Chapter 21 Basic Alchemy Technique!


In vain, just when Xiao Longnu's eyes were pondering, a shout rang out.

Instantly pulling Xiao Longnu back to reality!!

"It turned out to be Guo'er."

Xiao Longnu saw it was Yang Guo and said suddenly.

Yang Guo naturally noticed the two corpses of Yin Zhiping and Zhao Zhijing on the ground, so he curiously said to Xiao Longnu:

"Aunt...what's wrong with you? I saw two corpses of Quanzhen disciples on the ground. What happened?"

Then, Xiao Longnu told Yang Guo what happened before.

"Aunt, I'm sorry! I almost hurt you."

Hearing this, Yang Guo looked at Xiao Longnu with apologetic eyes.

If he hadn't heard from Xiao Longnu that a young master came to rescue him, the consequences would have been disastrous.

"hateful! This damn Quanzhen sect is a thief... Auntie, I will go to the Quanzhen sect to find those stinky old Taoists and seek justice for my aunt."

Yang Guo looked angry.

Immediately, he was so angry that he drew his sword and headed towards the Quanzhen Sect's mountain gate!!

"Come on, no need! Fortunately, Mr. Chu took action and nothing happened to me."

Xiao Longnu hurriedly spoke to stop him.

He didn't want Yang Guo to be too impulsive. After all, the strength of those thieves from the Quanzhen Sect should not be underestimated.

With Yang Guo's current strength, in Xiao Longnu's view, he was not as powerful as those thieves from the Quanzhen Sect. opponent!!

However, Xiao Longnu will not give up on this matter!!

"Auntie, that Mr. Chu is there, I have to thank him for saving me. Yang

Guo asked Xiao Longnu

"Mr. Chu, if you have something to do, please leave first!"

Xiao Longnu replied


And the other side.

A figure in a green shirt slowly settled down.

Chu Ming looked at the Quanzhen Sect and had to say that the Quanzhen Sect was indeed one of the best Taoist sects in the Song Dynasty.

And Chu Ming had just stepped near the gate of Quanzhen Sect.

At this time, the system prompt sounded suddenly

【Ding! Quanzhenjiao system task sign-in is enabled. Do you want to sign in immediately?】


"It's exactly what I expected!"

Chu Ming said solemnly.

As long as you arrive within the scope of the Quanzhen Sect, you can sign in!

You don't need to enter the Quanzhen Sect's hall.

"Sign in!"

Chu Ming spoke.

【Ding! The Quanzhen Sect sign-in task is completed and the basic alchemy technique is rewarded!】

"Basic Alchemy Technique..."

Chu Ming looked at this reward, but he didn't expect it to be the Alchemy Technique.

Although it is basic, it is still very useful to Chu Ming. As a warrior practices, elixir aid is naturally Indispensable.

In this world of comprehensive martial arts, the art of alchemy has declined.

This has also led to the status of alchemy masters rising!

"The basic alchemy technique can be studied carefully in the future."

"Now that everything is over, it’s time to return to Xiangyang City!"

Chu Ming decided immediately.

Then, the Heavenly Demon took eight steps.


A stream of cyan light flashed across the night sky.

After the Heavenly Demon's eight steps reached the perfect state, Chu Ming became more and more skilled.

In one step, he had already crossed several thousand meters. Far away!!


Chu Ming's figure appeared directly outside Xiangyang City, and then walked towards the inn without slowing down.

When he arrived at the inn,

Chu Ming found that there were obviously a lot more people in the inn.

Fortunately, , Chu Ming came relatively early!

There were many people from the martial arts world who came to Xiangyang City this time, so Chu Ming’s appearance did not attract much attention.

After returning to the room,

Chu Ming closed his eyes and concentrated, and continued to practice. He got up.

Slowly digesting the Heaven-Destroying Hand, Celestial Prajna Kung Fu and basic alchemy techniques!!


And at the same time!

The other side.

Deep in the long street in the center of Xiangyang City, a secluded place!

A mansion, in the hall.

At this time, sitting on the main seat was a middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and big eyes, a figure as tall as a pine tree, an imposing manner, and a slight mustache on his upper lip!

And beside the middle-aged man, there is a beautiful woman.

The beautiful woman is wearing a green shirt and long skirt. Even though she is now middle-aged, her skin is still well maintained, as tender as white jade, her teeth are bright, her eyes are as bright as stars, and her whole person is more beautiful. It’s a little more mature!!

And these two people are naturally none other than Guo Jing and his wife Huang Rong!!

"Brother Jing, this time you invited people from the martial arts world in the Central Plains to gather in Xiangyang City to hold the Anti-Yuan Heroes Conference. You received responses from many people in the world, as well as from prominent sects and sects. Why do you still look so sad? shape."

Huang Rong saw the change in Guo Jing's face and couldn't help but ask.

Hearing this, Guo Jing shook his head and said:"Rong'er, what I'm worried about is that this Anti-Yuan Heroes Conference will not go well. With the character of the Yuan Dynasty, naturally Will take action to stop it!!"

After saying this, Guo Jing paused and continued:"Nowadays, the Song Dynasty can be said to be in turmoil, with many internal and external worries. I don't know what the fate of the Song Dynasty will be in the future. It's just that I have worked hard for you Rong'er and Fu'er for so many years.!"

As he said that, Guo Jing couldn't help but sigh.

After all, with his own power, it might be difficult to change the overall situation!!

"Brother Jing, don’t worry too much! You have been guarding Xiangyang City for more than 20 years, and the people of Xiangyang City have been protected from the ravages of the war by the Mongolian and Yuan armies. The people live and work in peace and contentment. What are you talking about? We are husband and wife, and Ronger is bound to advance and retreat with Brother Jing!!"

Huang Rong patted Guo Jing's shoulder and said.

There was determination in her bright eyes!!

Guo Jing nodded, hugged Huang Rong into his arms, and said:

"good! Ronger, the happiest thing in my life is that you are by my side"

"Brother Jing, Ronger is the same!"



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