Chapter 26 Uninvited guest! Strong enemy!

Chu Ming's aura was as strong as the abyss, and Yun Danfeng looked at Qiu Chuji and the Quanzhen Sect.

"This kid is really arrogant!"

Thinking of Chu Ming's words, Qiu Chuji's face turned gloomy.

Immediately, Qiu Chuji was ready to draw his sword and attack Chu Ming.

"Mr. Chu, be careful!"

Little Dragon Girl reminded loudly

"Haha...seeking death!!"

Seeing this, Chu Ming's pupils were cold and murderous intent surged.

He didn't take Qiu Chuji seriously at all.

Even if the Quanzhen Seven Sons joined forces, Chu Ming was not afraid at all!!

But at this moment, a figure directly blocked him. Between Chu Ming and Qiu Chuji

"Master Qiu, stop! There must be a hidden agenda in this matter. I am here today for the Anti-Yuan Heroes Conference, so I absolutely cannot take action."

The person who spoke was naturally none other than Guo Jing!!

Even if Guo Jing was stupid, he understood.

Now Qiu Chuji took action in anger, which further verified what Yang Guo said.

The young man named Chu in front of him, encountered injustice on the road, took action In Guo Jing's opinion, Xiangzhu was an honest and upright man without sacrificing his integrity!

Naturally, he didn't want to see Chu Ming beheaded by Qiu Chuji on the spot.

"Jinger, get out of the way! Do you even want to stop me?"

Qiu Chuji asked sternly.

In vain, at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded from outside the school grounds.

"interesting! It really made me watch a good show... I didn't expect that the Quanzhen sect, one of the best disciples in the Song Dynasty, would be so unbearable."

As the words fell, I saw a group of people walking slowly from outside the school grounds.

Chu Ming followed the sound and walked away.

No need to think about it, he knew who it was. It was Zhao Min and his group!

Seeing this, all the martial arts people present The heroes also looked at Zhao Min and his party for the first time.

"Who are you?"

On the giant platform, Guo Jing looked at the group of people with complicated eyes.

They are all very powerful!

Especially after glancing at Jinlun Dharma King, his expression was subtle.

The other party's aura was strong and deep, and his strength was not outstanding, even in his eyes. Under.

And this group of people suddenly appeared in Xiangyang City, and they came with bad intentions!!

"Daxia Guo, I’m Zhao Min, heard that Daxia Guo held a heroes conference in Xiangyang City, so I came here to join in the fun, intending to see how the martial arts people in the Central Plains choose their leaders, and to see the style of the martial arts people from all walks of life, but unexpectedly... Such an interesting scene!!"

Zhao Min slowly opened the folding fan in his hand and said in a loud voice:

"It's a pity that the result made me a little disappointed. It turned out that the martial arts heroes in the Central Plains actually chose the position of leader and became the one-spoken hall of Guo Jing and Guo Daxia."

As he spoke, Zhao Min looked disappointed from time to time.

The sarcasm behind his words was obvious.

After the words fell, Zhao Min looked at Chu Ming.

His expression changed!

"It turned out to be the person I met in the ruined temple!!"

Of course, Zhao Min recognized Chu Ming

"Sigh... This Dharma King thought that there would be some powerful characters in the Central Plains Wulin in this hero conference, but he didn't expect that they would all be just a ragtag group of people."

At this time, Jinlun Dharma King on the side also spoke, and the anger level was instantly filled up.

Just then, Jinlun Dharma King glanced around.

Although there were some strong people among them, Jinlun Dharma King still couldn't lift the slightest Interested.

But when Jinlun Dharma King's eyes fell on Chu Ming, his heart sank.

He didn't expect that Chu Ming was also here!!

And what surprised Jinlun Dharma King even more was... Chu Ming's aura was far better than when they first met. Much deeper!!

"I hope this person cannot affect this Dharma King’s plan!!"

Jinlun Dharma King murmured in his heart.

As Zhao Min and Jinlun Dharma King finished speaking, all the martial arts people at the scene could no longer hold back.

Everyone looked angry, but soon someone among the crowd thought of something.

"Zhao Min, is she Zhao Min?!"

"The daughter of King Ruyang and Princess Shaomin of Meng Yuan Dynasty, she has a sharp tongue and a sharp tongue."

" took a long time to find out it was a foreign race from Mongolia and Yuan Dynasty"

"Unexpectedly, the Meng Yuan people dared to break into our territory of the Song Dynasty and kill the Meng Yuan princess."

"There is no room for a Mongolian Tatar to point fingers at the affairs of the Jianghu and Wulin in the Central Plains."

"That's it, that's it... I didn't expect it to come to my door. This is the hero conference held to fight against Meng Yuan. It just happens that I can kill you right here and treat it as a sacrificial flag for the Anti-Yuan Hero League."

Zhao Min glanced at her beautiful eyes proudly, without any fear, and couldn't help but sneer at the corner of her mouth:

"Haha... If you want to kill me, I'm afraid it depends on whether you have the strength."

Since she chose to come here, she naturally had some obstacles.

But before Zhao Min could finish her words, the person who spoke the loudest just now was directly pierced by a ray of light at the next moment.

There was no breath of life anymore!

"You, you... Meng Yuan witch, are looking for death! How dare you kill people in front of our Central Plains martial arts people?"

"Today, I, Tongtian Gang, want to see what you, a witch, are capable of."

As the martial arts man was beheaded, all the martial arts people in the school were completely angry.

But it was just anger.

No one was willing to take the initiative to rush forward.

After all, in the scene just now, the action was too fast, and many people Haven't reacted yet

"My princess is here to see how you can kill me."

Seeing the reaction of the Central Plains martial arts people around him, Zhao Min smiled even more.

Just as King Jinlun said just now, the Central Plains martial arts people in front of him are just a bunch of rabble.

A single move to shock them is enough to make them afraid.Everyone cherishes his life very much!

"Master Guo, this is how you, the martial arts people from the Central Plains, treat guests."

Zhao Min spoke calmly and turned his eyes to Guo Jing on the giant stage again.

Among all the martial arts people in front of him, the only ones that Zhao Min really cared about were Guo Jing and Huang Rong.

Of course, big names such as Wudang, Emei, Shaolin, etc. The sect cannot be underestimated.

Guo Jing’s cultivation is powerful!

He was already a master in his early years!

Now his strength is revealed���To what extent, she didn't know.

And Huang Rong is also very powerful!

His father is the master of Peach Blossom Island, Medicine Master Dongxie Huang, and Huang Rong has obtained the true biography of Huang Laoxie.

In addition, in his early years, he followed Hong Qigong of the Northern Beggar, and even learned the dog-beating stick technique, one of the secret skills of the Beggar Clan...

The two of them guarded Xiangyang City for decades and resisted the invasion of the Mongolian and Yuan tribes many times, which shows that their strength is by no means ordinary.

What's more... now there is another variable



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