it weren’t for the rumors in the world that the magician Gong Pangban had been in seclusion for decades, but now he has returned to the world, I am afraid that the martial arts world in the Central Plains will be in a catastrophe again."

Some people in the martial arts world saw Magician Palace Pang Ban suddenly coming to Xiangyang City, and they were keenly aware of the different meaning behind it.

Pang Ban's reappearance in the Jianghu, is it going to sweep the entire Central Plains martial arts world?!

After all, such things, Magic Palace Pang Ban It’s not like we didn’t do it before.

If that’s the case, the Central Plains martial arts world must be in another catastrophe


As for Pangban!

He didn't care about the thoughts of the martial arts people in the Central Plains in front of him.

Instead, his evil gaze fell on Chu Ming opposite.

Pang Ban had a panoramic view of the previous scene.

Young Grandmaster!

A peerless genius!!

Even King Jinlun was beheaded by him…!

"What a young grandmaster. If you grow up in the future, your strength will definitely be a terrifying and terrifying existence, enough to look down on the world."

"Boy, I want to see how you kill my good disciple Zhao Min today. Pang Ban spoke calmly.

Even without moving, a powerful and evil aura pressure immediately centered on Pang Ban and blasted towards the surrounding areas.

The void was distorted by the shock, and a terrifying crack even appeared.



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