Chapter 3: Fusion of the Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques and the Eight Heavenly Demon Steps!

"System, transmit the Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques to me!"

Chu Ming spoke to the system.

He sat cross-legged and prepared to start merging the Eight Heavenly Sword Arts.

Now that his cultivation level has broken through to the master level, he will naturally become more comfortable integrating the Eight Heavenly Sword Arts.

【Ding! The fusion of the Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques begins! 】

As the sound of the system sounded, golden runes appeared in the sky above Chu Ming. The next moment, the runes poured directly into Chu Ming's eyebrows and consciousness, which were the formulas for the Eight Heavenly Sword Jue!!

Soon afterwards, Chu Ming noticed that in his consciousness, the original runes instantly turned into a human figure.

The figure is holding a long sword, and each strike contains a terrifying sword intent. It can be said to be endlessly changing and exquisite!

I practiced eighty times!

The figure just disappeared!!

"What a terrifying sword intention, this is the Eight Heavenly Sword Art, so exquisite."

Chu Ming couldn't help but sigh in his heart.

He didn't know how long it took.

As the figure disappeared, the system beep sounded suddenly, and Chu Ming suddenly came to his senses.

【Ding! Congratulations to the host for the successful fusion of the Eight Heavenly Swords!】

【Ding! The system has detected that the host has a small understanding of the Eight Heavenly Sword Jue. Congratulations to the host for reaching a small level of martial arts! Note: The realm of martial arts is divided into entry level, small achievement, Dacheng, perfection, and great perfection!!】

"This, this is really unexpected, the martial arts realm of the Eight Heavenly Sword Jue has been directly achieved."

Chu Ming couldn't help but be surprised when he heard the sound of the system.

He didn't expect that he had just integrated the Eight Judgments of the Heavenly Sword and directly reached the realm of Xiaocheng.

"Could it be that I have been practicing the Changfeng Sword Technique for many years, and I have understood the intention of the sword. The Eight Heavenly Sword Jue has felt the intention of my sword, and it has been directly accomplished."Chu Ming said solemnly, he could only think of this possibility.

After all, although the sword intention is mysterious, it has the same purpose.

Chu Ming did not continue to struggle with this issue, but after adjusting his state, he continued to merge. The Eight Steps of the Heavenly Demon!

The process of integrating the Eight Steps of the Heavenly Demon is as smooth as the Eight Steps of the Heavenly Sword.

In just a moment, Chu Ming completely integrated the Eight Steps of the Heavenly Demon.

"Try the Eight Steps of Heavenly Demon first! Chu

Ming thought.

Immediately, he took a step forward, and his figure flashed as fast as lightning. In the blink of an eye, Chu Ming found that he had already crossed hundreds of meters.

"Yes, now that we have the Eight Steps of Heavenly Demon, we can easily escape even if we are unable to defeat a strong enemy."

Chu Ming said with satisfaction.

Now, in addition to the eight-step movement of the demon, his strength has also broken through to the third-level realm of the grandmaster. He is responsible for the eight heavenly swords, the master of the family swordsmanship, the wind sword, and many more. With the help of martial arts, he has a certain ability to protect himself when traveling in the world.

However, Chu Ming is not in a hurry to go to the world at this moment. After all, he still needs to make sufficient preparations.

"System, is there anything like a property panel?"

Chu Ming thought and asked the system quickly.

He wanted to check his current attribute panel.

This would also make it easier to know his strength at any time.

As Chu Ming finished speaking, the system's prompt tone suddenly sounded.

【Ding! The system automatically generates host properties......The generated attributes are completed and can be viewed by the host at any time! 】

Hearing this, Chu Ming directly checked his attribute panel.

A curtain of light flashed out, and it was Chu Ming's attribute panel.

Host: Chu Ming

Age: 16 years old

Cultivation level: Grandmaster's third-level realm skills: Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques [Xiaocheng Realm], Heavenly Demon Eight Steps [Xiaocheng Realm], Changfeng Sword Technique, Cloud Step, and Back-to-Dragon and Tiger Fist, Seven Spin Palm...

Divine Weapon: Daxia Dragon Bird Sword........

"Yes, this is much more convenient."

Chu Ming looked at his attribute panel, and it can be said that his current strength is clear at a glance.

Changfeng Sword Technique, Zongyun Step, Tongbei Dragon and Tiger Fist, and Seven-Spinning Palm are all techniques left behind in Changfeng Villa, and These skills were cultivated by Chu Ming to the state of great perfection.

In the following period, Chu Ming continued as usual every day. Compared with the Changfeng Sword Technique and other skills, he was more familiar with the Eight Steps of the Heavenly Demon and the Heavenly Demon. The two techniques of Dao Ba Jue.

Unknowingly, more than a month has passed.

At this time, in an open space on the back hill of Changfeng Villa.

Chu Ming's figure flashed, and he waved the Daxia Longque Sword in his hand. In an instant, dozens of dazzling blades of light flashed out from the Great Xia Dragon Bird Sword. The blades were swift and fierce, and each blade contained infinite changes!!


When the blades struck, a terrifying beam appeared on the entire land. long knife marks

"good! Finally, the Eight Heavenly Sword Jue was completed."

Chu Ming was excited.

After looking at the scene in front of him, he sheathed his sword.

For more than a month, even after activating the system, Chu Ming did not relax at all, either practicing the Eight Steps of the Demon or the Eight Jue of the Heavenly Sword.

After all, He knows very well that any technique requires actual combat and proficiency.


Huangtian paid off, and Chu Ming's progress was pretty good.

In just over a month, I became completely proficient in the Eight Steps of the Heavenly Demon and the Eight Jue of the Heavenly Sword and integrated them into one body. Both of these two techniques have reached the state of Dacheng!! certainly.

In addition to breakthroughs in the Eight Steps of the Heavenly Demon and the Eight Jue of the Heavenly Sword, Chu Ming has not slackened in his cultivation and has been improved. Now he has reached the fourth level of Grandmaster.

Entering the middle stage of master cultivation!!

"Now that I have some ability to protect myself, my improvement will not be great if I continue to stay in Changfeng Villa. It is time to go to the majestic world of martial arts. Chu Ming thought.

He was not in a hurry to go to Jianghu before. He also wanted to familiarize himself with the Eight Steps of the Demon and the Eight Jue of the Heavenly Sword to improve his own strength. Furthermore, he also needed to prepare well.

After all, Chu Ming didn't want to be like a headless fly, rushing into the world.

During this period, although Chu Ming was in Changfeng Villa, he still had some concerns about some of the recent events in the world. He knew.

It has to be said that the arena in this world is much more interesting than he imagined.

And just when Chu Ming was thinking about it, the system notification sound suddenly sounded in his mind. This surprised Chu Ming.

Since After activation, the system stopped responding.

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