Chapter 2 A young master!

"Turn on!"

Chu Ming spoke directly.

Without the slightest hesitation, this is a gift package for newbies. According to the nature of the system, generally the gift packages for newbies will have good things.

【Ding! The novice gift package has been successfully opened. Congratulations to the host for the Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques, the Eight Heavenly Demon Steps for Shenfa, Xianyuan Dan +5, and the Great Xia Dragon Bird Sword!】

【Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques]: It is the peerless sword technique of Song Que, the Heavenly Sword. After fusion, it contains Song Que's understanding of the way of swordsmanship. The eight techniques of the Heavenly Sword are ten sword techniques each, for a total of eighty swords!

【The Eight Steps of the Demon]: The top body technique from a certain mysterious world. Within eight steps, I am the only one who can defeat all kinds of techniques in the world!

【Xiantian True Yuan Pill]: After taking it, it can increase the warrior's innate true energy, transform it into the power of innate true energy, and improve martial arts cultivation!!

【Daxia Dragon Bird Knife: It is rumored to be one of the top ten famous knives. This knife is extremely sharp and made of black iron fine stone. It is rumored that the blade contains a certain amount of power of the Dragon Bird of Heaven and Earth!!.....

"Yes, it is indeed the system’s newbie gift package reward, which is really generous."

Chu Ming was very satisfied when he saw the gift package for beginners that he opened.

Not to mention anything else, the Eight Heavenly Sword Jue alone was enough for him to covet.

Chu Ming was no stranger to the Eight Heavenly Sword Jue. The Heavenly Sword's Eight Jue was created by Song Que. The peerless swordsmanship. Song Que was able to dominate the southwestern generation in the turbulent Sui Dynasty. The big reason was precisely because of the peerless swordsmanship of the Eight Heavenly Sword Jue!

And the Eight Heavenly Sword Jue, each with ten swords, totals eighty swords. , when you use it, you will be like an immortal riding on the wind, and the clouds and clouds will change in thousands of ways. It is exquisite. To put it bluntly, the exquisiteness of this sword technique is far superior to that of the family sword technique that Chu Mingshuo practiced, the Changfeng sword technique. Above!!

What's more, there is the movement technique of the Mysterious World such as the Heavenly Demon Eight Steps. This is the movement technique practiced by Patriarch Chen in the Tomb of Gods world. Within eight steps, I am the only one who is fast and invincible in the world. Dharma is also what Chu Ming needs now.

In the world of martial arts, it is particularly important to have a powerful body technique.

For example, Duan Yu, the son of destiny in the Tianlong world, has the Lingbo Weibu technique of the Xiaoyao sect, even if he does not With internal strength, he can easily escape when encountering strong enemies.

As for the Xiantian True Yuan Dan, not to mention it.

Now Chu Ming's strength is only at the level of Xiantian Seventh Grade. If he takes the Xiantian True Yuan Dan, his cultivation level can be instantly improved. , I’m afraid it’s enough to step into the realm of a master

"I really gave him a pillow when I felt sleepy. I don’t know how far my realm will be improved if I swallow five Xiantian True Yuan Pills."

Chu Ming thought, his eyes curious and blazing.

I have to say that everything in this novice gift package is quite useful to Chu Ming.

"System, extract the Xianyuan Pill."

Chu Ming spoke.

He decided to improve his strength first.

As Chu Ming's words fell, the next moment he saw a white jade porcelain vase in his hand.

The pattern on the white jade porcelain vase can be said to be lifelike.

It is very impressive!

And Chu Ming After taking a look, he poured out the Xiantian True Yuan Pills without hesitation. There were five of them.

Chu Ming was not in a hurry to swallow them.

Instead, he looked at the five Xiantian True Yuan Pills.

He just put them in the palm of his hand. Taking a deep breath, Chu Ming suddenly felt at ease, and a rich and majestic medicinal power came from the Xiantian Tianyuan Pill.

"good! The power of this medicine is so strong. No wonder it is said to be a treasure of heaven and earth. Pills are crucial to the cultivation of warriors. If you have the opportunity, you must practice the art of pills."Chu Ming looked at the five Xianyuan Pills in his hand and couldn't help but sigh.

"I'd better swallow them one by one first!"

Because the power of the five pills was too powerful, Chu Ming immediately decided to be on the safe side.


Chu Ming did not hesitate and swallowed one of the Xianyuan Pills. When the pill entered the mouth, the power of the pill instantly melted away and turned into A warm current poured into all the meridians of Chu Ming's body, which was so refreshing that there was no rejection at all.

After a moment,

Chu Ming only felt the innate true energy surging in his body, and finally merged into the Dantian, washing away....... boom!

With the influx of innate true energy, Chu Ming's eyes soon froze, and a bright light burst out.

"Innate eighth grade!"

Until the power of the Xiantian True Yuan Pill was completely refined, Chu Ming looked excited.

One Xiantian True Yuan Pill allowed him to instantly break through the realm and reach the eighth level of Xiantian!

"It is indeed Xianyuan Dan, continue!"

Chu Ming looked at the four Xiantian True Yuan Pills in his hand, and his eyes were filled with anticipation. These four Xiantian True Yuan Pills were enough for him to break through to the Grandmaster realm, but he didn't know exactly how many Grandmaster levels he could reach!!

And what happened next? Time, Chu Ming did not swallow one after another, but directly swallowed the four Xiantian True Yuan Pills. After all, the endurance capacity of his body has been greatly improved.

The four Xiantian True Yuan Pills When the pill enters the throat, just like absorbing an innate True Yuan Pill before, the power of the medicine is instantly released, turning into a warm current flowing along the meridians into all parts of Chu Ming's body, including the bones, heart, Dantian, etc., constantly nourishing it.

Different from a What's more, the power of the four pills was even more powerful. Chu Ming's face also changed from blue to red, and there were a lot of sweat beads on his forehead.

"I must persist."

Chu Ming gritted his teeth and said, feeling the majestic and powerful innate true energy in his body, and his eyes showed perseverance.

No matter what, he must persevere.

Time passed little by little in the process of absorption. After half an hour, Chu Ming Ming's face finally returned to its original state, and only then did he completely absorb the four Xiantian True Yuan Pills. And Chu Ming slowly opened his eyes, and the light flashed in his eyes.

There was a bang!

A strong and majestic energy suddenly erupted all over his body. The innate true power crushes the surrounding bluestone slabs and everything into powder

"Breakthrough to the third level of Grandmaster!"

Feeling the changes in his body, Chu Ming couldn't help but say in a deep voice.

For a sixteen-year-old young master, I'm afraid if this matter spreads, it will shock the whole of China!

Chu Ming thought.

Speaking of this, I have to mention this world. Martial arts training system!

In the land of China, martial arts has gone through thousands of years and has its own set of levels.

The five basic realms are skin refining, bone refining, tendon refining, blood refining, and internal organ refining!

The five basic realms are to polish the body.

The five realms After that, there are third-rate, second-rate, and first-rate warriors! After that, there are acquired, innate, grandmaster, and grand master, each with a minor realm of nine ranks, with first rank being the lowest and ninth rank being the highest!

And above the great masters, there are rare beings. Land gods, gods and immortals...

In the land of China, entering the innate realm is enough to be called a master.

A strong master can establish a sect and become a strong person.

Above the great master, there is the real martial arts in the land of China. With the foundation, when you reach the level of the Grand Master, you can look down upon the world and all living beings.

He can be called the most powerful person in the world, a rare person.

Generally speaking, only the families, sects, and dynasties with the foundation can have the possibility of having a strong grandmaster.

Nowadays, Chu Ming has already achieved the status of a grandmaster at the age of sixteen. He is not unheard of in the history of martial arts in the land of China, but he is just very rare. And these people are all outstanding people without exception!!

All of them are recruited by the dynasty and sects. It can be said that you have to win over the target even if you are trying to steal her head!!

"The next step is to integrate the two techniques of Heavenly Sword Eight Jue and Heavenly Demon Eight Steps."

Thinking about it, Chu Ming's eyes fell on the two techniques.................

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