Chapter 20: Kill with force!

"For what happened just now, Xiao Longnu would like to thank the young master again for his help."

At this time, the coldness in Xiao Longnu's eyes faded away, and she turned to Chu Ming, cupping her hands in gratitude.

If Chu Ming hadn't taken action, Xiao Longnu's pure white body would have been stained by this thief from the Quanzhen Sect.

Before, Xiao Longnu They didn't even take a good look at Chu Ming.

At this moment, through the moonlight, Xiao Longnu could see it clearly.

It was a handsome and prosperous face, and the gentle breeze blew through the elegant green shirt, which looked like an immortal descended from the Nine Heavens. Endless transcendence

"It doesn't matter! I usually hate such young and shameless people. I happened to pass by this place today and happened to be bumped into by me. Naturally, I won't just sit idly by."

Chu Ming waved his hand.

Naturally, he wouldn't say that he came here intentionally and just found an excuse.

After all, the real purpose of his trip was to go to Quanzhen Sect to complete the sign-in!

As for saving Xiao Longnu, he didn't want to go to the original world. A scene happened.

What's more, Chu Ming himself couldn't stand the Quanzhen Sect's style!!

Since the Quanzhen Seventh Son, it can be said that each generation has become worse than the previous one, and even the Quanzhen Seventh Son has always looked big. The posture of the No. 1 Taoist sect in the Song Dynasty!!

In Chu Ming’s opinion, I don’t know where they came from.

Just because Wang Chongyang, who has supernatural powers, has never come out of seclusion since Wang Chongyang retreated, and no one knows whether he is alive or dead!!

But in Chu Ming’s view, even if Wang Chongyang is alive, what can he do!!

"Miss Long, please wait until I kill another Quanzhen thief."

Chu Ming's eyes were filled with a hint of murderous intent.

His figure flashed towards a towering tree.

Just now, Chu Ming's attention was completely focused on Yin Zhiping.

He neglected to come here with Yin Zhiping. There is also a Quanzhen Sect thief.

Zhao Zhijing!

Chu Ming has no good impressions of Zhao Zhijing. In his previous life, Zhao Zhijing can be said to be even more hateful and hateful than Yin Zhiping. He colludes with Meng Yuan to seize the position of the Quanzhen Sect's leader.!

People who sell their friends for glory!

"What?...There is actually a Quanzhen thief."

When Xiao Longnu heard Chu Ming's words, her cold expression suddenly changed, turning into a cold and fierce murderous intention. Her shadow flashed and followed Chu Ming.

At the same time!

Zhao Zhijing, who was hiding behind the big tree, quickly Realizing something was wrong.

Just now, Yin Zhiping wanted to do something inappropriate to Xiao Longnu, so he had been hiding behind a towering ancient tree and watching everything quietly.

And Zhao Zhijing, like Yin Zhiping, was a third-generation disciple of the Quanzhen Sect.

Among the third generation disciples, these two are the most likely candidates to become the next generation of Quanzhen Master!!

Unintentionally, Zhao Zhijing happened to bump into Yin Zhiping, looking sneaky, so he followed him to see what happened!!

And seeing that Yin Zhiping wanted to do something unruly to Xiao Longnu, I thought I had caught Yin Zhiping and wanted to use it as a blackmail.

But I didn't expect... In a sudden scene, Yin Zhiping was killed directly, leaving Zhao Zhijing instantly He felt a death stare.

Zhao Zhijing didn't expect that he would be discovered!

The sudden change forced him to run for his life immediately and sprint towards the Quanzhen Sect.

If he was a step too late, his fate could be imagined!

"hehe.....You want to escape, can you escape? Even if you escape back to the Quanzhen Sect, I will kill you here today."

Seeing that the direction of Zhao Zhijing's escape was the Quanzhen Sect, he couldn't help but sneer at the corner of his mouth, and the murderous intent in his eyes was even worse.

Now in the entire Quanzhen Sect, Wang Chongyang, who has supernatural power, cannot escape, and his life and death are unpredictable.

As for Qiu Chuji, Ma Yu, Hao Datong, and Wang Chuyi, the Seventh Quanzhen Son, seemed like a joke in Chu Ming’s eyes.

"You thieves still dare to speak so loudly. If you dare to go to Quanzhen, my master, master, and uncles will definitely not let you go!"

Zhao Zhijing didn't expect that Chu Ming was chasing after him. Now the only way he can save his life is to reveal the name of his Quanzhen teacher ancestor.

Wang Chongyang with supernatural powers!

What a name his master, Wang Chongyang, is! In the world of the Great Song Dynasty, he has He is the leader of the Five Ultimates, and his strength is higher than that of Dongxie, Xidu, Nandi, and Beibei.

Even though he has been in seclusion for decades, he still stands like a towering mountain in the martial arts world of China.

"hehe.....Even if the supernatural king Chongyang comes again, I am not afraid at all. I just want to question Wang Chongyang personally. The Quanzhen sect, one of the most powerful Taoist sects in the world, has behaved like you and such scum. Look at him. How to face the Double Ninth Festival!"

As he finished speaking, the smile on Chu Ming's lips became even bigger.

Obviously, Zhao Zhijing wanted to use the reputation of the magical king Chongyang to suppress him, and the implication was obvious.

It's a pity that Zhao Zhijing's wishful thinking was wrong.

And Zhao Zhijing heard Chu Ming If so, his expression changed.

It was indeed as the other party said, but right now he had no other choice.

"Damn Yin Zhiping, if it weren't for you, how could I, Zhao Zhijing, be in such a mess?"

Zhao Zhijing muttered.

He completely hated Yin Zhiping in his heart!


Chu Ming said lightly.

Under the night, a terrifying and cold shadow of a big hand flashed, rushing towards Zhao Zhijing with a killing intent.

This move was the Heaven-Destroying Hand!!

The next moment, the big hand tightened.

He pinched Zhao Zhijing directly.

Zhao Zhijing, who was suddenly pinched, looked horrified.

Before he could make any sound, he was already breathless.

At this time... Xiao Longnu followed closely behind and looked at Zhao Zhijing lying on the ground. The dead body, the cold look in a pair of beautiful eyes is even worse.

The Quanzhen Sect thief in front of him must have a complete view of Yin Zhiping's talents, and he will not take action, hiding in the dark. It is easy to imagine his evil thoughts, far away If he surpasses Yin Zhiping, his heart will be punished!

"Thank you very much, sir!"

"Don’t you know this young master’s surname?"

Xiao Longnu suddenly looked at Chu Ming and asked

"I'm Chu Ming!"

"It turns out to be Mr. Chu. If it weren't for you today, I'm afraid the consequences would be disastrous. Thank you again Mr. Chu."

Xiao Longnu once again cupped her hands and fists at Chu Ming and said gratefully.

"Miss Long, you're welcome, it's just a little effort! Chu

Ming spoke.

Seeing that Xiao Longnu was fine, Chu Ming was not prepared to stay any longer and said to Xiao Longnu:

"Miss Long, Chu has something else to do, so he left first."

"Mr. Chu, I have to leave.……"

When Xiao Longnu heard that Chu Ming was leaving, her beautiful eyes were obviously disappointed.

"Miss Long, you and I are destined. Chu believes that it won’t be long before we can meet again. Chu

Ming said with a smile.


Little Dragon Girl nodded and didn't say much.

Then, Chu Ming's figure flashed.

Under the moonlight, it turned into a stream of cyan light.

"Mr. Chu, I look forward to seeing you again."

Little Dragon Girl looked at the direction where Chu Ming disappeared, her beautiful eyes moving.

But when she looked at the corpses of Zhao Zhijing and Yin Zhiping, two members of the Quanzhen Sect, her eyes immediately became extremely cold!


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