Chapter 24 Questioning!

"What Mrs. Guo said is absolutely true. Sir Guo, please stop trying to shirk it."

"that is! That’s it...the position of leader of the Guo Daxia Alliance belongs to you."

"Hero Guo!"

"Hero Guo!"

Once again, Guo Jing's name resounded throughout the school grounds.

"Brother Jing, please don't shirk anymore, you've chilled the hearts of all the martial arts comrades."

Huang Rong added fire to the side.


Guo Jing nodded, looked at Huang Rong, and said nothing more.

Then, he changed the topic, looked at the martial arts heroes, and spoke with a strong voice.

"Since all the martial arts comrades think highly of Guo Jing, if I shirk it again, it will definitely chill the hearts of the martial arts comrades."

"I, Guo Jing, agree to the position of leader of the alliance!"

Guo Jing agreed.

Seeing Guo Jing's agreement, all the martial arts people in the school looked excited.

"Master Guo, congratulations to Emei Master Jiejie!"

"Amitabha...Congratulations to Master Guo and Shaolin Xuanbei!"

"Guo Daxia, my master Zhang Zhenren, the representative of the Wudang Seven Heroes, also congratulates on assuming the position of leader to fight against the Mongolian and Yuan aliens."

"Mr. Guo, Quanzhen Sect also congratulates you again!"

"Daxia Guo, I, Zhuge Zheng, congratulate you on behalf of the Song Dynasty!"

"On behalf of the Ming Dynasty, I, the Dragon Villa, also congratulate Daxia Guo!!"

All of a sudden, a group of people from the martial arts sects and representatives of the dynasty forces came forward to congratulate Guo Jing.

In response, Guo Jing returned the favor one by one with fists in his arms.

Guo Jing quickly refused, showing off that many of the people in the world were highly respected and respected. Talented person

"As expected, Guo Jing was appointed as the leader of the Anti-Yuan Alliance."

Seeing Guo Jing's expected return, Chu Ming whispered.

After all, among everyone present, Guo Jing is the initiator of this Anti-Yuan Heroes Conference. For so many years, he has guarded Xiangyang City against the Mongolian Yuan army. There is no one more suitable than him.!

Even though there are many people who are stronger and more respected than Guo Jing in the world of China!!

But most of these people don’t care about the worldly affairs of the world!

"But... the show should be about to begin!"

Chu Ming said solemnly.

I met Zhao Min, Jinlun Dharma King and his party in the ruined temple outside Xiangyang City before. In Chu Ming's opinion, these people would not appear here for nothing at this juncture.

In vain, At this moment...a voice of questioning came.

The person who spoke was a young man with fine features and extraordinary handsomeness.

"Guo'er, congratulations to Uncle Guo for assuming the position of leader of the Anti-Yuan Alliance!"

The young man first congratulated Guo Jing.

This young man is naturally none other than Yang Guo!!

"Ha ha! Guo'er, I haven't seen you for many years, and you have grown up."

Guo Jing smiled and patted Yang Guo's face.

At this time, the Quanzhen Sect was here.

Qiu Chuji, Wang Chuyi and others saw Yang Guo, and their expressions immediately darkened.

After all, Guo Jing sent Yang Guo to their Quanzhen Sect in the first place. ,result……

"It was Yang Guo, but Miss Long must have done this too."

Chu Ming looked at Yang Guo who appeared on the stage and said with deep eyes.

"Uncle Guo, Aunt Guo... I'll talk to you later. I came here today for one thing. I asked Quanzhen to teach a group of stinky old masters and question them on the spot. Yang

Guo said with cupped hands.

Then his eyes turned to the Quanzhen Sect.

"Come on, what happened?"

Guo Jing and Huang Rong were both curious.

The same was true for all the martial arts heroes at the scene. They all looked at Yang Guo and Quanzhen Sect's Qiu Chuji and others!!

Quanzhen Sect's side...

Qiu Chuji's eyes were gloomy and he asked sternly:"Yang Guo , what exactly do you want to question, Qiu Laodao, I am also very curious."

"Head Qiu, Yang Guo wants to question, if your Quanzhen sect turns out to be an evil person, how should you deal with it?!"

Yang Guo spoke loudly.

After hearing this, Qiu Chuji replied:"Our Quanzhen Sect is a pure place. How can we allow those who are promiscuous and evil to be punished according to the sect's rules? We should be severely punished and expelled from our sect. After saying that

, Qiu Chuji looked at Yang Guo and laughed.

"ridiculous! Our Quanzhen Sect is one of the best Taoist sects in the Song Dynasty. How could such evil things exist? If you, Yang Guo, slander the Quanzhen Sect, I will not be rude to you!!"

Qiu Chuji shouted sternly, looking arrogant.

However, after Qiu Chuji finished speaking, he seemed to realize something immediately.

"'re welcome! Yin Zhiping, a disciple of the Quanzhen Sect, is so bold that he wants to commit adultery with my aunt. Yang will definitely question you, Master Qiu, about this account in front of the martial arts heroes today."

Hearing Qiu Chuji's words, Yang Guo laughed

"What a Quanzhen Sect, what a great Taoist sect that was one of the best in the Song Dynasty. In Yang's opinion, it was just a place where filth and evil spread. They were really a bunch of hypocrites!!"

Yang Guo's words were loud and clear.

They fell clearly on the ears of all the martial arts heroes. Many people looked at Qiu Chuji.


"You heard that right! There are actually disciples of the Quanzhen Sect who behave in such a bad way"

"hateful! How abominable!"

"It is still unclear whether this matter is true or not, and we absolutely cannot listen to this young man's words. However, judging from the look on the face of the head of the Quanzhen Sect, I am afraid that this matter is true."


Below, a group of martial arts heroes looked shocked and started talking.

At this moment, Guo Jing and Huang Rong heard what Yang Guo said and probably understood why.

"Guoer, you must not talk nonsense about this matter, and your aunt……"

Guo Jing spoke.

But while speaking, his eyes fell on Quanzhen Sect Qiu Chuji and others.

Suddenly, he discovered that the eyes of Qiu Chuji and others flickered.

"It seems that this matter may be true as Guo'er said."

Guo Jing muttered in his heart

"Uncle Guo, I will never talk nonsense.……"

As for the Quanzhen Sect, as Yang Guo finished speaking.

Qiu Chuji and everyone in the Quanzhen Sect had their eyes blazing with fire. now.

Qiu Chuji's eyes pondered.

Immediately, a murderous intent emerged in his pupils.

Now in front of so many martial arts comrades, as the leader of the Quanzhen Sect, he has no shame today!

After all, the Quanzhen Sect’s face cannot be lost!

But at this moment……


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