Chapter 32 Surprise!

In the void.

Jinlun Dharma King looked at Chu Ming with both eyes, and said with a surprised expression:"Master Chu, you actually know the supreme Dharma-protecting magical skill of our Tantric Sect, the Dragon Elephant Prajna Skill! This skill is a secret that is not taught in our Tantric Sect, how did you know about it?!"

Chu Ming did not answer Jinlun Dharma King's question.

The next scene instantly made King Jinlun's pupils dilate.

Look at Chu Ming in disbelief!

I saw.

Chu Ming also condensed a huge dragon-elephant shadow around him.

Dragons roar, and the sound of elephants trampling fills the void.

"This, this is impossible, you actually know my supreme Dharma-protecting magical skill of Tantric Buddhism, Dragon Elephant Prajna Skill!!"

Jinlun Dharma King was surprised.

Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu has never been spread to outsiders, but Chu Ming in front of him could not mistake it. It was Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu!!

How could this not shock Jin Lun Dharma King ?

"No wonder... I noticed that the aura on Mr. Chu's body was vaguely familiar when I was in the ruined temple. That's it!! Jin

Lun Dharma King suddenly thought, and then looked at Chu Ming:"Master Chu, how did you learn the Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique, my secret skill in Tantric Buddhism?""

Jinlun Dharma King saw the dragon-elephant Prajna Kung Fu performed by Chu Ming. The power of the dragon-elephant was so powerful!!

Apparently, he had been practicing it for a long time!!

"You don’t need to know how Chu learned the Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu. How about it? Isn’t it a surprise?!"

Chu Ming said calmly.

As for below, a group of martial arts heroes and Zhao Min and his party saw the two dragon elephant shadows on the sky. They all looked shocked and horrified!!

At this time, there was another battlefield above the sky.

The two elders Xuanming and Guo Jing who were fighting saw the movement.

Their eyes turned to where the two dragon elephants were!

And that was where Jinlun Dharma King and Chu Ming were fighting.

Guo Jing was shocked when he saw this scene.

"I really didn’t expect that Little Brother Chu could actually do the Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu, but Guo looked down on Little Brother Chu."

Guo Jing said in a deep voice.

Then, a pair of eyes looked at the two elders Xuanming coldly:"Second elders Xuanming, Guo Jing will kill you and the others today!"

As he finished speaking, Guo Jing turned his hands over, and a strong stream of innate true energy was condensed between his hands.


A golden dragon pushed out from between his palms.


The sound of the dragon's roar echoed through the void.

It was exactly that. Eighteen Dragon-Subduing Palms!!

Seeing this, the two elders Xuan Ming did not dare to hold anything back and quickly joined forces to use the Xuan Ming Divine Palm.


As for Chu Ming,…

"Mr. Chu, no matter how you acquired the Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique, the supreme secret of my Tantric Buddhism, I cannot keep you here today."

Jinlun Dharma King said sternly.

As the Tantric Dharma King, he naturally does not want to spread the secret secrets of Tantric Buddhism, so in his opinion, Chu Ming must be killed today!!

"Haha... Then it depends on whether your Jinlun Dharma King has such ability!"

Chu Ming sneered at the corner of his mouth.

A fierce murderous intention burst out from his eyes!!

Killing the Golden Wheel Dharma King, in Chu Ming's opinion, will definitely gain a lot of luck points.


Jinlun Dharma King shouted.

Then, a majestic and powerful palm force rushed towards Chu Ming.

It was wrapped with the powerful and terrifying power of dragon elephant!!

Fierce and domineering!!

And Jinlun Dharma King came out The palm went straight to Chu Ming's life gate.

In an instant, as King Jinlun unleashed his palm, a huge golden palm print struck Chu Ming.

"Well done!"

Chu Ming's eyes were sharp.

Then he stretched out his hand, and a huge handprint was condensed, like a solid substance.

I saw that the power of the dragon elephant surged above the giant handprint!

It was the Heaven-Destroying Hand!

However, this move was blocked by Chu Ming Encapsulated in the power of the dragon elephant!!

Boom! Boom! Boom!


Soon, the golden giant palms and giant handprints intertwined in the void.

Suddenly, terrifying waves of air erupted, sweeping away in all directions..And the entire void became distorted!!

When everyone below saw this, their figures quickly retreated, using their strongest movements.

After all, the power of the aftermath of this energy was too terrifying!!

If it were too late! , will definitely be affected by the aftermath!!


"Fortunately, I ran fast, otherwise I might have been affected."

"The young man named Chu Ming was so powerful that he felt as oppressive as a mountain with his power just now! Horrible, really terrible!!"


Many martial arts heroes looked at Chu Ming and Jinlun Dharma King who were fighting in the sky. They were all frightened and looked extremely shocked!!

And at this time.

The battle between Chu Ming and King Jinlun continues

"Kill me!"

In the void, Chu Ming said solemnly.

The next moment, Mie Tian's hand, which carried the power of the dragon elephant, crushed the golden palm of King Jinlun in an instant.

The golden palm immediately turned into dots of golden light and dissipated.

And Mie Tian However, the power of his hand did not diminish, and he moved towards Jinlun Dharma King to kill him.

"Mr. Chu, your strength has indeed shocked me once again."

Jinlun Dharma King praised Chu Ming.

Then he said:"However, this makes me more determined to kill you!!"

"snort!... Ridiculous, wait until you break my Heaven-Destroying Hand!"

Hearing this, Chu Ming sneered.

When King Jinlun saw the Heaven-Destroying Hand coming towards him, a powerful and domineering aura suddenly burst out from his body.



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