Chapter 30 The two elders Xuan Ming!

"Brother Jing, be careful!"

Seeing this, Huang Rong quickly exclaimed

"Uncle Guo...the abominable Meng Yuan alien race. Unable to defeat Uncle Guo, they unexpectedly attacked them secretly."

Yang Guo looked angry.

However, he was too weak now to help Guo Jing.

All the martial arts comrades at the scene were furious when they saw this sudden scene!

"Guo Jing, suffer death!"

A cold voice came from the void.

At this moment!

Above the sky.

Guo Jing's expression changed at this sudden scene.

But at this moment, he could no longer be distracted!

Moreover, the strength of the person applying the palm was also impressive!!

In vain, at this critical moment, a voice suddenly sounded

"Mr. Guo, let me come down here to help you!!"

As the voice sounded, a very fast figure flashed towards the dark purple giant palm.

"Eight Heavenly Sword Jue!"

Suddenly, there was an unparalleled sharpness, and a golden sword light dozens of feet long slashed towards the dark purple giant palm in the void.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The moment the giant palm touched the sword light, it was like a fish entering the sea. disappeared in time

"Haha...are you two still unwilling to come out?"

On the sky, Chu Ming's eyes were cold and he said loudly

"There is a young boy from there who dares to stop us Xuanming and others from doing things and spoil our affairs!"

At this time, two people emerged from the void.

They were the two elders Xuan Ming!

And hearing the names of the two people, many people in the martial arts world below had complicated expressions.


"The two elders Xuan Ming also came. Unexpectedly, they were so despicable and shameless, sneaking up on Guo Jing and Guo Daxia"

"The two elders Xuanming and Ming were not shameless for one day, but for two days. There were rumors in the world that the two of them had defected to the Meng Yuan court. Now it seems to be true!"

"This witch Zhao Min was so shameless that she even arranged for the two elders Xuan Ming to attack Daxia Guo. Fortunately, the young hero Chu took action."


On the stage, Huang Rong and Yang Guo were obviously relieved to see Guo Jing safe.

"Auntie... the strength of Mr. Chu is really terrifying! He has such strength at such a young age, I wonder when he will be able to do so."

Yang Guo turned to Xiao Longnu and said

"yes! Mr. Chu is indeed very powerful, and he is also chivalrous and personable. Xiao

Longnu nodded, and then said to Yang Guo:"Guo'er, don't rush into martial arts. I believe you can do it.""

"Aunt... I think you have a good impression of Mr. Chu. It would be great to have Mr. Chu as your uncle!!"

Yang Guo spoke.

Hearing this, Xiao Longnu's pretty face couldn't help but turn rosy, and scolded:"Guo'er, don't talk nonsense! Be careful as the teacher punishes you!!"

"Haha...Auntie, let’s not talk about it for a while. Yang Guo smiled and said,"Anyway, I have already accepted in my heart that Mr. Chu will be my uncle.""

At this time.

On the sky

"Mr. Xuan Ming, can you please have a little face?"

Chu Ming's voice was calm and he changed the topic:

"I almost forgot, you seem to have no face all the time, two running dogs of the Meng Yuan court, what kind of face do dogs have..."

After saying this, Chu Ming couldn't help but look at Zhao Min below, and couldn't help but sneer at the corners of his mouth.

"The majestic Princess Mengyuan actually arranged for a sneak attack on Guo Jing, the hero, and she was not afraid of being laughed at by everyone in the world."

Below, Zhao Min was said by Chu Ming standing on the sky.

A change appeared on his originally calm face.

It was not about the sneak attack by Xuan Ming, but the shock that Chu Ming brought to Zhao Min.

Xuan Ming and others His strength has exceeded that of a grandmaster.

The power of the Xuanming Divine Palm is even more terrifying.

Chu Ming easily broke through the Xuanming Divine Palm with just one strike.

This shows that Chu Ming's strength has also exceeded that of a grandmaster, and is even higher than the two elders of Xuanming..At such an age, there are powerful people who have become masters!

Looking at the entire world of China, it is not uncommon, but such existences are rare.

And at this moment, Chu Ming is such a existence.

"Mr. Chu, thank you for your help!"

Guo Jing faced Chu Ming, cupped his hands and said gratefully.

Before, Guo Jing's attention was all on King Jinlun, and he didn't notice the two elders Xuan Ming hidden in the void.

If Chu Ming hadn't taken action in time just now, I'm afraid he would have……

"Sir Guo, there is no need to be so polite."

Chu Ming cupped his hands and replied.

"Yes, Chu Shaoxia is neither arrogant nor impetuous, and is not surprised by changes. He is very powerful at such a young age, and his future martial arts achievements will definitely be extraordinary."

Seeing Chu Ming's look, Guo Jing showed approval.

Guo Jing had seen many geniuses, all of whom were arrogant, domineering and arrogant.

But the Chu Ming in front of him gave Guo Jing a different feeling.

The words fell!

The next moment... Guo Jing turned his cold eyes to Zhao Min below.

"Zhao Min, the dignified Princess Mengyuan, arranged for two masters to attack Guo from behind. This is what you call a martial arts competition. It is really ridiculous! Originally, I wanted to let you go for the sake of your aunt Huazheng, but now……"

Guo Jing glared angrily.

He was completely angry.

Originally, the two sides had a martial arts exchange and exchange, which was nothing, but ended up being attacked from behind.

"Guo Daxia, Xuan Ming and the two elders did not take action because of the following instructions."

"Zhao Min would like to say goodbye to today's matter. He will ask Daxia Guo for advice someday."

Zhao Min's mind was racing, and she slowly opened the folding fan and said.

At this moment, she had to find someone to take the blame, and naturally Xuan Ming and Xuan Ming were the perfect candidates.

Today, another young master suddenly stood up.

To deal with Guo Jing's plan, Obviously it failed.

Zhao Min's current idea is to retreat in order to advance and leave this place.

There will be opportunities in the future for the planning.

"The sneak attack on Daxia Guo was the intention of our two elders, Xuan Ming, and had nothing to do with the princess."

Lu Zhanke spoke.

At the same time, Hebiweng also nodded.

When the martial arts people at the scene heard what the two elders Xuan Ming said, they naturally wouldn't believe it.

In the sky,

Chu Ming didn't believe the two elders Xuan Ming's sneak attack and Zhao Min It has nothing to do with it.

Without Zhao Min’s signal, the two elders Xuan Ming would hide their aura in the void until now and take action.

"What a great Zhao Min!"

"The sneak attack actually killed him completely"

"But now you can leave just as you say."

Chu Ming's eyes were sharp.

There was a bit of coldness in his eyes.


A powerful aura came out with pressure.


The next moment, the two auras collided, and a violent roar came out of the void.

Then it dissipated.

Xuan Xuan Ming Erlao took action, and the two figures stood in front of Zhao Min.

"Boy, don't push yourself too far!"

"Even though you are a young grandmaster, we Xuanming and I have been among the grandmasters for many years."

Xuan Ming and the two elders spoke calmly.

In their eyes, Chu Ming is indeed a grandmaster.

But at such an age, becoming a grandmaster is incomparable to the fact that they have been masters for many years.

If they really want to fight, Xuan Ming Ming Erlao is not afraid at all.

Killing a strong young master is also fun.


"Mr. Xuan Ming, I will kill Zhao Min today, but you two are trying to stop me."

In the sky, Chu Ming looked cold and indifferent.

In his eyes, the two elders Xuanming and Ming were not afraid.

"Haha...kill me Zhao Min, Mr. Chu, you have such a loud tone."

"Then Zhao Min will see how Mr. Chu kills me today."

Zhao Min said coldly

"Princess Zhao Min, please rest assured! With me here again, I will definitely protect you."

Dharma King Jinlun spoke.

The five golden wheels in his hands turned

"Thank you Dharma King!"

"This princess also wants to see how Mr. Chu kills me."

Zhao Min bowed her hands in front of Jinlun Dharma King, and then focused her beautiful eyes and looked at Chu Ming.

Since she came to the Anti-Yuan Wulin Heroes Conference today, she naturally has Zhao Min's support.

In addition to Jinlun Dharma King and the two elders Xuan Ming , and... it’s just that the figure in the void in the distance will definitely not appear unless it is absolutely necessary.

Thinking about it, Zhao Min looked indifferent.

He looked at Chu Ming in the sky with interest.

Below, a figure Seeing the tense atmosphere at this moment, all the people in the martial arts world could not help but take a deep breath.


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