Jade Void Palace.


An earth-shattering roar resounded in Yuan Shi's mind, completely waking him up.

"Lord of Worlds?"

"This ......!"

Yuan Shi's eyes couldn't help but widen, and he was completely in disbelief.

Looking at the picture of the manifestation of the Heavenly Dao Golden List, Shi Hao was invincible and invincible in the heavens and all worlds.

"Those beings who are comparable to saints!"

"I can't even hold it for a while!"

An incomparably strong fear rose from the bottom of Yuan Shi's heart, making him panic.

Whether it's Nuwa, or Houtu, or even Hongjun. Even if their strength is far more than Yuan Shi doesn't know much.

Although Yuan Shi was very jealous, he was not frightened.

But now.

From Shi Hao, who was revealed from the Heavenly Dao Golden List, Yuan Shi saw the possibility of his own extinction.

In an instant, the incomparably strong palpitation made Yuan Shi gasp, and the whole person was completely in great fear.


The other side.

The same feeling as Yuan Shi, and the Tongtian in the Biyou Palace.

At this moment, Tongtian could no longer maintain a calm posture, and the whole person looked completely panicked.

It seems that there is an illusion of being controlled by the life and death disc in front of me.

"Lord of Worlds!"

"Above the Heavenly Dao!"

"How can there be such a supreme being in this world?"

"It seems that the strength of the Desolate Heaven Emperor seems to have reached the realm of Pangu Father God?!"

In the memory of Tongtian's inheritance.

When Pangu opened the world, a Chaos Demon God who was comparable to the Holy Realm, or even surpassed the Holy Realm, had already shocked Tongtian.


Looking at the picture revealed by the Heavenly Dao Golden List, the Desolate Heavenly Emperor who crisscrossed the heavens and all the worlds.

Tongtian had that strong sense of shock again.

And Duobao on the side also felt extremely frightened.


"It's all true?"

"The Emperor of the Desolate Heaven is so fierce, and he actually suppressed the saint so easily?"

Duobao couldn't help but watch it several times, and his heart was strongly shocked.


Wa Palace.

At this time.

Lingzhuzi's eyes couldn't help but widen, and a pair of eyes that were originally smart were completely filled with fear.

"Niangniang, this Desolate Emperor is so terrifying!"

"Will he do the same to us?"

I thought that one day it would be like those figures who were killed by Shi Hao in the sky.

Lingzhuzi's body couldn't help but tremble violently.

Thinking of it again, Shi Hao moved his little finger slightly. Its fragile small body will be worn away to the point that there is not even a little residue left.

Lingzhuzi couldn't help but tremble.


"The Emperor of the Desolate Heaven is not such a ruthless person!"

"Don't worry!"

Lingzhuzi's pitiful appearance made Nuwa unable to bear to be hit again, so she had to comfort him so much.


The spirit bead, which was immersed in fear in her heart, did not hear it at all, but showed even more fear.

"Heaven and earth, how can there be such a terrifying thing?"

"God bless, mother bless!"

"The spirit bead will not encounter it in the future!"


Demon Heavenly Court.

The original temple of the sun was splendid, majestic and solemn, like the sun in the sky, but now it has the appearance of the waning sky.

Emperor Jun and Donghuang Taiyi were relatively speechless, standing silently. It looks like two statues carved out of stone, and there is no life at all.

Time that seems to belong to them has been completely frozen.

Until a long time has passed.

Emperor Jun and Donghuang Taiyi have moved.

"No wonder, no wonder Teacher Hongjun is not an opponent!"

"The strength of this Desolate Heavenly Emperor has actually reached the Heavenly Dao!"

Donghuang Taiyi suddenly realized and took a hard breath of the sun aura.

"As long as the Emperor of the Desolate Heaven is in one day, we will never have the idea of coming out!"

"Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable!"

A strong palpitation suddenly rose in the bottom of Di Jun's heart, and he completely restrained all the careful thoughts in his heart.

This moment.

The hegemony of the emperor was only overnight, and it was completely wiped out. Emperor Jun and Donghuang Taiyi felt extremely bitter in their hearts.

For a moment, the Temple of the Sun was silent again.

A good moment passed.

"It's fine!"

"It's not just you and me who need to hold their tails and be people!"

"Lao Tzu and Rahu are the ones they should be most worried about. "


Thinking that there were more than two of them who were affected, Di Jun couldn't help but feel happy in his misery, and his mood suddenly improved.

The Eastern Emperor Taiyi on the side also nodded in agreement.

"What the eldest brother said is extremely true!"


The other side.


Under the saints are ants.

The strength of the Styx at this time was infinitely close to the Holy Realm, and in the eyes of the saints, it could only be regarded as a slightly larger ant.

And in front of Hongjun in the Heavenly Dao Realm, even the saint is just a bigger ant.

Now that Hongjun has been defeated by Shi Hao, Styx has witnessed a trace of supreme grace above the Heavenly Dao Realm.

The whole person is completely in a state of madness.

Until this time, the Heavenly Dao Golden List revealed some pictures about Shi Hao's experience.

"This Desolate Heavenly Emperor is so terrifying!"

"This is the strength that is located above the Heavenly Dao?!"

Looking at the illusory picture manifested by the Heavenly Dao Golden List, the entire Styx at this time was directly numb, and he couldn't help but shiver.

Styx didn't know that the strength of those who fell at Shi Hao's feet was to that point!

But the incomparably clear sense of threat emanating from them let Styx know that none of these people were weaker than the Holy Realm.

There are even quite a few Hongjun who feel no less than the Heavenly Dao Realm for Styx.

This alone was enough for Styx to recognize Shi Hao's strength.

What's more, Shi Hao easily defeated Hongjun of the Heavenly Dao Realm not long ago.

Styx really can't think of anyone else who can take over Shi Hao's one-and-a-half-move existence in the entire flood wilderness.

"I'm afraid that even the legendary Pangu Great God Rahu is nothing more than that!"

Styx seemed to see another rising Pangu god, standing on the top of the desolation.

I can't help but feel a lot of emotion.


North Underworld!

The vast North Sea is a perennial chill that accumulates an incomparably amazing chill.

This is one of the coldest areas in the entire flood wilderness.

At this moment, the chill of the entire Beihai seemed to condense together, completely enveloping Kunpeng, a demon master.

Kunpeng only felt that even the Yuan Shen was frozen, and the whole person couldn't help but tremble.

"The Emperor of the Desolate Heaven is so terrifying!"

"Old Ancestor, this is completely fascinated by the robbery, so he will find trouble with such an existence!"

"The desolation is so big, the horror has no place for the ancestor at all!"

The huge sense of fear made Kunpeng feel desperate.

At this time, Kunpeng looked completely frightened, and his eyes exuded a strong gray color, as if he had completely lost his vitality.



Zixiao Palace.

Hongjun, who was heavily injured and fell from the Heavenly Dao Realm, couldn't help but rejoice.


"He didn't keep shooting!"

"Otherwise, Lao Dao won't be able to escape at all!"

Feeling the scars of the Great Dao in his body, which did not belong to the Three Thousand Avenue and was completely unfamiliar, Hongjun's face was extremely solemn.


Hongjun couldn't help but think of the moment Shi Hao made a move before, and an extremely strong palpitation flashed from his heart.

Hongjun immediately chose to defend.

Until this time, Jun couldn't help but be glad that he had made a subconscious choice.

After all.

If he hadn't chosen to defend, Hongjun would definitely be more than just seriously injured at this time.


"I didn't expect that the strength of the Desolate Heaven Emperor would reach the realm above the Heavenly Dao!"

"It's a complete mistake!!" (Read the violent novel, go to the Feilu Novel Network!)

"No wonder Heavenly Dao would behave such a strange way!"

Hongjun, who completely figured out the reason, couldn't help but feel that he knew too late.


Just when Hongjun completely figured out everything and suddenly realized.

Buzhou Mountain, in front of the Pangu Temple. []

Shi Hao looked in the direction of Zixiao Palace and showed a mysterious smile.

And Hongjun didn't know anything about it.


The other side!

The disturbances from the outside world have not affected Buzhou Mountain at all.

At this time.

Under the gaze of all the creatures of the Flood Wilderness.

The Heavenly Dao Gold List that appeared in the sky suddenly burst out with a strong divine light.


Shi Hao's reward appears!

[Reward the Emperor of the Desolate Heaven with ten trillion merits. 】

[Reward the Emperor of the Desolate Heaven with 1,000 copies of Hongmeng's holy qi.] 】

[Reward the Origin Mark of the Emperor of the Heavens, Earth, and People!]


A large area of deep purple Hongmeng holy qi.

and merits that are completely comparable to the entire origin of the desolate world.

There was also a large cloud of incomparably dazzling nine-colored divine light.

suddenly appeared above Shi Hao's head, and he couldn't wait to rush into Shi Hao's body.

Such an astonishing scene completely fell into the eyes of the beings in the desolate world, and it immediately caused an uproar.


The entire flood was completely plunged into intense chaos at once.

The sound of the immeasurable desolate creatures gathering together in disbelief resounded, and it couldn't help but set off a monstrous wave.



A violent vibration spread throughout the flood at an extremely fast speed.

The incomparably powerful sound wave formed a wave that made the entire flood desolation vibrate.

Let the Heavenly Dao Gold List, which originally covered the entire flood wilderness and shine with golden light, be completely buried in a distorted space.

"Is this crazy?!"

"How can there be a Heavenly Dao in my heart, this is the feeling of being ready to completely pack myself up to the Emperor of the Wasteland!"


Such a shocking scene made the beings of the desolate world who had already been rewarded several times couldn't help but almost suffocate.

The already excited mood suddenly came to an abrupt end.

The beings of the desolate heaven and earth, who realized that something was wrong, couldn't help but hesitate a little.

This is in stark contrast to when other people are rewarded.


The other side!

Sanqing, Dijun and Donghuang Taiyi, Nuwa and Houtu, as well as Styx, Kunpeng, Zhen Yuanzi and others. It is also an abnormal behavior that also does not understand the way of heaven.

Everyone's eyes were firmly fixed on the picture displayed by the Heavenly Dao Gold List.


It didn't take long, under everyone's gaze.

Thirty-three heavens.


Suddenly, a violent roar appeared, and in the blink of an eye, it resounded throughout the desolation.

Followed by.

A torrent of purple that spread for an unknown number of miles.

Starting from the distant depths of the outer heavens, all the way to the Buzhou Mountain directly below.

A huge purple torrent was like a heavenly sword, splitting the entire sky in half.


"Heaven and Earth Origin!"

Recognizing the origin of the purple torrent, all the creatures in the flood were shocked.

The loss of the origin of heaven and earth is serious, and the great flood will be completely destroyed as a result.

Even Sanqing and the others couldn't help but panic at this time.

"Hurry up!"

"You can't let the origin of heaven and earth flow out!"

It is a matter of the future path, except for Buzhou Mountain, everyone can't sit still.

Sanqing, Emperor Jun and Donghuang Taiyi, Zhun Ti and so on, even Kunpeng lying in the corpse.

At this time, he was ready to intercept the rushing river that was flowing down the sky.

That's when it happened.


There was a cold snort from Buzhou Mountain, and the purple torrent rushing down suddenly stopped.

"You've got a good plan!"

"Go back!"

Shi Hao looked at the depths of the desolation through the Heavenly Dao Gold List, and chuckled.

The purple torrent that was originally running in the direction of Buzhou Mountain suddenly disappeared.

"What's going on in 977?"

Such a scene made the beings of the desolate world completely confused, and they couldn't help but fall into deep doubts.

The other side!

From beginning to end, there was no Nuwa and the others left behind.

At this time, he looked completely stunned.


Mount Meru.

Zhun Ti, who had already fallen into a stupor, only felt extremely messy after seeing such a scene.

In the Eight Treasures Merit Pool, the original was thriving, full of infinite vitality, and the Hongde Golden Lotus Seeds were in full bloom.

At this time, it was also a listless and decadent posture.

Even the innate Bodhi tree that accompanies each other on the side is also extremely bleak.

"Heavenly Dao, this is completely impatient......

Zhun Ti looked at each other, his eyes full of incredulity.

I couldn't believe my feelings at all, and the two of them subconsciously urged the saint Yuanshen.

Two incomparably huge saint dharma phases appeared, directly appearing in the void above Mount Meru.

The two huge sage dharma phases shone brightly, illuminating the entire Mount Meru in an instant.

The two of them worked together to explore the depths of the Heavenly Dao, and the conclusions they got were even more shocking.

"It's true!"

"Heavenly Dao, this is in a hurry to send it to the door!"

"It's like us!"


The two of them suddenly remembered themselves, and they couldn't help but feel sad.


Not around the mountain.

The movements that appeared everywhere in the flood desolation did not cause any waves here.

At this time.

The ancestors who had completely entered a state of frenzy had nothing else in their eyes except for Shi Hao!

"It's worthy of Lord Shi Hao!"

"Heavenly Dao, this is ready to completely surrender at the feet of Lord Shi Hao!"

"I didn't expect to see this scene!"


Di Jiang and the others were excited, and they looked completely shocked.

Even Houtu looked at the sky above Buzhou Mountain in surprise.

"These ten trillion merits seem to be all of the Heavenly Dao!"

"Desperate to take refuge in Lord Shi Hao?!"

Sensing this, Houtu was shocked.

I didn't notice at all that even the tunnel that had just appeared was about to move at this time.


The other side!

The picture displayed by the Heavenly Dao Gold List was completely shocked to the point that Lao Tzu Yuanshi and others would be difficult to accept for a while.

Jade Void Palace.

"How did Heavenly Dao become like this?"

Tiandao was like a licking dog, and his behavior of kneeling and licking Shi Hao completely made Yuan Shi stunned and completely incredulous.

"Isn't this seat dazzling?"

Yuan Shi, who was completely unacceptable for a while, couldn't help but fall into deep self-doubt.


Penglai Wonderland, Biyou Palace.

Tongtian was completely numb.

"This is still a cold and ruthless, selfless way of heaven?!"

A strong sense of astonishment,Let Tongtian can't help but grow his mouth.。。

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