Chapter 23 What everyone expected! at this time!

Under the huge platform, a group of martial arts heroes heard Huang Rong's words.

It immediately aroused a lot of discussion.

Guo Jing looked at the reactions of the martial arts heroes and then said:

"Fellow martial arts comrades... what my wife Ronger said is exactly what Guo meant, and we will join forces with you to form an anti-Yuan alliance." As soon as these words came out, in an instant, there was a wave of excitement among tens of thousands of martial arts people in the school grounds.

"Mr. Guo, this is a good thing. I am the first to raise my hands in approval."

"I, the Jusha Gang, are willing to listen to Guo Daxia's orders"

"The same goes for everyone in the Giant Whale Faction. They are willing to listen to Guo Daxia’s orders."

"Guo Daxia, the Mongolian and Yuan tribes invaded our Central Plains and are determined to unite with fellow martial artists to form an anti-Yuan alliance. I am willing to be the first to join."


Suddenly, countless martial arts people responded.

Obviously, everyone is filled with righteous indignation in front of the name of justice.

"good! good! Okay... Guo would like to thank all fellow martial arts practitioners here."

Looking at the reactions of the martial arts heroes, Guo Jing cupped his hands and said three good words in a row.

Then he changed the topic and continued:

"However, since the Anti-Yuan Heroes Alliance is being established, a highly respected person is naturally needed to serve as the leader of the martial arts alliance and lead the fight against the Mongolian and Yuan aliens."

"Finally got to the point!"

When Chu Ming heard Guo Jing's words on the stage, his calm eyes couldn't help but change.

"Master, among all the martial arts heroes present, if we talk about the most virtuous and respected person, in the eyes of the disciples, the position of leader of the Anti-Yuan Alliance belongs to none other than the master."

At this time, a Quanzhen disciple spoke to Qiu Chuji who was sitting in front of him.

"Stop talking nonsense! In front of all the fellow martial arts practitioners present, I, an old Taoist, don't matter. In terms of virtue and prestige, Master Jue of Emei, Zhenren Zhang of Wudang, Xuanbei of Shaolin, and Master Fangzheng are all above me."

Hearing this, Qiu Chuji immediately scolded him and looked at the Wudang, Emei, Shaolin and other sects sitting next to the Quanzhen Sect.

"Amitabha...Master Qiu, you are too modest! I am a monk, and fame, fortune, and fortune are all vain to you."

Shaolin Xuanbei clasped his hands together, the Buddha's eyes were indifferent

"If one talks about virtue and high prestige, I would recommend Wudang and the Quanzhen Sect first."

"Wudang Zhang Zhenren is a contemporary martial arts myth. Although Master Chongyang, the supernatural king of Quanzhen Sect, has not appeared in the world for decades, his name has long been resounding throughout the land of China, and his sect is the largest sect in the Song Dynasty. What's more, the Quanzhen Sect has always been responsible for resisting the Mongolian Yuan, Dajin and other foreign races!!"

"It is exactly what Master Xuanbei said. In terms of background, it belongs to the three sects of Shaolin, Wudang, and Quanzhen. Our Emei sect came here to fight against the foreign tribes of Mongolia and Yuan Dynasty. A false name is of no use to a poor nun."

At this time, Emei's Miejie Shitai also spoke.

But deep in her narrow eyes, there was a hint of meaning flashing unconsciously.

"Master Xuanbei, the family master has always been indifferent to fame and fortune, and has long been out of the world. The leader of the Anti-Yuan Alliance, according to Yuanqiao, is none other than Guo Jing and Guo Daxia."

"Amitabha... What Song Daxia said is absolutely true. This Anti-Yuan Heroes Conference is Guo Jing and Guo Daxia convening all the heroes in the world. He is naturally the best choice for the leader of the alliance. I believe that Guo Daxia will be the leader of the alliance. There should be no objection from the martial arts comrades present. Everyone expects it."

Xuanbei couldn't help but nodded when he heard the words.

On the giant stage.

On the side of the Song Dynasty Shenhou Mansion...

Zhuge Zhengwo looked at Guo Jing. This time he represented the Song Dynasty court.

Guo Jing had guarded Xiangyang City for more than 20 years. He was a famous hero in the Song Dynasty for resisting the foreign tribes from Mongolia and Yuan Dynasty from going south!

In Zhuge Zheng's eyes, no one is more suitable for the position of anti-Yuan alliance leader than Guo Jing!! At the same time, all the martial arts heroes below looked at each other.

, vibrate and speak

"Guo Daxia, the leader of the anti-Yuan army is none other than Guo Daxia."

"Daxia Guo, you are the convener of this Anti-Yuan Heroes Conference. I see that there is no need to fight for the position of leader. Guo Daxia is well-deserved."

"That's it... Guo Daxia is the leader of the Anti-Yuan Alliance. I believe that there is no objection from any martial arts comrades present."

"Guo Daxia assumes the position of alliance leader, and I, the Giant Whale Gang, are the first to support him!"

"Guo Daxia…"

"Guo Daxia…"

"Guo Daxia..."

At this moment, in the school grounds, all the martial arts comrades were shouting one after another.

In their hearts, no one is more suitable for the position of leader of the Anti-Yuan Alliance than Guo Jing.

What's more, the initiator of this Anti-Yuan Heroes Conference is Guo Jing..

Guo Jing has guarded Xiangyang City for decades. He has served the country and the people with great chivalry.

His strength is even more remarkable!

In addition, his father-in-law is Dongxie, Huang Yaoshi, who has long been famous in the world of Song Dynasty!

His master is also a member of the Song Dynasty. Hong Qigong, one of the five masters of the North Beggar!

Among the martial arts comrades present, in terms of strength and background, no one is more suitable than Guo Jing.

"Guo Jing is not talented. There are not many people who are more powerful than Guo Jing in the martial arts world of China. There are also many highly respected people among them, such as Wudang Zhenren Zhang, Beggar Clan Hong Qigong, and Quanzhen Sect's supernatural king Chongyang. Seniors, wait a minute, Guo Jing is so virtuous and qualified to be the leader of the alliance."

Guo Jing hurriedly refused, showing off many respected people in the world.

On the contrary, Huang Rong, who was standing aside, frowned.

No one else could take the position of alliance leader, but his stupid brother Jing refused directly. It’s okay to just extrapolate. He also kept listing many highly respected people in the world of martial arts!

But then I thought about it.

Isn’t this exactly what Guo Jing is like?

Honest and simple, serving the people of the world, and having a righteous heart... Wasn’t that why she was originally I was attracted by these rare qualities in Guo Jing

"Mr. Guo, please don’t refuse."

"Among the martial arts comrades present, no one is more suitable for the position of leader than Guo Daxia."

"If anyone else is more suitable, I would be the first to refuse!"

"But having said that, the people Guo Daxia just mentioned are indeed highly respected and powerful people in the world of China."

"Apart from anything else, Wudang Master Zhang’s martial arts cultivation was able to suppress a Jiazi in the world, which can be called a martial arts myth!"

"If Master Zhang of Wudang were to serve as the leader of the alliance, his influence among the Jianghu comrades would probably be even greater."

"There is also the old leader of the Beggar Clan, Hong Qigong, who is the most powerful in the world of the Song Dynasty. The reputation of the Beggar Clan is resounding throughout the world. In addition, the Beggar Clan is the largest gang in the world, and its disciples are all over the world."

"Yes...Now that I think about it, old man Hong Qigong from the Beggar Clan is also a perfect candidate."

"There is also the supernatural power king Chongyang of the Quanzhen Sect. Although he has been practicing in seclusion for decades, it is said that his cultivation level before the seclusion was already among the ranks of great masters. Now that decades have passed, his cultivation level may be even more terrifying."

All the martial arts people in the audience started talking about it.

Thinking about it this time, it seems that there are more choices for the candidate for the leader of the Anti-Yuan Alliance.

"Dear martial arts comrades, my husband Guo Jing, Daxia Guo, is indeed true to what he said. There are many people in the world of martial arts who are stronger than me, Brother Jing."

"What my husband Guo Jing just said is what he said, a senior with unparalleled strength and unparalleled beauty."

"I don’t need to go into detail about the strength of the martial arts myth Wudang Master Zhang, but now that his 100th birthday is approaching, Zhang has already retired from the world and obviously has no time to distract himself from assuming the position of alliance leader."

"The old man Qi Gong of the Beggar Clan is used to being idle, and he has always been indifferent to fame and fortune. Moreover, where the old man Qi Gong is now, even we don’t know."

"Let’s talk about the supernatural power Wang Zhong in Quanzhen Sect.���Senior Wang has been in seclusion for decades, and he must have stopped interfering with the affairs of the world. Besides, I don’t know how long it will take for Senior Wang Chongyang to come out of seclusion. Now that the Mongolian and Yuan tribes are rising, they have united many forces, and it is imminent. It can be said that The arrow is on the string and must be fired."

On the huge stone platform, Huang Rong analyzed each one and talked eloquently.


When Guo Jing heard his wife's words, he wanted to speak, but he still didn't say it.

Huang Rong had followed him to guard Xiangyang City for decades, and the two of them had already understood each other's intentions.

No matter how stupid or stupid Guo Jing was, how could he not understand ? Huang Rong's thoughts.

Everything is for him, Guo Jing!

Even in the bottom of his heart, Guo Jing has always felt guilty for Huang Rong.

"Huang Rong was such a good person. With just a few words, he resolved the thoughts of many people in the martial arts world and once again pushed Guo Jing to be the best choice for the alliance leader."

Chu Ming looked at Huang Rong on the stage indifferently and couldn't help but approve.

Without Huang Rong as a virtuous wife, with Guo Jing's character, it would really be possible for him to give up the position of leader of the alliance today.

And in the audience... all the martial arts heroes heard this Huang Rong's words immediately turned their attention to Guo Jing again.


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