Chapter 25 The shameless Quanzhen Sect!


In vain, a cold voice came.

The next moment, a graceful and cool figure in white clothes slowly fell to the ground from the void.

The appearance of the woman immediately caused quite a shock.

I saw that the woman in white had fair skin, like white jade and mutton fat, and her eyes were as bright as the bright moon and stars.

Possessing a beautiful face and a cool temperament, I am afraid that if you look at the entire land of China, it is rare!!

The visitor was naturally none other than Xiao Longnu!!

Xiao Longnu, who was practicing in the tomb, did not find Yang Guo after finishing her practice.

Immediately, he thought that Yang Guo might have been feeling guilty because of what happened before.

Go to Xiangyang City to question the Quanzhen Sect in front of a group of martial arts comrades and ask for an explanation!!

That's why Xiao Longnu came here.

So, there was a scene in front of me!!


Seeing Xiao Longnu appear, Yang Guo walked up quickly

"Come on, this girl is…?"

Guo Jing glanced at Xiao Longnu, then walked up and asked Yang Guo

"Uncle Guo, this is the aunt I just mentioned, and she is also my master. Yang

Guo replied


Guo Jing looked at Little Dragon Girl, and then turned to Quanzhen Cult Qiu Chuji:"Master Qiu, what on earth is going on?!"

Qiu Chuji naturally understood what Guo Jing was asking, and slowly said:"Jing'er, this matter has nothing to do with our Quanzhen sect. Yang Guo has a naughty character. He even beat up other disciples of the Quanzhen sect. The judge turned against the sect."

"Niubi Laodao, don't confuse right and wrong. If it weren't for that stinky Taoist priest Zhao Zhijing who holds a grudge against me because of Uncle Guo, and even punches and kicks me, the Quanzhen Sect is indeed a shameless guy!!

Yang Guo pointed at Qiu Chuji and said sternly.

When Guo Jing heard Yang Guo's words, he looked at Qiu Chuji and said,"Master Qiu, is what Guo'er said true?""

Hearing this, Qiu Chuji looked gloomy and didn't say much.

After all, there was no lie in what Yang Guo said.

And when all the martial arts heroes at the scene heard Yang Guo's words, their eyes fell on Qiu Chuji one by one.

They still couldn't believe it!

The Quanzhen Sect is... The reputation of Chongyang, the most powerful Taoist sect in the world of the Song Dynasty, was resounding throughout China's martial arts world...

At this time,

Xiao Longnv's beautiful eyes glanced at everyone in the scene.

Her beautiful eyes finally fell on a young man in a blue shirt.

Beautiful eyes flow!!

"Haha... Miss Long, Chu said we will meet again soon."

At this time, Chu Ming smiled at Xiao Longnu and said

"Mr. Chu, thank you very much for what happened before!"

Little Dragon Girl nodded and smiled at Chu Ming.

When Yang Guo heard what Xiao Dragon Girl said, his eyes couldn't help but fall to Chu Ming. He cupped his hands and saluted,"Mr. Chu, thank you very much for my aunt! If we don't take action in time, I'm afraid the consequences will be disastrous"

"No problem! Chu happened to be passing by, so naturally he would not sit idly by."

Chu Ming replied calmly.

On the Quanzhen Sect side, Qiu Chuji, Wang Chuyi and others heard the conversation between Chu Ming and Yang Guo and naturally understood.

However, Qiu Chuji thought of another thing.

If Yang Guo What he said was true. Yin Zhiping wanted to do something inappropriate to Xiao Longnu, but Chu Ming happened to be passing by and bumped into him...

This means that the person who killed his apprentices Yin Zhiping and Zhao Zhijing was the young man in green shirt in front of him!!

Immediately , Qiu Chuji looked at Chu Ming with a stern look, and asked:"Your Excellency, did my disciple Yin Zhiping and Quanzhen Sect disciple Zhao Zhijing die in your hands?!"

"That's right! It was exactly what Chu did."

Chu Ming admitted.

He was not afraid of the Quanzhen Seventh Son!!

Seeing Chu Ming's admission, Qiu Chuji said angrily,"It's really you. Even if my disciple Yin Zhiping did something wrong, then I, the master, will punish him, and this But my friend killed him directly. Today Qiu should seek justice for my apprentice Yin Zhiping!!"

"This little friend, my apprentice Zhao Zhijing should also have died at your hands!"

As soon as Wang Chu opened his mouth,

"That's right! Zhao Zhijing hid in the dark, looking at Yin Zhiping, but did not stop him. People with such character in the Quanzhen Sect would be punished!!"

Chu Ming looked indifferent.

At this moment, all the martial arts heroes present reacted immediately.

They didn't expect that everything was true!!

Quanzhen sect disciples turned out to be such despicable and shameless people with bad conduct.

They looked at each other It means looking at Qiu Chuji, Wang Chuyi and others of the Quanzhen Sect

"My little friend, don't talk nonsense. You can't summarize the specific situation of this matter in just one word. You are slandering our Quanzhen Sect. Today, I will capture you, old master, to avenge my disciple Yin Zhiping.…!"

When Qiu Chuji saw the looks from all the martial arts heroes, he didn't care about the situation at the moment and was completely shameless.

The Quanzhen Sect’s face must not be lost!!

In Qiu Chuji's eyes, it was precisely because of the young man in green shirt in front of him!

Chu Ming could use this as an excuse to kill Quanzhen Cult disciples Yin Zhiping and Zhao Zhijing.

In Qiu Chuji's opinion, as long as this person is killed, the Quanzhen Sect's face will be restored!!

"Haha... Ridiculous! What a Quanzhen Sect. If Wang Chongyang does this again, I might give him some face, but you, Qiu Chuji, are far from enough. It seems that you, the Quanzhen Sect, are really shameless today!!"

Hearing this, Chu Ming's voice was cold, and a cold light burst out from his pupils.

"Qiu Chuji, I want to see that you, a veteran, are capable of defeating me in front of so many martial arts heroes. You are still not my opponent, Chu Ming.……"

Chu Ming clasped his hands behind his back and looked at Qiu Chuji and the Quanzhen Sect members with a proud expression.

The aura is as strong as the abyss!!


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