Chapter 31 King Jinlun, you dare to fight!

"It just so happened that Mr. Chu also wanted to learn the Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu, the secret method of Jinlun Dharma King's tantric sect."

Chu Ming looked at King Jinlun.

In the previous battle with King Jinlun, Guo Jing only used the Great Turn of the Golden Wheel.

He did not use the Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu!

The Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu is the supreme protection of Tantric Buddhism. There are thirteen levels of Kung Shen Kung.

Its external palm power is powerful and fierce.

Every time you practice a level of Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu, your internal strength increases by the power of one dragon and one elephant!

After practicing to the tenth level, you can even explode into ten dragons and ten elephants. Juli

"oh! I didn’t expect Mr. Chu to know my supreme secret method of Tantric Buddhism, Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique!"

"If you want to learn the dragon-elephant prajna skill from me, it depends on Mr. Chu's ability."

Jinlun Dharma King was surprised.

But he didn't know that Chu Ming also understood the Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique!

"King Jinlun, you dare to come up and fight!"

In the void, Chu Ming put his hands behind his back, looked at Jinlun Dharma King indifferently, and said in a deep voice

"Why don’t I dare!"

Jinlun Dharma King responded.

If he kills a young master again, Jinlun Dharma King thinks it will be a kind of fun!...

One of the reasons why he came to the Central Plains Wulin this time is to learn martial arts with the strong.

" Fallen.

The figure of Jinlun Dharma King flashed and appeared in the void.

"Mr. Chu, please take action! Let me see you as a young master!"

Dharma King Jinlun spoke.


Chu Ming was calm.

Immediately, he swung out the long sword.

The sword light was as fierce as the raging wind!

This sword technique was exactly the Changfeng sword technique.

The next moment... a cold and powerful sword light, carrying an unparalleled sharpness. , charging towards King Jinlun.


The five golden wheels rotated at extremely high speeds, intersecting with the sword light in the void.

Immediately, the sound of clashing swords was heard.


Two powerful forces collided, bursting out in bursts. spark


"happy! In my opinion, Mr. Chu's swordsmanship has reached the level of proficiency!"

There was a look of excitement in the eyes of Jinlun Dharma King.

At the same time, he was also a little shocked!!

When he destroyed the temple before, Jinlun Dharma King realized that Chu Ming's strength was not simple, and even he couldn't see through it!!

Now... After the fight... Chu Ming is even more impressive!!

However, in the eyes of Jinlun Dharma King, even if Chu Ming is very powerful, he only looks sixteen or seventeen years old, and he is already a young master, but he But he is a true grandmaster...!

He is also responsible for the supreme martial arts of Tantra, such as Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu, both internally and externally.

"Your Golden Wheel Five Turns Dafa is also good. Come again!!"

There was a little excitement in Chu Ming's eyes.

Jin Lun Dharma King is the most powerful person he has met so far!!

If he can kill him, Chu Ming believes that he will definitely gain a lot of luck points!!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

I saw that Chu Ming was using his innate true energy.

Suddenly, the power that burst out from his whole body couldn't help but become a little stronger. In the void, the sword light shined brightly, and the condensed sword light was even more powerful than before!

Above the awn, a terrifying aura burst out, and it slashed towards the five golden wheels.


The sword awn collided with the golden wheel again, and the five golden wheels were directly slashed and flew out.

Upon seeing this, King Jinlun hurriedly drove The power of true energy in the body.

In an instant, five golden wheels faced the terrifying and cold sword light from all directions and from even weirder angles.


A huge roar resounded in the sky, shaking the earth.

"Unexpectedly, Jinlun Dharma King could still perform the Five Wheels Dafa to such a terrifying level just after the battle with Guo."

Guo Jing looked at the five golden wheels spinning rapidly in the void.

His eyes couldn't help but reveal a deep look.

"The strength of this Golden Wheel King is more powerful than I imagined. The offensive and defense are leak-proof during the opening and closing of the five-wheel rotation. The killings on it are terrifying."

"Moreover, I just heard from Little Brother Chu that Jin Lun Dharma King also has the supreme secret method of Tantric Buddhism, and the Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique has not yet been used. If this technique is used, I am afraid that even if Guo is up against him, he is not sure of being able to win."


And below.

Zhao Min saw the two figures in the void and said with deep eyes:"I didn't expect this young man named Chu Ming to be so powerful. He can compete with Jinlun Dharma King."

Then he spoke to Ah Da beside him. ,"When I get back, I will definitely check the details of Chu Ming for this princess!!"

"yes! Princess!"

Ada nodded.

Then he continued:"Princess, Jinlun Dharma King has dominated the great masters for many years. He is also an extremely powerful man in Tantric Buddhism. He possesses the dragon-elephant Prajna Kung Fu. From Ada's perspective, Chu Ming will definitely lose in this battle."

"Even my master, the magician Pang Ban, is full of praise for Jinlun Dharma King's strength. However, when I arrived in Xiangyang City this time, I didn't expect that this person would directly make my princess's plan fail. It's really abominable!"

Zhao Min's beautiful eyes looked fiercely at the figure of the young man in green clothes in the void.

She thought.

Then she gestured to the two elders Xuan Ming and Xuan Ming beside her.

The two elders Xuan Ming also understood it.

Immediately, he took a step forward, his figure flashed, and he was ready to move towards He followed Chu Ming to attack and kill him.

But the next moment... Guo Jing stopped directly in front of the two elders Xuanming and said sternly:"Third elders Xuanming, your opponent is Guo. Today, Guo will eliminate you two for the Central Plains Wulin. What a scum!!"

"Haha...that's alright! Let us two brothers learn Guo Daxia’s Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms!"

The two elders Xuan Ming spoke.


And the other side.

Keng! Keng! Keng!

The sword light intersects with the five golden wheels.

Immediately, a clear and loud sound of fighting between Jin Ge sounded.

More sparks are blooming

"King Jinlun, trying to break through my sword light with just five golden wheels is simply ridiculous."

Curse, Chu Ming shouted:"Break it for me!"


The terrifying huge power was condensed on the sword light, and the five golden wheels instantly broke under the blow and flew out.

"Jinlun Dharma King, if you only have this little strength, it would be too disappointing."

Chu Ming looked coldly.

His cold eyes looked at Jinlun Dharma King not far away.

His eyes were filled with a terrifying fighting spirit.

"It seems that I underestimate you."


The expression of Jinlun Dharma King changed.

Jinlun Dharma King did not expect that his five golden wheels would be shattered by the opponent's knife.

"Then try this trick!"

The Jinlun Dharma King looked seriously.

The next moment,

I saw the Jinlun Dharma King soaring into the sky, and the terrifying air waves condensed around him.


Above the void, a heavenly dragon gradually appeared, flying in the sky.

Then it turned into a statue. giant elephant

"Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu!"

"Dragon-Elephant Prajna Kung Fu claims that once you have mastered it, you will have the power of thirteen dragons and thirteen elephants."

Chu Ming looked at the phantom of the dragon elephant condensed around Jinlun Dharma King.


The roar of the dragon resounded, shaking the earth.


The giant elephant stepped into the air, the void shook and twisted! The powerful and terrifying aura of the dragon elephant soon enveloped the entire place. Xiangyang City.


The martial arts community below saw the dragon-elephant shadow appearing around King Jinlun. All of them had solemn expressions.

Even some low-strength martial arts people present looked at this dragon-elephant shadow. Under the pressure, his liver and gallbladder split apart, and he bleeds to death from his seven orifices.


It’s really terrible!

This is the first thought in the hearts of all the martial arts people present.

Facing the phantom of the dragon-elephant manifested by King Jinlun, All the martial arts heroes circulated the inner energy in their bodies, as if they wanted to reduce the pressure of the dragon and elephant to a minimum.

For a moment, the whole place was filled with howls!



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